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The Team for Creating Your Ideal Game Economy Design

  • Art Director

    The art director is responsible for ensuring that all proposed game economy design elements comply with the general style and genre of the game and monitors the integration of the game economy into the existing game ecosystem.

  • Game Economy Designers

    These are the specialists who think over the in-game economy design, identify the key sales drivers for gaming products, balance the needs for virtual products, and monitor statistics for the timely correction of the economic strategy.

  • Chief Technology Officer

    This specialist is responsible for the selection and application of the most appropriate technologies that will help to correctly implement game economy design in the game and ensure that the final product technically complies with all the limitations.

  • Project Manager

    The project manager is a key specialist who ensures continuous communication between the client and the performers so that the client can track the work process, and the specialists have regular feedback and updates in case something changes or takes on a different direction.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Game Economy Design

Our specialists worked on the game design of a large number of games and developed the economy for them in accordance with the goals and wishes of the client.

Quick Facts About Us

Our company specializes in providing in-game economy design services to create projects that stand out and stay in mind for a long time. Our game level design experts have extensive experience that allows us to help global game companies with their popular games.

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What is the economy of a game?

The economy of the game is a virtual economy that determines all game cycles: money, time, experience, levels, prices, etc. Different game economies determine different behavior of players within the same game.

Speaking about the economy, many people make the mistake of considering only the accrual and spending of in-game currency as an economy.

What is the design principle of game economy?

The design principle of the game economy is primarily about numbers and how they shape the player’s gaming experience. This is mainly due to the mechanics of receiving and spending. For example, how much gold players earn and what they can spend it on, how players get experience points and what skills can be developed with them, how a particular skill affects the damage dealt, and so on. These mechanics make up the game’s economy.

How to create a well-balanced game economy design?

To design a well-balanced game economy, you must keep 3 main goals in mind:

  1. The pace at which players advance in the game.
  2. Game characteristics and their presentation.
  3. Ways for players to get currency.

To cover each of them, it is necessary to define all indicators that will display various dynamic processes in the game, define investment and non-investment resources, build a logical pricing system, and set up restrictions that will not allow players to abuse any way of obtaining valuable resources or points.

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