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Our 3D game art outsourcing studio is already making creative contributions to world-famous projects by offering professional services. Based on all specifications, we will back up your ideas with workable 3D solutions.

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The Team for Creating Your Ideal 3D Art

  • # Art Director

    In our 3D art agency, we gather art directors with hands-on experience in creating games, and other entertainment projects. Thanks to their creative, technical and management experience, we achieve the expected artistic vision, its continuity and quality throughout the entire production process.

  • # Lead 3D Artist

    We designate leading 3D artists for each project to monitor and support the entire 3D graphics team so that the final product exactly matches customer requirements. With an art director they turn any artistic idea into real artworks. At Kevuru Games, these skilled illustrators deliver fully rendered images.

  • # Project Manager

    Who will plan, manage and communicate with clients while 3D artists create artworks for multiple purposes? For this role, we hire a competent project manager (PM) who is always in touch with our clients to answer all possible questions about the project progress, and other details.

  • # 3D Concept Artists

    These are those specialists who are responsible for creating concepts for future 3D art assets, if necessary. Our main goal when creating art assets in 2D is to adhere to the story, world, and ideas behind each of them. Our concept artists can help you come up with a vibrant personality for any idea.

  • # 3D Character Designers

    At Kevuru Games, we create absolutely unique 3D characters. They are based on the specifications of our clients. It becomes possible due to talented 3D character artists in the team. Our 3D character designers combine a variety of artistic styles to satisfy every idea of ​​the project.

  • # 3D Environment Designers

    These artists create textures for 3D characters that naturally fit them. If it is skin or cloth, it will look accordingly on the character after texture mapping. Our experts lay the necessary material on a polygon mesh to create a realistic three-dimensional model.

  • # Technical Artist

    This specialist is the key to the ultimate successful product, easily integrated into game engines. At Kevuru Games, a technical artist acts as a link between 3D game artists and programmers working on the project. This means that artistic content and features are easily integrated into the game in accordance with all existing technical restrictions.

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Our 3D game art outsourcing studio is already making creative contributions to world-famous projects by offering professional services. Based on all specifications, we will back up your ideas with high-quality art assets.

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We focus on the provision of 3D art services to create projects that stand out and remain in memory for a long time. Our 3D artists have vast experience that allows us to help global gaming companies with their popular game titles.

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Other Services

Our experienced developers use advanced game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine to create immersive and visually stunning 3D games. We develop games for various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, ensuring players have an enjoyable gaming experience.
Our skilled Unity developers can create engaging games across various genres, from action and adventure to puzzle and simulation. We leverage Unity's robust features and tools to create high-quality games that captivate players and drive success in the gaming market.
Our skilled developers can create immersive and visually stunning games using the powerful Unreal Engine. Whether it's a first-person shooter, a racing game, or an open-world adventure, we bring your game ideas to life with compelling gameplay, realistic graphics, and engaging mechanics.
We offer to deliver high-quality, innovative, and engaging 3D models that enhance the gaming experience. We use various modeling styles, from realistic to stylized, and create detailed and dynamic character models that add depth and realism to the game.
Collaborating closely with clients, our designers craft detailed concept art, capturing the character's essence, backstory, and personality. Crafting a 3D character requires a blend of artistry, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of narrative nuances.
We delve deep into the game's lore, crafting worlds that resonate with its themes. Our designs set the tone for epic adventures, from sprawling fantasy landscapes to gritty urban jungles. A meticulously crafted game environment can elevate the gaming experience, making stories more compelling and engaging in gameplay.
Our talented animators create lifelike and expressive character animations and immersive environments that enhance the player's connection to the game. We offer various animation styles, from realistic to stylized, and create detailed and dynamic animations that respond to the player's actions.
Our team of 3D modelers, with skills in cutting-edge tools and a passion for gaming, is dedicated to creating assets that elevate gameplay to new heights. We offer a suite of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of the gaming industry.


What is 3D art?

