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We offer two main models with different specifics so that you can hire 2D artists on the most favorable terms.


This model is described by the fact that you delegate certain tasks to us to create game art or full-fledged development based on a contract: we form the necessary team and immediately begin to complete your task. You don't need to hire full-time employees and spend time on training, onboarding and equipment: we have a large pool of multidisciplinary experts for any task ready to get started without any downtime.


This model differs in that you officially hire experts or a whole team selected by us to your company.This can be either our team members or experts in special fields, selected separately from our database of candidates. You have full control over the hired team, and we provide it with the necessary resources and salaries, eliminating the need to worry about administrative problems.

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Types of 2D Art We Create

  • # Characters

    Our 2D artists create original idea-oriented character images that fit perfectly into the game universe and best reflect the essence of the gameplay: for this, we provide the client with several options for the appearance of the character and make as many adjustments as necessary in order to bring the drawing to perfection.

  • # Environment

    When creating a gaming environment, our 2D experts focus on the key aspects of the style, the features of the game's story and the desired setting, and also carefully work out each element to ensure that the features of the locations correspond to the world and the basic mechanics of the future game.

  • # Props

    In order to create props, vehicles, weapons and other game elements, our 2D artists carefully study their potential game interactions, purpose and functions, and also check their weight and size ratio with the characters and other items to determine the optimal settings for the correct design.

Our 2D Game Art Portfolio

2D Character
Rogue Octopus
2D Character
2D Environment
Lightning Mage
2D Character
2D Environment
2D Character

Our Fundamental Benefits in 2D Art

Our work is based on many years of experience in creating games of varying complexity and selection of optimal teams for both individual game tasks and full-fledged game creation: we will help you find the best 2D artists for hire.

Our Process

The process of finding and appointing specialists suitable for your project takes place in a few simple steps.

1. Analysing customer requirements

We carefully study the client's project and the specifics of tasks for the implementation of which specialists are required (1 day)

2. Formation of selection criteria

We form a list of key hard and soft skills that the required specialists must possess for a specific project and tasks (1 day)

3. Finding the required candidates

We monitor our base to find the necessary specialists with the required skills and select the most suitable candidates (2-4 days)

4. The first stage of the interview

Our HR experts conduct interviews to confirm the conformity of the candidate's soft skills to the project requirements (1-5 days)

5. The second stage of the interview

Our technical experts conduct conduct interviews to confirm the conformity of the candidate's hard skills to the project requirements (1-5 days)

6. Candidate feedback and shortlisting

We provide interviewed candidates with feedback regarding the suitability of their experience with project requirements (1-3 days)

7. Approval of specialists and offer

We inform the client about the selected specialists, receive feedback and approval and make them a working offer (1-3 days)

8. Choosing and agreeing a start date

We discuss with the hired specialists the time of starting work convenient for them and the client (2 weeks after the offer)

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on the provision of 2D art services to create projects that stand out and remain in memory for a long time. Our 2D artists have vast experience that allows us to help global gaming companies with their popular game titles.

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What is 2D game art?

2D game art is a visual art for creating a game, the essence of which is the two-dimensionality of the image on the screen. This means that it has only two dimensions, width and height. Usually gaming companies are looking for 2D artists for hire when they need to make a game in a simpler and more traditional visual format. For example, almost all games in the platformer genre are made using 2D art.

What does a 2D artist do?

A 2D artist is a specialist who, using computer graphics, creates 2D art, which can include characters, surroundings, objects, vehicles, weapons, etc. In modern realities, a 2D artist does not need to have a specialized education. The most important thing is knowledge of software and a basic understanding of the basics of composition, light and shadow. It is also necessary for a 2D artist to be able to draw by hand, understand the anatomy of humans and animals, and love creative challenges.

How to hire 2D artists which fit perfectly to your needs?

To hire a 2D artist who is ideal for your needs, you need to clearly articulate these needs. With a specific list of requirements, or at least a rough description of the game you are going to make, you can start selecting 2D artists for hire. It is important to understand that it is not very convenient to search for one person at a time, it is rather long and resource-intensive. The best option would be to hire a 2D game artist in an outsourcing company that will analyze your request and select the best specialists for your project.

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