Cooperation Models

With our extensive game outsourcing development services and adaptable cooperation models, Kevuru Games is your trusted partner in bringing your gaming vision to life.

  • Fixed Price

    Opt for a fixed-price model for projects with well-defined scope and requirements. This model offers budget predictability and ensures delivery within agreed-upon timelines.

  • Time and Material (T&M)

    Our time and material model is ideal for projects that evolve or require flexibility. Pay for the hours worked and adapt the scope during development.

  • Outsourcing Managed Delivery

    Entrust us with the end-to-end management of your project. We handle every aspect, from conception to delivery, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

  • Dedicated Team

    Collaborate closely with a dedicated team of professionals exclusively assigned to your project. Benefit from their expertise and full-time commitment to your game's success.

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Kevuru Games offers full-cycle game development services to meet the various needs of its clients. From level creation and optimization to concept art and character design, we offer the knowledge and tools necessary to handle every aspect of game production. 

Role-playing, multiplayer online games, adventure, strategy, puzzle, educational, and action games are just a few of the game genres we have experience with. 


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Our Benefits in Game Outsourcing

At Kevuru Games, we understand the significance of professional game outsourcing services near you. Our dedication to excellence is exemplified through the different benefits.

Other Services

We specialize in crafting visually captivating game assets, characters, and environments that elevate your game's aesthetics to new heights. Trust our talented artists to bring your game's artistic vision to life, making it stand out in the gaming industry.
We are dedicated to delivering top-tier game art that meets industry standards. Our team of skilled artists and designers ensures that your game looks incredible and resonates with players on a profound level, setting it apart as a true masterpiece.
From character design to environment art, we offer various artistic solutions to make your game visually captivating. Our artists are experts in creating 2D assets that enhance your project's storytelling and gameplay experience.
We excel in crafting lifelike characters, immersive environments, and high-quality 3D assets that transport players into your gaming world. Trust us to bring your 3D vision to life with precision and creativity, ensuring your game leaves a lasting impression.


What does it mean to outsource a game?

Outsourcing a game means delegating various aspects of game development, such as design, programming, art, testing, or other tasks, to external individuals or companies. Game outsourcing is typically chosen to reduce costs, access specialized expertise, meet project deadlines, or focus on core aspects of game development while delegating non-core tasks to experts.

How do you outsource game development in the Philippines?

Outsourcing game development in the Philippines can be accomplished through the following steps:

  1. Project Definition: Clearly define your game development project, including its scope, objectives, timeline, and budget.
  2. Research Partners: Identify game development companies or freelance professionals in the Philippines with the necessary skills and experience for your project.
  3. Portfolio Review: Examine the portfolios and client references of potential outsourcing partners to gauge their quality of work and reliability.
  4. Communication: Establish effective communication channels with your chosen outsourcing partner(s). Clear and timely communication is vital throughout the project.
  5. Negotiate Terms: Discuss with your outsourcing partner to negotiate terms, including pricing, payment schedules, project milestones, and intellectual property rights.
  6. Contract Signing: Ensure comprehensive contracts outline all project details, responsibilities, and legal agreements.
  7. Project Management: Employ project management tools and practices to monitor progress and ensure the project stays on track.
  8. Quality Assurance: Implement testing and assurance procedures to ensure the final product meets your standards.

Payment: Adhere to the agreed payment schedule as outlined in your contract.

How much does it cost to outsource a game in the Philippines?

The cost of outsourcing a game in the Philippines can vary significantly based on several factors, including the complexity of the game, the scope of work, the expertise required, and the rates charged by the outsourcing partner(s). On average, outsourcing game development in the Philippines can range from a few thousand dollars for smaller projects to several hundred thousand dollars or more for large, complex games.

Factors such as the game’s genre, platform compatibility, art quality, and the need for specialized features all influence the overall cost. Additionally, hourly rates for developers, artists, and other professionals in the Philippines may differ from those in other regions.

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