3D art is created by manipulating polygon meshes and composing them into realistic objects, characters and environments. To put it in simple terms, 3D art is a depiction of natural objects in three primary dimensions: height, width, and depth. 3D artworks can be compared to a digital sculpture that can be viewed from different perspectives. 3D art is gaining popularity in a variety of spheres, including television, marketing, cinematography, video games, etc. 3D game art is widely used in various genres to make characters and objects more eye-catching and appealing to players. Bright characters and environments make game worlds more realistic and gripping for gamers. That is why a 3D game artist job is in high demand today. High-quality 3D game art is essential to providing seamless user experience and increasing players’ engagement. The fact that a 3D artwork can be touched or seen from all sides guarantees high customer loyalty. Attention-grabbing 3D objects and environments turn any project from an ordinary one into a best-selling product on the market.

What are the stages of 3D art?

The following 3D art production pipeline will give you a clear idea of what goes on behind the closed doors of a 3D art studio:

  1. 3D concept design is the stage at which a 3D concept artist should decide on what the main idea to develop in each specific context. To create a realistic 3D model, it is vital to have a certain vision in mind on how a future object should look.
  2. 3D modeling and sculpting. This means work with polygonal shapes and moving them around verts, edges, and faces to create a 3D object. It is possible to control absolutely every aspect of a 3D model at this stage that is really crucial for the 3D character setup. A 3D artist starts with simple manipulations like a traditional sculptor, then passing on more detailed work by increasing the polygon count.
  3. Unwrapping and texturing. After a 3D model is ready, artists start unwrapping it to add textures and make it look like a real object. The best way to apply 2D textures on 3D objects is called “UV mapping”. We take a 3D (X, Y, Z coordinates) object and expand it onto a two-dimensional image plane (U, V coordinates). The colors of the picture are projected onto the mesh, and the polygons become colored. Using UV texturing, it is possible to achieve more realism than procedural textures and more detail than vertex coloring.
  4. Rigging is the process of creating a 3D skeleton of a character or object before it is animated and placed in the game. First, our 3D artists create joints and bones to form chains, which serves as the foundation of the model. Kevuru Games specialists apply the latest techniques, such as weight painting, to provide the most realistic outcome.
  5. Rendering is the final stage of the 3D art design when the final look is given to 3D models through visual effects, such as tinting, texture mapping, shadow, reflection and motion blur. 3D rendering techniques are divided into two groups according to the principle of image acquisition: rasterization of 3D models and ray tracing. Both methods are used in video games. But ray tracing is often used not for real-time images, but for the preparation of so-called lightmaps that are calculated during development, and after that, the results of the calculation are used at runtime.

How to hire 3D artists?

3D artists are responsible for creating three-dimensional artworks for a wide variety of use cases. Since 3D art becomes widely used in today’s high-tech world, there is little difficulty in finding a 3D artist. You may post a job on freelancing platforms, visit online communities of artists or apply to 3D art outsourcing services. There are three types of cooperation – full-time employment in an office, freelancing, outsourcing or offshoring. So, how to hire the best 3D artist without spending too much time? What to look for in each candidate? Primarily, pay attention to the educational background and work experience. Besides, asking questions, it is highly recommended to look at the portfolio with 3D artworks. This 3D art portfolio is to be a collection of previous 3D artworks that not only demonstrates the technical skills of 3D artists but their ability to deal with your specific projects. For better results in your search of 3D artists, feel free to test a candidate additionally. The field of 3D art is diverse. So, you should state your requirements in advance and see how they will be met in practice. In this way, you’ll have a relevant 3D specialist – be it a 3D character artist, a 3D environment artist or 3D concept artist.

Why outsource 3D art services?

Outsourcing is the way to delegate certain business functions to specialized service providers instead of performing them without knowing all the ins and outs. If 3D art isn’t your key focus area, why not rely on a top 3D art outsourcing studio to get 100% satisfied with final results? You’ll be provided with a wide range of art services including 3D character art, vehicles and other game props as well as qualified support for modern video games. There is a list of other benefits from 3D art outsourcing services – low operational and labor costs, increased efficiency of internal teams, improved quality to product and reduced risks. Businesses will also benefit from outsourcing due to experience and strategic advice that can be shared during the cooperation with outsourcing companies. Most service providers are ready to realize ideas that are customized as per the client’s requirements. Outsourcing various 3D art projects to third parties can free you from the lengthy process of creating each detail essential for the end product. When it comes to highly-skilled 3D artists, their expertise and experience speed up this process by time.

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