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Nanobit is a Croatian video game development studio founded in 2008 by two people that has now grown into a large-scale company of more than 110 multidisciplinary experts. Specializing in creating games and applications for iOS and Android platforms, Nanobit currently boasts over 100 million downloads and renowned addictive games that amaze players around the world: Hollywood Story, Superstar Life and Tabou Stories: Love Episodes.


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Tabou Stories
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Tabou Stories: Love Episodes

Tabou Stories is a role-playing simulator that gives the player the opportunity to be in the midst of hot and passionate romance stories in a wide variety of settings. The ending of the story depends only on the player's decisions: you have to choose outfits, develop relationships with other characters, and make important choices that affect the fate of your hero. The collection of stories is constantly growing, so when you finish your journey through the existing ones, you will not have to wait long.


The characters created had to not only look realistic, they had to evoke a desire to help them and contribute to the achievement of their goals. For this, we developed an advanced customization scheme using the facial features of famous people.
Implementation Approach
Our main approach to this project was to create a highly customizable design of game characters that would look friendly to the user and thus bring more customer value in the form of increased engagement and more game downloads.
Work Scope
Our team had to create a collection of character designs from hairstyles to facial expressions. At every stage of character creation, our artists worked through many details to make them look natural and visually appealing.
Work Stages
The main stages of developing our 2D characters for Tabou Stories were as follows:

Concept creation.

Rough sketches.

Facial images of each character.

2D rendering.

Custom PSD preparation.

Team Model
Since the scope of the project was not precisely defined at the beginning and changes could occur, we proposed a dedicated team model. This allows the customer to add specialists if necessary and, conversely, to release them without any problems.
Main Challenge
Our task was to design 2D characters. The new version of the game was supposed to have a lot of new customizable characters with realistic faces, hairstyles and emotions to increase user engagement.
Main Challenge
Implementation Approach
Main Challenge
Work Stages
Team Model
Work Scope
Work Stages
Work Scope
Main Challenge
Work Scope

Team Structure

In order to ensure the creation of realistic 2D characters that make the player empathize, help and guide, we assembled a powerful team led by an art director that was involved in developing characters down to the smallest facial features and expressions.

Art director

Defines the visual style of the project, guiding other team members towards it and controlling the quality of the artwork.

Lead 2D character artist

Delivers enhanced visuals by successfully guiding a team of 2D artists throughout the entire production process.

2D artists

Create a general look for the game characters with all the details: facial expressions, postures, gestures, clothes, etc.

Project manager

Communicates all the needs and demands of the client to 2D game artists, ensuring that work gets done on time as required.
Values Delivered

In addition to the timely delivery of the project within the established budget, we managed to bring our vision of attractive and intriguing characters into the game.

Working with Nanobit became a real challenge for our team of 2D specialists: it was necessary to create characters with a full range of facial expressions and facial details that would demonstrate their character. Customization became a separate feature that we introduced: players were able to customize their character based on a large assortment of races, head and eye shape, hair color and different facial features.

New characters and customization options significantly improved the user experience and increased the user engagement rate by 33%. New stories with new faces sparked a keen interest among people, thanks to which the game received a new wave of downloads and active discussion.

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