Corporate Social Responsibility

In our activities, we adhere to the concept of social responsibility – this means that our company is responsible not only for the results of its work, but also for the continuous development of our team and its active participation in events useful to society. We do not separate our work from social and environmental issues, approving and initiating tactics and strategies for their solution
international standards:
The harmonious combination of responsible business conduct, sensitive attitude to the needs of each employee and joint participation in solving socially significant problems allows us to noticeably strengthen the cohesion of our team and ensure the sustainable development of the company. In our CSR policy we focus on the following international standards:
UN Global Compact
The United Nations Global Compact is a non-binding United Nations pact to encourage businesses and firms worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to report on their implementation
UN Sustainable Development Goals
The Sustainable Development Goals or Global Goals are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a «blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all»
OUR directions of CSR policy
External direction
Internal direction
Sponsorship and charity

We sponsor many specialized conferences and events in the gaming industry, aimed at increasing the involvement of interested people and talented graduates in it. Wesincerely believe that a good example and experience can inspire the younger generation, who are faced with the choice of their life path.

We also cooperate with charitable foundations and provide financial support in various projects and initiatives. Assistance to local communities (material, technical) is one of the important directions of our charitable activity.

Educational initiatives

Our employees share experience and expertise with children and teenagers: give them lectures, participate in educational projects, act as mentors, help with the choice of professional courses, areas of study.

To interest, motivate, help the younger generation is one of the main tasks within the company’s educational initiatives.

We are also developing partnerships with specialized schools that need tutors with practical experience for their students.

High environmental responsibility

Our company strictly adheres to environmental standards, including: protection and protection of natural resources; prevention of environmental pollution; promoting design philosophy and developing environmentally friendly products; environmental education.

Wetry to minimize the negative impact on the environment by implementing a waste sorting system in the office, increasing the percentage of electronic document circulation and participating in environmental initiatives.

Business ethics and open door policy

We adhere to a clear system of business standards for equal cooperation of all our colleagues within the organization, as well as implement free access of any employee to a lead or CEO with a question or request that interests him or her.

We welcome new ideas and will always implement them if they are useful to optimize work processes and achieve great results.

Comfortable working conditions

We provide our employees with the opportunity to work both in the office and remotely, and independently form a convenient work schedule for them. We also provide them with all the necessary equipment.

Comfortable working conditions, convenient schedule, absolute openness in communication with leads, interesting tasks allow our employees to feel more satisfied and with pleasure to perform assigned tasks


Our company opposes any discriminatory policies and welcomes employees of any gender, age, race, orientation, and religion with equal hospitality. Offensive or demeaning jokes, innuendo and memes on such topics are unacceptable.

Development of the human capital

We support the desire of our employees for self-development by introducing training programs and partial compensation for specialized educational courses, lectures and conferences.

Everyone in the company has a personal training budget that can be used as part of paying for professional courses, seminars and conferences.

Caring for the health of employees

For all our colleagues who have been working for over a year, we offer voluntary health insurance and compensation for the annual seasonal flu vaccination.
We are also concerned about the mental health of our employees and each of them can take a sabbatical if he feels that he needs a break or a creative break.

Corporate Responsibility Projects
Find out how Kevuru Games employees are actually realizing their
commitment to corporate social responsibility
Viktoriya Tertychna gaves lecture on WOW Kids Camp
Oksana Khachko gaves lecture on Girl Power Camp
Viktoriya Tertychna gaves lecture on WOW Kids Camp

The lecture of our Lead UI artist Viktoriya Tertychna on the topic «I want to draw games. Who's who in the world of game graphics» for children as part of the WOW Kids Camp under the auspices of charity fund «Blagomay» was a success. The children really liked the lecture: even after it was over, they actively asked questions and wanted to know more about where they could learn game art and design. We are very pleased with the involvement of our specialists in such a wonderful cause as the education of children. And we hope that it will become the foundation for the emergence of new cool professionals in the gaming industry in the future.

Oksana Khachko gaves lecture on Girl Power Camp

Oksana Khachko, Lead PM at Kevuru Games, gaves a lecture on cooperation with world gaming publishers using the example of a case with the Disney company as part of the weekly Girl Power Camp. This event took place from July 31 to August 6 and was attended by 30 girls from Ukrainian orphanages. The girls were very inspired by the interesting lecture and showed great interest in both project management and the gaming industry in general. We are proud of Oksana and rejoice at the participation of our talented colleagues in the wonderful and kind deed of enlightening the younger generation.

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