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Socialpoint is a Spanish video game developer who has been creating and distributing free-to-play mobile and social games for Android, iOS, Fire OS and Facebook for over 12 years. As the creator of the acclaimed titles Dragon City, Monster Legends and Tasty Town, the company has achieved over 2 million daily gamers and has created huge active game communities where enthusiastic players share their achievements, play together and discuss new game features.


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Monster Legends
Dragon City
Tasty Town
World Chef

Monster Legends

Monster Legends is an RPG mobile game where you can fight epic battles, collect hundreds of creatures and participate in incredible events. Tame legendary mighty beasts, raise them and create new species. Teach them new skills and abilities so that they can win any battle. New monsters appear in the game every week. You can play with your friends as a team or challenge them in multiplayer mode, increasing your chances of getting exclusive trophies, rewards and getting into the big leagues.

Production Workflow

Each character in the game has three stages of evolution: egg, baby and adult. Our team was engaged in the animation of the baby and the adult phase of character evolution, focusing on detailed instructions from the client with wishes and limitations.
Monster Legends
Monster battles are the main entertainment core of the game, and each of them has its own specifics, which helps to choose the optimal battle strategy. Therefore, we implemented the animation of each character in accordance with his or her description, characteristics and a brief from the client. Our team animated 4 characters:
  • Chuckle Muckel
  • Thunderkong
  • Moochy
  • Glamhead
We gave the Chuckle Muckel fairy elegant and soaring movements, the mighty Thunderkong got the ability to terrifyingly hit the ground, give a battle cry and use a thunder attack. The dangerous Moochy worm was animated with classic crawling movements with menacing shifts of eerie teeth, and the artistic Glamhead was blessed with the ability to gracefully fly and play a guitar with smoke and flying notes coming out of it.

Team Structure

Monster Legends is a game centered on characters and their battles, so their animation had to be done at the highest level to keep players engaged and motivated to continue. Therefore, as always, we assembled a team of the best experts.

Lead 2D animator

Supervises a team of animators, evaluates the quality of their work and submits editing.

2D animators

Perform the assigned tasks of animating characters in accordance with the brief.

Project manager

Keeps the team in touch with the client and ensures that results are delivered on time.
Values Delivered

For Monster Legends, we developed complex combat animations for several characters, each of which found many admirers. The deep expertise of our animators allowed us to bring them to life in accordance with their character and skills.

Each character we animated has his or her own story and magical abilities that help the player win battles. We designed their movements in accordance with their character: for example, the formidable and rude Thunderkong moves hard and sharply, while the graceful Chuckle Muckel hovers lightly and gently over the battlefield.

The work that our team carried out helped the characters to find their individuality through movement. We worked out the character's reaction to different game events so that one glance at him or her was enough to understand what is happening in the game at the moment. The characters we animated are actively discussed in the game community and are often chosen by players for their colorfulness and liveliness.

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