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  • # Art Director

    A person who draws up a work plan based on the client's request and the specifics of the game app and forms the conceptual base of the future interface. Fully controls the process of creating interfaces from concept to final assets and client approval. Extensive work experience allows the art director to immediately grasp the wishes of the client and guarantee the best timely result in accordance with the latest industry trends.

  • # Project Manager

    A complete understanding of all aspects of the user interface at any stage of its development allows the PM to set clear goals, control deadlines and quality of implementation, as well as improve the processes of working on visual assets in teams. Manages departments and assigns responsibilities effectively. Interprets all the wishes of the client in a form that is understandable to the team to obtain the desired result in the required time frame.

  • # UI/UX Team Lead

    The mentor of the UI/UX artists team, the UI/UX team lead is responsible for coordinating their work in accordance with the client's requests. Develops optimal solutions, gives recommendations for adjustments and ensures the consistent development of game interfaces. He has extensive knowledge in the design of inferfics for games of different genres on all platforms and offers the client the best solutions for the project.

  • # UI Designers

    Seasoned UI designers render a prototype based on the experience of the target audience. They are working on a graphical presentation of the interface: illustrations, menus, buttons, fonts, and more. By providing high interactivity to the product, UI designers are responsible for moving product development from research and mock-ups to an engaging, understandable and responsive user experience.

  • # UX Designers

    UX designers are responsible for creating the logic of interaction with the product and providing the optimal delivery scheme in order to achieve the user's goals. Analyze information about users and develop the structure and strategy of the game app. Increase the quality and relevance of the product by improving the usability, ease of navigation and the satisfaction that the client receives when interacting with the product.

  • # Technical Artist

    These specialists are engaged in the optimization of visual assets depending on the constraints of the technical platform, ensuring consistently high project performance. Prevent the appearance of bugs at the interface between art and programming, establish an optimal production pipeline, and implement reverse engineering. Increase the value of the project by guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of the product.

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Our specialists constantly hone their skills and study the latest UI/UX trends in order to develop a recognizable visual identity of clients' projects and improve the interaction of players with the game app.

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We are always improving our skills in UI and UX in video games to create optimal and visually appealing interfaces. Our artists have a wealth of experience that allows us to help global companies with their popular game titles.
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Other Services

Our talented 2D artists create captivating 2D Art for your casual game, including characters, environments, and objects. We create illustrations that enhance the visual appeal of your game. Our team also creates fluid 2D animations that bring your game assets to life.
We delve deep into the game's lore, crafting worlds that resonate with its themes. Our designs set the tone for epic adventures, from sprawling fantasy landscapes to gritty urban jungles. A meticulously crafted game environment can elevate the gaming experience, making stories more compelling and engaging in gameplay.
Our skilled illustrators create detailed character sketches that serve as the foundation for the final design. We explore various poses and expressions to capture the essence of the character. Our team then refines the sketches into polished illustrations that bring the character to life.
Our skilled illustrators can create detailed concept art, and character designs that serve as the foundation for your projects. Whether for games, animation, or storytelling, our team can bring your ideas to life with compelling and memorable characters.
We offer to deliver high-quality, innovative, and engaging 3D models that enhance the gaming experience. We use various modeling styles, from realistic to stylized, and create detailed and dynamic character models that add depth and realism to the game.
Our talented 3D animators create lifelike and expressive character animations and immersive environments that enhance the player's connection to the game. We offer various animation styles, from realistic to stylized, and create detailed and dynamic animations that respond to the player's actions.
Every great 2D animation begins with a vision. Our talented team collaborates with clients to craft compelling storyboards, laying the groundwork for the animation. We visualize each scene, ensuring a cohesive flow and a strong narrative foundation.
As a game development company, we offer various services to create high-quality, engaging, and successful games. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver games that exceed expectations.


What is UI/UX design in games?

UI/UX design in games is a discipline that includes technologies and tools for creating and improving game user experience while playing.

UI game design is the entire visual interface through which the user interacts with the game: buttons, originals, menus, navigation, and more. Good UI design in video games means that the visuals are created in full compliance with the aesthetics of the game and all elements are placed in the right places without distracting from the gameplay.

Game UX design is the study of the entire information architecture of the game with thinking through each step of the user’s interaction with the game elements. Good UX design in video games ensures consistent player retention, low acquisition cost, and good response to in-game offers and ad display.

Thus, video game UX designers think over a complete picture of the future user experience, and UI designers visualize the created architecture to achieve maximum simplicity and intuitiveness.

What does a UI/UX designer do?

The challenge for the UI/UX designer is to create simple, intuitive and user-friendly game interfaces that guide the user through the entire gameplay, avoid misunderstandings and dramatically improve the gaming experience. Regardless of whether it is a mobile game UX design or a PC game interface development, the logic of moving the user player along game milestones and information support is very important for games of different genres. Poorly designed navigation or lack of prompts at the right time can make the user refuse the game.

Why outsource UI/UX design services?

Gaming UX design, as well as its UI counterpart for visual creation, differs significantly from UI/UX design of a website or application. It has its own specifics, which in particular concerns the constant retention of the players’ attention and their informational support at any stage of the game. At the same time, each game genre requires a special approach. For example, narrative games tell a story by themselves and do not need a lot of interface details, while simulators and strategies rely almost entirely on the user interface, which should be as clear as possible.

Therefore, it is not recommended to take up game UI/UX design if you do not understand the specifics of this direction. It also doesn’t make sense to hire classic UI/UX designers who have never created game interfaces. The best option is an outsourcing team of UI/UX designers with a portfolio of created interfaces for games. This will mean that the team understands how to work with games, how to create the most appealing and relevant visuals and how to make the user experience as convenient and appropriate as possible.

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