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  • # Art Director

    A person shaping the artistic mood of future digital art based on customer requirements. Fully controls the process of creating art, from the concept to the transfer of materials to the client, so as not to miss a single detail. Extensive experience allows the art director to immediately capture the wishes of the client and guarantee the best timely result in accordance with the latest industry trends.

  • # Project Manager

    A full understanding of all product aspects at any stage of its development allows the PM to set clear objectives, control the timing and quality of execution, as well as improve the processes of working on arts in teams. Effectively manages departments and distributes responsibilities. Interprets all the wishes of the client in a form understandable to the team to obtain the desired result in the required time frame.

  • # Lead 3D Artist

    The mentor of the team of artists, the lead 3D artist is responsible for the timely production of models in accordance with the requests of the client. Suggests smart solutions when necessary to meet set objectives and provides consistent development of the game content. Has extensive knowledge of different game genres across all platforms and offers the client optimal 3D solutions for the project.

  • # Concept Artist

    The art creation process is based on the work of professional concept artists, visualization masters. Thanks to them, ideas and suggestions that are non-obvious at the initial stages are visualized in vibrant concept art, paving the path for further work on the visual component of the game. Experts create high-quality sketches in accordance with client’s briefs for all essential game elements, setting the basis for further production.

  • # Lead 3D Animator

    The driving and organizational strength of the animation team, the lead animator plans, organizes, follows-up and evaluates the work of the team and its impact on the project. Ensures that the work of the team meets the quality standards, the artistic direction specified by the client and the set deadlines of video production. Acts as a mentor in terms of technical and artistic aspects.

  • # 3D Artists

    Experts working on photorealistic objects and effectively balancing visual details with the limitations of game technology. Their deep knowledge of game art production practices, processes, pipelines and aesthetics allows creating optimized digital models that provide perfect game performance. Advanced spatial thinking allows them concepting ideas and polishing them into final assets.

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Our team of talented designers will accompany you throughout the entire cooperation, advance your business idea to a higher level and simply increase the value of the final product.

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We focus on the provision of AAA game art services to create projects that stand out and remain in memory for a long time. Our AAA game developers and artists have vast experience that allows us to help global triple A video game companies with their popular game titles.

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What is AAA art and development?

AAA (triple-A) is a term used in the gaming industry to refer to the most high-budget games designed for a mass audience and requiring huge costs for both game development and promotion.

For providing full AAA game development services an ideal team should be specialized in full-cycle 2D/3D art production (concept art, 3D modeling, texturing, 3D animation, rigging, UI game design) and game development process. Multiple game art solutions underpin the project on all the AAA production stages to tell a pretty compelling story for players who are involved in the gameplay.

This story is to have realistic characters, environments, smooth animation that could plunge more and more players of any age. For that reason, it is highly appreciated for AAA game developers and artists to have experience in making major games titles before start any AAA game.

What are the stages of AAA art?

The main stages of creating AAA art are:

  1. Modeling — the creation of 3D objects, characters props, and environments;
  2. Unwrapping – the process of unfolding an object to add 2D textures;
  3. Texturing — the imposition of textures and materials on 3D-models;
  4. Rigging – the creation of a skeleton of a character before it gets animated;
  5. Animation — making characters alive with the help of 2D/3D animation tools.

Before a fully-fledged asset is placed in the AAA game, artists have to create a model, which could be adjusted and transformed based on the client’s requirements. It serves as the base on which artists can add textures and other details to make it look like a real-life object. AAA games usually apply high poly models, which serve as the main challenge for game developers. They need to create a product that will function smoothly while preserving art quality. Such games usually have strict technological requirements, which make them inaccessible to a broad audience of users.

After a 3D model is created, our specialists start unwrapping an object to add textures onto the model and make it more detailed. The object is uncovered and prepared for further texturing and detailing when 2D raster images will be placed onto the model. At this stage, the surface of a model is given a particular shape and color to make it look more realistic. After a set of textures are created, they are drawn and attached to the model. It creates a ready-made visual image of a model or a character.

Rigging is the process of preparing a character for further animation. First, artists draw a “skeleton” of a character that will help to make this hero alive in the game. Joints and bones are drawn after which Kevuru Games animators get down to work to make the character alive. This process requires certain expertise from a specialist to make an object realistic, evoke emotions and convey a particular trait through mimics and gestures.

How to hire AAA artists?

