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Colossal experience of working with hyper casual games development projects of various directions and styles allows us to guarantee full compliance with the client's wishes in terms of game development from scratch, co-creation or game art.

We Develop Games For These Key Platforms

Embracing game development on most popular platforms and reaching the attention of players with a wide variety of preferences is one of our main features.


    Our team knows all the main techniques and has all the necessary tools to create Android games of all the most popular genres.

  • IOS

    With deep technological knowledge, a creative mindset and unrivaled efficiency, our team can offer you a full range of iOS game creation services.


    We bring together the users of the most famous mobile platforms to implement the highest engagement without technological limitations.

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Our Fundamental Benefits in Hyper Casual Game Development

We make hyper casual games that are literally blowing up the gaming market. Our team knows the basic hooks that grab players and the techniques that allow us to keep their attention until the end of the next game session. If you want a groundbreaking game that clearly hits your target audience, you are in the right place!

The Team for Developing Your Ideal Hyper Casual Game


    Professionals with a background in Unity game development can fully realize the potential of this technology to create the most addictive hyper casual games. Our hyper casual game developers, with an impressive and varied skillset, will come up with the best game mechanics for any given project and offer the optimal implementation of all the technical aspects of creating a hyper casual game.


    Game designers are responsible for implementing the concept and core gameplay features of the upcoming hyper casual game. With tremendous experience, designers select the appropriate role-playing mechanics, plot, levels, increase in difficulty, characters, and provide an exciting gameplay in accordance with the chosen direction and platform.


    The head of the artistic direction of creating a hyper casual game, helping to manage the project and make decisions about the style of the created content. Validates the desired artistic style from clients and communicates this information to the art team. The art director's sense of artistic integrity allows for a balance between the client's vision and the creative direction of the artists.


    A full-fledged game becomes possible after passing through a series of stages: the creation of a concept, design, environment, and more. Artists are responsible for the visuals of the hyper casual game, carefully working out every detail to create a cohesive look in accordance with the chosen style. We form a team of artists individually for each project, based on its needs and requirements.


    For each project, we assign the most experienced team leader to be responsible for progressing the hyper casual development process. Depending on the complexity of the work, we can assign several team leaders for each area: this will help keep order in each specific area and speed up the work process. Technical management, goal setting, performance monitoring are critical to the bottom line.


    Our projects are well-organized because we assign trained project managers to plan, manage and communicate with clients in all aspects of hyper casual game development. A competent project manager has a communication talent that allows us to connect the client with the performers, provide quick feedback, and answer all possible questions about the work process.

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We focus on providing Android game development services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for long. Our Android game developers have extensive experience enabling us to help global gaming companies with their popular titles.

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Other Services

As a game development company, we offer various services to create high-quality, engaging, and successful games. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver games that exceed expectations.
With a deep understanding of mobile technology and design prowess, we develop engaging games. Our experts create a game architecture that allows content to scale. Our team will also provide accurate quality assurance and post-release support.
Our talented game designers collaborate with your team to transform ideas into compelling game concepts. They can assist in creating game mechanics, level designs, and player experiences that resonate with target audiences, ensuring that the final product aligns with your vision and objectives.
Our skilled Unity developers can create engaging games across various genres, from action and adventure to puzzle and simulation. We leverage Unity's robust features and tools to create high-quality games that captivate players and drive success in the gaming market.
We offer a game porting service that allows developers to expand their reach by adapting their games to different platforms and devices. Our skilled developers can port your game to such platforms as PC, consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), and mobile devices (iOS, Android).
Our skilled testers conduct functional testing to ensure the game's features and mechanics work as intended. We test various aspects of the game, such as user interface, controls, gameplay mechanics, and interactions.
Our talented 2D artists create captivating 2D Art for your casual game, including characters, environments, and objects. We create illustrations that enhance the visual appeal of your game. Our team also creates fluid 2D animations that bring your game assets to life.
Our skilled illustrators can create detailed concept art, and character designs that serve as the foundation for your projects. Whether for games, animation, or storytelling, our team can bring your ideas to life with compelling and memorable characters.



Hyper casual game is a simple game with elementary gameplay, which does not require any knowledge and skills from the player except for tapping on the screen. However, simplicity takes a lot of work.

The price of developing a hyper casual game depends on many factors. This is the genre chosen, the mechanics, the cost of developer services, and more. If we take as a basis the average hourly cost of hyper casual game ddevelopers’ work in Eastern Europe and average all other indicators, then the cost of a hyper casual game can be calculated based on the costs of the following stages of its development:

  1. Prototyping. A prototype of the hyper casual game can be created in a matter of days for a couple thousand dollars or more. It does not include the development of graphics, but only allows you to see the mechanism of the game in action.
  2. Creation of graphics. The hyper casual game does not require any advanced graphics or sophisticated elements, characters or photorealistic rendering. It should be bright and eye-catching, that’s all. It is also important to think over the appearance of the main menu, messages about the end of the level and achievements, etc. This can take several weeks and will cost you around $ 5,000.
  3. Game development. At this stage, you “dress” your prototype in the created art and work out the settings, mechanisms for moving to the next levels, and more. It’s not that hard as the game has simple mechanics, so you can fit in a month and $ 15,000.
  4. Musical design. Sounds are very important for hyper casual games. It can take several days and a couple of thousand dollars to create them.

In total, the development of a hyper casual game will cost you about $ 25,000 excluding marketing activities to promote the game.


Yes, hyper casual games are a very profitable investment. Every day, users download millions of these games and play them very actively. In fact, these games are endless: with their help, people relax, they do not need to follow any difficult plot twists, they just need to tap the screen in time. It is important to make an exciting and addictive mechanism and vivid graphics that attract people, and not try to rip off other games.


A hyper casual game is created quite quickly: usually it takes a couple of months, after which you will already understand whether the players like it. You don’t have to wow your audience with awesome gameplay, story, or novelty. You don’t need a team that is experts in art, music, programming, scripting, design, etc. Even solo developers and small teams successfully make hit hyper casual games. With a relatively small investment, you can get great results. Quite often you can earn $ 500,000 to $ 1 million on the popular hyper casual game.

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