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  • # Art Director

    This person fully controls the process of creating models, from the concept to the transfer of materials to the client, so as not to miss a single detail. Extensive experience allows the art director to immediately capture the wishes of the client and guarantee the best timely result in accordance with the latest industry trends.

  • # Project Manager

    A full understanding of all product aspects at any stage of its development allows the PM to set clear objectives and control the timing and quality. Effectively manages departments and distributes responsibilities. Interprets all the wishes of the client in a form understandable to the team to obtain the desired result in the required time frame.

  • # Lead 3D Artist

    The mentor of the team of artists, the lead 3D artist is responsible for the timely production of models in accordance with the requests of the client. Provides consistent development of the game content. Has extensive knowledge of different game genres across all platforms and offers the client optimal 3D solutions for the project.

  • # 3D Artists

    Our experienced 3D artists have an exceptional talent for high-poly modelling, as well as a deep understanding of form, shape language and color. The ability to model characters, environments, and populations in a variety of styles and an incredible passion for games allows them to imbue any game with stunning visuals.

  • # Technical Artist

    This specialist ensures compatibility of the developed game model with the selected game engine. Acting as a link between artists and programmers, he/she controls the configuration of the model for correct integration into the game and optimizes the model for efficient operation under any possible technical conditions.

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We have access to the most modern 3D modeling and sculpting technologies, with the help of which our high-caliber experts create lifelike 3D sculptures for various business purposes.

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We focus on providing 3D sculpting services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for a long time. Our modelers have a wealth of experience that allows us to help global companies with their popular game titles.
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Other Services

Our experienced developers use advanced game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine to create immersive and visually stunning 3D games. We develop games for various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, ensuring players have an enjoyable gaming experience.
Collaborating closely with clients, our designers craft detailed concept art, capturing the character's essence, backstory, and personality. Crafting a character requires a blend of artistry, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of narrative nuances.
Our talented game designers collaborate with your team to transform ideas into compelling game concepts. They can assist in creating game mechanics, level designs, and player experiences that resonate with target audiences, ensuring that the final product aligns with your vision and objectives.
We offer to deliver high-quality, innovative, and engaging 3D models that enhance the gaming experience. We use various modeling styles, from realistic to stylized, and create detailed and dynamic character models that add depth and realism to the game.
As a game development company, we offer various solutions to create high-quality, engaging, and successful games. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver games that exceed expectations.
Our concept artists bring the game's vision to life, creating detailed illustrations and designs that serve as a blueprint for the game's art and design teams. We ensure that the concept art aligns with the game's theme, aesthetics, and target audience.
Our experienced developers use advanced game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine to create immersive and visually stunning 3D games. We develop games for various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, ensuring players have an enjoyable gaming experience.
Before a game world comes to life, it starts as a concept. Our illustrators work closely with game developers to visualize characters, environments, and assets, ensuring a solid foundation for the development phase.


What is 3D sculpting?

Digital sculpting is a kind of 3D modeling, the essence of which is to manipulate material similar to digitized clay. Dedicated software with brushes and tools that push, pull, squeeze and smooth, makes it easy to create detailed sculptures that mimic real-life textures and objects.

Despite the huge number of polygons, sculpting programs are optimized and available even for not the most powerful hardware. The sculptor does not work with single polygons, but operates with the so-called brushes, which allow you to effectively transform a large number of polygons at the same time.

3D digital sculpting is great for creating highly detailed models. It is often used to create organic objects: characters, monsters, plants, and more. Also, a popular option is to create 3D art sculptures for 3D printing. The main sculpting software is ZBrush.

What is 3D sculpting used for in games?

3D digital sculpting is a great way to create super realistic objects for games. Most often it is used to create organic elements such as characters, animals and flora, but it is also great for creating weapons, furniture, architectural structures and more.

What do you need to start 3D sculpting?

To get started in 3D sculpting, you must have a passion for digital technology. You will spend a lot of time working in digital mode, and if you do not like working on a computer, creating 3D art sculptures is unlikely to please you. However, if you really enjoy the computer and have an idea that you want to translate into a real or virtual world, then 3D sculpting may be right for you. For the most part, that interest or passion is the only prerequisite you need.

Good spatial thinking will also be a great tool for learning 3D modeling and sculpting. And besides that, you just need to have a desire to learn. Anyone can learn modeling. This is the direction that accepts technical specialists, artists, and those who successfully combine these directions.

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