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We offer two main models with different specifics so that you can hire game designers on the most favorable terms.


You assign us certain tasks or functions that relate to specific aspects of game development or full game development. We select the team ourselves and provide its management: you do not need to worry about hiring people, providing them with the necessary software and bureaucratic nuances associated with hiring.


We select individual employees from our large database of candidates or a whole team, which is approved by you and officially transferred to your working state for the period of implementation of your tasks: you completely manage this team, and we provide it with everything you need to free you from administrative and labor questions.

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Professional Strengths of Our Game Designers

  • # Impressive Game Erudition

    Our game designers know the game market very well, keep track of the latest game trends, capture modern game design approaches and discard outdated ones, and always know what needs to be added to the game to make it stand out among tens and hundreds of competitors.

  • # Deep Analytical Abilities

    Using the deconstruction technique, our experts disassemble any game into its component components in order to understand the pros and cons of the game, the reasons for its popularity, the approximate income from it, and ways of how you can create something better.

  • # Out-of-the-Box Thinking

    Our professionals know how to think out of the box and offer logical and at the same time original solutions even for those genres of games where the canons are firmly rooted: this allows your product to achieve complete harmony of an unusual idea and addictive gameplay.

Our Game Design Portfolio

Juice Fruits
Game Design
Game Design
Rage of Realms
Game Design
Fashion Slot
Game Design
Game Design
Rage of Realms
Game Design

Our Fundamental Benefits in Game Design

The experience of working with games of different genres and the selection of a team for individual game tasks and full-fledged game creation allows us to guarantee that we will choose the best game designer for your project: see our advantages for yourself.

Our Process

The process of finding and appointing specialists suitable for your project takes place in a few simple steps.

1. Analysing customer requirements

We carefully study the client's project and the specifics of tasks for the implementation of which specialists are required (1 day)

2. Formation of selection criteria

We form a list of key hard and soft skills that the required specialists must possess for a specific project and tasks (1 day)

3. Finding the required candidates

We monitor our base to find the necessary specialists with the required skills and select the most suitable candidates (2-4 days)

4. The first stage of the interview

Our HR experts conduct interviews to confirm the conformity of the candidate's soft skills to the project requirements (1-5 days)

5. The second stage of the interview

Our technical experts conduct conduct interviews to confirm the conformity of the candidate's hard skills to the project requirements (1-5 days)

6. Candidate feedback and shortlisting

We provide interviewed candidates with feedback regarding the suitability of their experience with project requirements (1-3 days)

7. Approval of specialists and offer

We inform the client about the selected specialists, receive feedback and approval and make them a working offer (1-3 days)

8. Choosing and agreeing a start date

We discuss with the hired specialists the time of starting work convenient for them and the client (2 weeks after the offer)

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on the provision of game design services to create projects that stand out and remain in memory for a long time. Our game designers have vast experience that allows us to help global gaming companies with their popular game titles.

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What is game design?

Game design is a comprehensive concept that encompasses all the strategic, visual and technological aspects of creating a game. It is also a set of rules that a player must follow in order to win the game. The development of game design includes the choice of mechanics, thinking through the gameplay and scenarios for the player’s interaction with the dynamic elements of the game, as well as the formation of the desired gaming experience depending on the game genre.

Hiring a game designer is one of the key steps in creating a game since these specialists are responsible for the actual embodiment of the essence of the game in the form of a detailed description of its smallest details in the game design document.

What does a game designer do?

The task of a game designer is actually to create a full-fledged game on paper, more precisely in a game design document. These professionals must describe each element in detail so that artists and programmers can begin their tasks.

Game designers come up with game rules, plot, quests, characters, maps, scenarios, difficulty levels, moisture levels, victory and defeat conditions, and also work out the user interface. Good game designers for hire are hard to find as they are always in high demand.

What do you need to start game design?

To start game design you have to hire a game designer: you can’t do it without these specialists, especially if you are making a game for the first time. The knowledge and experience of game designers helps them determine where to start and what aspects of the game need to be considered first. The stages of creating game design documents vary depending on what kind of game you will create and for what platform it is intended. Don’t try to take over the responsibilities of a game designer or outsource them to artists or programmers this will lead to chaos in game development.

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