Hiring a reliable AAA artist is not always easy as might appear at first sight. It isn’t enough to visit top online job search engines and find the first person one comes across the list of potential candidates. It is vital to check their expertise to declare yourself satisfied with the final results. Alternatively, you can address different services like outsourcing or recruitment agencies. It’s still easier than doing it all by yourself.

But if you decide to hire an AAA artist without assistance, pay attention to professional competence. You can ask for a portfolio with examples in AAA art or give a test job to make sure that it is the ‘right’ specialist for your project. Determine the niche expertise before shortlisting AAA artists. If you need AAA-quality characters, you should look for a character designer and so on. For each area, there is special software they must be experienced in. Outside of Adobe Photoshop, the skills in ZBrush, 3ds Max or Maya must-have for top professionals.

Why outsource AAA art services?

The primary way of dealing with AAA projects remains game art outsourcing that has many benefits. Firstly, you get access to valuable talents with vast experience in AAA art. Secondly, outsourcing cooperation won’t put you to a lot of expenses unlike with employment of in-house workers. If you look at the market study of game art outsourcing, you’ll see that major game publishers from the USA, Canada prefer to hire professionals from Eastern countries such as Ukraine, India or China.


It is cheaper for them because of the difference in rates. Outsourced workers are usually paid less, but the required AAA art skills don’t vary from the workers working full-time. Moreover, it may be time-consuming for you to select candidates interviewing and screening them and then training them in an office. Luckily, there are many reliable outsourcing studios that offer a wide range of art services needed for AAA projects. You just have to sign up an agreement and wait for ordered artworks while you can focus on more strategic priorities, for example, business development or increase in sales.

What is an AAA game development process?

To say that the whole process of developing AAA games is time-consuming, complex, and painful, this is to say nothing. So many aspects are included in it – top-level concept creation, prototyping, design, programming, graphics and audio, testing, and post-production steps. At first glance, this may seem like a typical game development process.

However, AAA is a different type of project, unlike any other game. This refers to games created with high development capabilities and budgets. As a result, the process takes:

  • A lot of time – on average it can take from 3 to 5 years;
  • A lot of resources – you may need an extended team of at least 100 specialists;
  • A lot of money – the average development budget is $100 million (it is better to estimate each project individually).

Many factors come into play during the development of each separate game or even its version. Developing a game sequel is less painful than AAA game development from scratch. In this case, all efforts are aimed at updating the game process with new functionalities, settings, graphics, etc. When developing an AAA game from scratch, you need much more to realize the project and successfully launch it on the market. All similar projects are considered high-risk as they require such huge efforts to be competitive in the industry.

How long does it take to develop a AAA game?

According to the definition of an AAA game, it cannot be developed for a short period of time. However, the question is – how much time is usually needed to develop a good Triple-A game? In general, you may need 3 years before the final release of the game.

What does the AAA game development process include? And how long does each stage take?

  • Pre-production (pitch, concept, game design document, prototype) = 6-8 months;
  • Production (art and design, programming, audio, testing) = 18-20 months;
  • Post-production (game optimization, bug fix, post-game analysis) = 10 months

This average AAA game development time is calculated taking into account simple conditions without additional factors, such as technical complexity, workload, team size, etc. Of course, it will be faster to work on a new version of existing games than from scratch. In any case, don’t neglect to hire a dedicated team of true professionals and complete your dream project with them much faster!

How much does it cost to develop an AAA game?

No one can tell you the exact number regarding the cost of developing an AAA game. We just can present reported numbers from already developed AAA games. For example, the cost of developing GTA 5 is £170 million pounds or approximately $265 million dollars with marketing expenses (The Scotsman); Fortnite production costs $67 million (without marketing campaigns); Call of Duty $50 million (Los Angeles Times).

There are so many factors that can affect the final AAA game development costs:

  • Game complexity and scope of work;
  • Software, licenses and other equipment;
  • The development team and its size;
  • The location of the development, etc.

Not knowing all the requirements of the project, we do not even dare to mention the precise cost. You can calculate the cost in terms of the average salary of those professionals needed to develop AAA games. Keep in mind that salaries differ from county to country. Eastern Europe is now the most popular outsourcing destination attracting with affordable rates and a favorable business climate.

If the game Triple-A requires an average of 3 years, a team of 100 specialists, then it is easy to estimate the cost of the project by knowing the rates of artists, designers, developers, etc. At the same time, be sure to calculate your return on investment to take advantage of this effort.

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