On February 24, russia launched a full-scale invasion of the independent and sovereign state of Ukraine, violating all the laws of logic, humanity and civilization. The aggressor continues to attack peaceful cities with missiles and artillery, kill civilians, including women, the elderly and children, and completely ignore international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions.

The whole world is helping Ukraine. The whole world understands that now Ukraine is protecting civilization, preventing darkness and barbarism from spreading like a plague wave over the entire continent. You can help Ukraine too. Below you will see several official organizations involved in military and humanitarian assistance to our country.

Fundraising Account for Ukraine’s Armed Forces

This is a special account of the National Bank of Ukraine to raise funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and purchase the necessary equipment.


Fundraising Account for Humanitarian Assistance

This is a special account of the National Bank of Ukraine to raise funds for humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by russian aggression.


Come Back Alive Foundation

This is one of the largest aid funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, working primarily with the military, who are in trouble spots and have the most difficult military tasks.


#HelpUkraineWithCrypto Community

These are official crypto wallets of the National Bank of Ukraine to help the Ukrainian army and purchase the necessary equipment: helmets, bulletproof vests, night vision devices, etc.


Upcoming Rallies

Join the protesters to support Ukraine and encourage your government to take more action to stop Russian military aggression.



Use this hashtag on your social networks to provide information support to Ukraine and draw the attention of the whole world to russian military aggression.

We are strong. And we will win. Glory to Ukraine!

Let’s Support Ukraine.