Metaverse Development for Various Industries

People's interest in the development of the blockchain metaverse is growing. Many industry leaders are looking to the metaverse to bring ingenious solutions to the people.

  • Game Development

    The concept of the metaverse allows you to create a game from scratch and watch as a community forms around it and continues to create content, thereby expanding the metaverse.

  • E-Commerce

    The metaverse greatly expands the possibilities of e-commerce: offers a seamless transition from channel to channel, cardless payments, hyper-personalization, cross-selling, etc.

  • Art and Fashion

    Thanks to the metaverse, you can create digital galleries for exhibitions and educational events, host fashion shows, and showcase new brands without being limited geographically.

  • Events and Parties

    The metaverse offers a great opportunity for everyone to come together as if people were in the same room at a time when many countries around the world are still facing social distancing restrictions.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Metaverse Development

We provide high-quality services to help you capitalize on the possibilities of the metaverse.

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on providing metaverse development services to provide an impeccable experience. Our metaverse development company has a wealth of experience that allows us to help global game studios with their projects.

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Our Models of Cooperation

  • # Fixed Price

    We provide our outsourcing services at a fixed price, previously agreed and approved with the client and based on a detailed description of the project.

  • # Time and Material

    Under the T&M model, work is carried out in short stages with payment for a specific time. It is suitable for long-term projects with changing requirements.

  • # Dedicated Team

    A dedicated offshore team is offered as an extension of your own infrastructure with full support and access to all necessary resources and facilities.



What is metaverse development?

Metaverse development is the creation of a fully immersive game or gaming experience based on augmented reality and virtual reality.

What affects the cost of metaverse development?

The cost of a metaverse development project can range from $10,000 to many millions. It all depends on the scale, the number of details, the level of realism and the individual features that the client wants to see in the metaverse.

Can I hire a single metaverse developer or metaverse development team?

You can hire individual developers or a team. Remember that metaverse developers can have very different skill sets. Therefore, you must determine the skills that a developer should have before starting the entire hiring process. The key point is that the developer has experience in metaverse development. Be sure to ask for a portfolio and examples of work.

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