Why NFT Matters

NFTs have become a new trend in the crypto market due to their distinctive features: they offer the opportunity to develop, buy and sell exclusive tokens and attract an ever-growing community to your NFT marketplace.

  • Tradability

    The NFT interoperability feature allows people to trade NFTs in a variety of virtual environments and marketplaces.

  • Versatility

    NFT marketplaces can be used in many genres of games across platforms to add value and get more people into the game.

  • Indivisibility

    NFTs cannot be divided into parts or fragments and they always remain unique with a transparent cost.

  • Safety

    In-game purchases are always secure: the NFT marketplace exists outside of any platform and is stored on the blockchain.

Our Fundamental Benefits in NFT Marketplace Development

Our specialists have deep knowledge and skills in developing NFT marketplaces.

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We focus on providing NFT marketplace development services to provide an impeccable buying experience. Our NFT developers have a wealth of experience that allows us to help global game studios with their game projects.

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Our NFT Platform Development Features

  • # Rankings

    NFT rankings are updated hourly based on price, trading volume and other key NFT statistics.

  • # Collections

    Collections of tokens are organized into lists so that users can buy multiple tokens at the same time.

  • # Bidding

    NFTs available for public auction may receive bids from users interested in purchasing them.

  • # Filters

    A specific NFT can be found by applying specific filters: popularity, price, novelty, value, etc.

  • # Collaborators

    The seller can add a collaborator who gets access to change the collection settings and properties.

  • # Wallets

    Creating a marketplace includes integration with crypto wallets that support the desired NFT protocol.



What affects the cost of NFT marketplace development?

NFT marketplace development price depends on your requirements and the features of the future marketplace needed for implementation. The complexity of the project directly affects the size of the required team and delivery time.

How much time does it take to build an NFT marketplace?

We can provide a basic NFT marketplace with core features in a few weeks. At the same time, if you want to include custom features and integrate some add-ons, we can discuss the possibilities of co-development and complete the project at a mutually agreed time.

What are the features of the NFT marketplace?

The key features of the NFT marketplace are:

  1. Storefront. It contains bids, owners, previews, price history, etc.
  2. Filters. They help you choose the right token quickly for specific queries: prices, type, popularity, etc.
  3. Listings. They give users the ability to design and submit collectibles one at a time or in bulk.
  4. Bidding. Users can bid on the tokens they are interested in and monitor the status of trading in real time.
  5. Wallet. The marketplace contains an already integrated wallet, allowing users to easily receive and store their fungible tokens.
  6. Rankings. They allow platform members to rate others and provide feedback based on their experiences.
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