Undead Blocks – P2E on-chain RPG on the Ethereum network

About Wagyu Games

Wagyu Games is leading the charge on Kill-To-Earn Gaming. The Wagyu Games flagship product is set in the post-apocalyptic world with Undead Blocks.

World's first AAA P2E
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Undead Blocks

Undead Blocks is the world's first AAA multiplayer kill-to-earn zombie survival game on The Ethereum Network. In this FPS, Survivors must confront the Undead as they come in wave after wave. Undead Blocks players can use Weapon Loadout NFTs to kill zombies and earn every single day. Players can participate in daily leaderboards and challenges to earn Gold ZBUX, which can be swapped for select cryptocurrencies or used to obtain rare and limited edition in-game items and weapons. Players will also earn Standard ZBUX which allow Survivors to level up their weaponry and build equity in the assets that they own as we rapidly enter a digital renaissance.

Production Workflow

We had a massive task to develop many aspects of the game, from 3D models to storyline and music. Therefore, we selected a team with experience in the FPS genre.


Our goal was to create 3D characters for four Survivors and all game weapons, design a map, implement sound design and main soundtrack, and think of character arcs and a storyline.


Our challenge was to combine the best features of the iconic zombie shooters of the past and create an authentic gaming experience with a focus on gameplay with unobtrusive P2E features.

Undead Blocks

Stage 1. Sketching

Our task was to create virtually all the art for the game. Therefore, in accordance with the classic pipeline, we started with concept art. Our artists created the concepts for the characters, weapons, zombies, and environments. An important requirement from the client was to build on the best classic zombie shooters, but make everything more understandable and accessible to a wide range of players.

Stage 2. 3D modeling

To give the characters authenticity, our 3D artists carefully thought through every element of their image and costume. We also created and modeled 3 unique types of zombies and authentic 3D assets to add volume to the main menu. Upon completion of the work, 3D models were animated taking into account the need for a first and third person view.

Stage 3. Integration

At the final stage of work, level designers and technical artists optimized the 3D models in the engine and tweaked the details, from lighting to placement, in accordance with the concepts. We also implemented all the necessary visual effects related to the gameplay and ensured the optimization of the game for hardware of any capacity.

Results of collaboration

As a result of cooperation with the client, we were able to create excellent art in such areas as weapons, characters (conceps and modeling), illustrations, etc. See how it looks now in the game and delve into the atmosphere of the game.

Weapons Art

Gather and Enhance Your Arsenal

Outfit your character with formidable weapon NFTs and enhance them to boost their effectiveness in terms of damage, ammunition capacity, and precision.

Characters Art

Stay Alive with Companions

Gather your team and dive into never-ending hordes of zombie enemies. Opt to team up with chance players or your closest comrades.

Core Gameplay

Protect Yourself from the Horde

Team up with your buddies and take part in competitions to acquire ZBUX, a currency that can be utilized to obtain exclusive skins for weapons and characters.

Team Structure

This is not the first time we have been working on avatars for NFT games, so we have assigned an experienced team of concept artists for this project.

  • Art director

    Responsible for the compliance of all art with the required style and forms the pipeline of work.
  • 3D weapon artist

    Creates 3D weapons: knife, pistol, baseball bat, battle ax, M1A, AKM, RPG, pump shotgun, etc.
  • Game designer

    Thinks over game mechanics and balance, develops the main storyline and character arcs.
  • Sound designer

    Responsible for the formation of all game sounds and the creation of the main soundtrack.
  • Technical artist

    Provides technical compatibility of 3D assets with the game engine and their correct display.
  • Project manager

    Provides a high level of planning, organization and execution of the project for timely delivery.
  • Weapon concept artist

    Engaged in the development and creation of concept art for all types of weapons that are present in the game.
  • Environment concept artist

    Engaged in the creation of concept art for the environment of the main neighborhood map.
  • 3D character artist

    Creates the main 4 characters for the game called Survivors according to the concept.
  • Level designer

    Responsible for thinking through the scheme and logic of the main game map and its elements.
  • UI/UX designer

    Engaged in the creation of all elements of the game interface, from menus to gameplay messages.
  • 3D animators

    Engaged in animation of all 3D assets created for the game: characters, weapons, and environments.

Values Delivered

We clearly defined the areas of work, organized the necessary pipelines, and implemented all the tasks exactly on schedule.

For 9 months of work on Undead Blocks, we managed to complete all the tasks and prepare the game for its first open beta. Our team thought over the visual style of the game and implemented all the art in it. We created 4 key game characters and all types of weapons, developed game sounds and soundtrack, thought out the storyline and character arcs, and deployed one full-fledged game map. Our 2D and 3D artists have done a lot of marketing materials for the game's website: posters, videos, advertisements, presentations, etc. Fast, smooth, and well-coordinated work made it possible to make a high-quality MVP in record time and have time to implement a beta version of the game already available to players.

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