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The Team for Creating Your Ideal 2D Animation

  • # Art Director

    This is the leader of our creative team, who makes important managerial and creative decisions. The art director of our 2D animation video company shapes the vision of the entire project, providing a visual style of animation and a team of specialists necessary for its implementation. He/she helps control projects at the earliest stages to complete work in the right direction.

  • # Lead 2D Animator

    This is one of the key players in the team at our 2D animation agency. We appoint a qualified 2D animator with extensive experience to manage and control the 2D animation team. He/she is actively involved in the development of 2D animation projects, providing quality and an established look at 2D animation, making timely corrections when necessary.

  • # Project Manager

    With our experienced PMs in the team, our 2 animation company is more responsive to 2D animation outsourcing services offered in accordance with all the customers' requirements. We provide a high level of project planning and organization to ensure the timely delivery of all animations. As a result, they are strictly managed within allotted time and budget at Kevuru Games.

  • # 2D Animators

    Each project requires a lot of imagination, creativity, innovation, and hard work. When you choose Kevuru Games as a 2D animation studio for hire, we provide you with a professional team of 2D animators, who will work on movements, gestures, facial expressions, and other visual effects. Depending on the project complexity, the number of team members may vary, but we form a team based only on your expectations.

  • # 2D Artists

    This creative specialist may be required when we start a 2D animation project from scratch without any drawn character, environment, or even without a high concept. To animate anything, we need to have at least a basic idea. For that reason, we cooperate with the best 2D artists to create real artworks and then animate them. We offer basic concepts for gaming, digital marketing in a wide range of styles: from realistic to cartoony and sci-fi.

  • # Technical Animator

    At Kevuru Games, we don’t leave a customer one-on-one with an animated character, environment, or other objects. Our team of technical artists continues to work on 2D animation to create a ready-to-use product for our customers. We take into account all the technical limitations of a particular platform where 2D animation will be used, and we adapt it to the necessary conditions without sacrificing a general artistic design.

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Our Fundamental Benefits in 2D Animation

Our team of talented 2D animators will accompany you throughout the entire cooperation, advance your business idea to a higher level and simply increase the value of the final product.

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We focus on the provision of 2D animation services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for a long time. Our 2D animation outsourcing artists have a wealth of experience enabling us to help global game companies with their popular projects.
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As a game development company, we offer various solutions to create high-quality, engaging, and successful games. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver games that exceed expectations.
Our skilled artists create detailed concept art as the foundation for your game's visual design. We develop compelling character, environment, and object concepts that align with your game's vision and narrative.
Our skilled illustrators create detailed character sketches that serve as the foundation for the final design. We explore various poses and expressions to capture the essence of the character. Our team then refines the sketches into polished illustrations that bring the character to life.
Our passionate and professional motion graphic design company will help you create the perfect animated story to fulfill your goals. We use the most modern, technologically advanced equipment, and our team is always at the forefront of all the latest animation and video production trends.
Collaborating closely with clients, our designers craft detailed concept art, capturing the character's essence, backstory, and personality. Crafting a 2D character requires a blend of artistry, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of narrative nuances.
Our creative team collaborates with clients to transform their ideas into compelling game-level concepts. We design visually appealing, strategically challenging levels and responsive to the player's actions.
Our skilled illustrators can create detailed concept art, and character designs that serve as the foundation for your projects. Whether for games, animation, or storytelling, our team can bring your ideas to life with compelling and memorable characters.
Our talented animators create lifelike and expressive character animations and immersive environments that enhance the player's connection to the game. We offer various animation styles, from realistic to stylized, and create detailed and dynamic animations that respond to the player's actions.


What is 2D animation?

2D animation is the art of creating movable characters, objects, and backgrounds in the two-dimensional space with the help of special tools like Spine, Toon Boom, After Effects, etc.

The illusion of movement is created with a quick sequence of drawings over time. 1 second of animation usually contains 24 shots with a few changes to display the movement of characters or other objects on the scene. 2D animation is mainly observed in television shows, video games, feature films, advertisements, mobile apps or websites. For example, with high-quality 2D animation, game characters don’t look stiff and frozen – their movements become so fast and real that a player spends more and more time in eye-catching games.

What are the stages of 2D animation?

