Iron Order 1919 – 3D character and environment art for a real-time strategy game

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Iron Order 1919

This is a cross-platform strategy game based on World War I scenarios and beyond. Under the Iron Order, countless inventions and technological advances have seen mechanical warfare slowly take over. Soldiers become mere bystanders when Massive Mechs engage in major battles. The goal of the game is to capture most of the map. To achieve your goal, you have full control over your country's economic development, technological research, military achievements, and diplomatic relations with other players.

Production Workflow

We have allocated a large team of concept art and 3D modeling specialists in order to complete the intended goal on time in accordance with the wishes of the client.


Our goal was to create 3D models of soldiers and special combat vehicles called mechs, as well as to prepare all required poses for models in accordance with the game design document.


Our challenge was to strictly follow detailed instructions regarding the appearance of mechs and soldiers and think through semifictional elements for combat vehicles.

Results of collaboration

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Stage 1. Working on mechs

Our first task was to create 3D models of so-called mechs – semifictional combat vehicles that play a key role in the battle. The key advantage was the presence of a very clear technical task. Desired mechs should had:
  • Realistic textures
  • Rusty, rough materials
  • Not too bright colors
  • Not the fresh-of-the-box appearance
  • Mostly realistic proportions
We created ground, water and air type mechs and combat vehicles for 3 key factions:
  • Germans
  • British
  • Communists

Stage 2. Working on soldiers

Also, for each faction, it was necessary to develop 3 infantry characters in the ammunition corresponding to his fraction – Germans, British and communists.

Stage 3. Working on animation

The tight deadlines made us form a large team of 16 people for this project. On average, concept art took two weeks, modeling took three weeks, creating the necessary poses took one and a half weeks.

Team Structure

Games related to war require a special approach to art. Therefore, our artists applied their knowledge of strategy games to create the most suitable visuals.

  • Concept artists

    Think over and implement detailed concepts for all models needed to create: mechs, combat vehicles, tanks and soldiers.
  • 3D character artists

    Engaged in the creation of highly detailed 3D models of soldiers of 3 key factions, based on the developed and approved concept.
  • Animator

    Engaged in the development and creation of all required poses for models in accordance with the design document.
  • 3D environment artists

    Work on all necessary art displaying mechs, combat vehicles and tanks in accordance with the approved concept.
  • Project manager

    Provides a high level of project planning, organization and execution to ensure that all requirements are met.

Values Delivered

Working on a large-scale strategy game allowed us to demonstrate our skills in the field of 3D character and environment art and make the game as visually appealing as possible.

During the 6 months of working with Bytro Labs on the Iron Order 1919 project for mobile devices and the browser, we created a large number of 3D models of soldiers and mechs. Thanks to the design document with a clear indication of the wishes regarding each mech and the appearance of the soldiers, we were able to quickly figure out the required style and create all the necessary models on time.

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