Like any other process, animation takes particular stages to come up with great final results. So, what are they?

  1. Planning. This is the stage where all great projects start – concepts, visual effects, characters, and other supporting details are planned and developed in crude terms. It is vital to develop a roadmap on which the further stages of production will be based. Success is in thorough planning.
  2. Pre-production. This is the stage of further development of ideas to communicate them clearly. Animators visualize movements, as well as the overall pace of animation through sketching, rigging, and other animation techniques.
  3. Animation creation. This is often the longest and busiest stage of animation when all points are taken into consideration – layouts, backgrounds, actions, music, frames, view perspectives and others to assemble the animation project.
  4. Post-production. After creating a rough animation, you need to clean and polish it. This is the stage where the whole development process is completed. As a result of this stage, the animation is enhanced with additional processes such as compositing, lighting, color correction.

How to hire 2D animators?

Today, you can hire a 2D animator very quickly – you just type a request in a web browser, and many results appear on your screen. You can apply to freelancing, recruitment or outsourcing services. So, you can cooperate with animators on a full-time basis, fixed price, or hourly rates. These specialists can be remotely available or be part of your in-house teams – it’s totally up to you.

No matter what engagement model you choose, there are several aspects you should pay attention to when hiring a 2D animator – a solid skillset and a rich portfolio. However, it isn’t always the key important factor. Additionally, conduct an interview to check candidates’ expertise in practice, or, better still give them a test job with specific requirements. If you haven’t worked on creating animation, it can be difficult to find out what to look for in each potential candidate. For that reason, it is highly recommended to apply to specialized agencies that can provide a wide range of specialists for your projects based on the latest standards. Our 2D animation agency has been in the industry for a long time. That’s why many clients come back to outsource 2D animation services again and again.

It is crucial to make sure about the level of experience, especially when you’re planning to work with freelancers who you aren’t able to control – no signed and dated agreement between you and a freelance 2D animator as contrasted with outsourcing teams.

Why outsource 2D animation services?

In addition to hiring full-time 2D animators at the office, you are lucky today. Due to active globalization, you get unlimited access to talent pools around the world – in the USA, Europe, Asia, etc. More and more companies outsource 2D animation services for many reasons. Firstly, operating costs are reduced – no need to rent an office, pay for office equipment and cover many other expenses. It is extremely noticeable when outsourcing to Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe. These destinations feature low rates because of different economic dimensions and legal regulations, but they do not affect the quality of work.

Outsourcing also leads many business companies to increased efficiency on the market as you trust specific functions to experts with considerable expertise in the required area. So, if the animation isn’t your specialization, outsource services to a reliable 2D animation production company and focus on your core functions – business development, sales promotion, etc.

If you have familiarized yourself with the key benefits of outsourcing and realized that this can be a good option for your business, it is time to draw up an action plan. Decide which projects will be best outsourced to a third party, and address our experts who will meet all the requirements.

How Much Does 2D Animation Cost?

Typically, the final cost of 2D animation depends on many factors – complexity, duration, number of characters to be animated, design specifications, and others. The team you choose for 2D animation will also affect the cost – where it comes from, who is on that team, what qualifications they have and other characteristics.

The cost of 2D animation depends on the project for which it is created – be it a game or explainer video in 2D. Different calculations are made to estimate the cost of 2D game animation and 2D animated video. For example, animation of a cartoon is measured in seconds, but for games this estimate is not used, these are different directions.

In general, depending on the scope of work, different 2D animations costs can be estimated. The more complex 2D animation is, the more hours it will take, and, as a result, the more money you’ll pay for it. To find out the final cost, consider the hourly rates of 2D animators in different markets, such as the US, Europe and India.

Most American animation companies charge $100 – $149 or $150 – $199 per hour, most European companies offer 2D animation services at the hourly rates between $25 and $100. In Asia, you can hire a 2D animator for $25 – $49 per hour. Now, you can calculate the 2D animation cost on your own if you know that it takes about 10 hours to create a simple 2D animation. So, in the USA, it will cost you about $1,000, in Europe – $600, and in Asia – $400.

It’s up to you what to choose and why, but keep in mind that among all the options available today, Eastern European companies remain the most popular outsourcing destinations.

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