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Our 3D artists have the necessary expertise and skills to provide first-class character design 3D services and create high-quality and appealing 3D characters.

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The Team for Creating Your Ideal 3D Character Design

  • # Art Director

    Art director is one of the main creative roles of our 3D character design studio. This specialist thinks through the artistic techniques necessary to embody the key idea and convey it to the audience. Extensive experience in providing 3D character design services allows this expert to understand any idea and adapt it to the modern specifics of creating attractive game characters.

  • # Lead 3D Artist

    Lead 3D artist is an experienced and advanced specialist with a long track record. They work with the art director and 3D artists to provide top notch 3D character design services. Based on the goals set by the client and the specifics of the project, the lead 3D artist will think over the optimal pipeline, control the work of 3D artists, ensure style consistency, and follow the deadlines.

  • # Project Manager

    A project manager is a mandatory specialist who takes an active part in each project. This is a communication expert who serves as a link between the customer and the team, organizes communication sessions, ensures optimal work planning and the timely transfer of the necessary information to the parties, builds a team interaction scheme with the client, monitors the workflow, etc.

  • #3D Concept Artists

    Concept artists are specialists who visualize the verbal idea and make the first sketches of the characters. Their main responsibility is to create a draft character image as close as possible to the desired setting, story, and main game idea. Concept artists will create a bright original sketch of the character, which will later turn into a full-fledged design.

  • # 3D Character Artists

    Our 3D characters are dedicated and passionate professionals who put all their skills and creativity into creating eye-catching characters that firmly tie the player to the game world. Each character is a bright individuality, worked out to the smallest detail and made in the necessary style required by the client according to the specifics of the project.

  • # Technical Artist

    This specialist is responsible for the integration of game assets into the engine and overall optimization of the game. A technical artist works on the edge between programmers and 3D artists, ensuring that the assets created meet the technical limitations of the chosen game engine, whether it be one of the well-known ones or a custom one.

Our 3D Character Portfolio

Attsmun Industries Droid
Guavian Security Soldier
Boggs Henchman

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Our team of experienced 3D artists will provide your project with a worthy support from concept to release and ensure the high value of the final result.

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Our 3D character design services are dedicated to creating characters that will make your game unforgettable. Each of our 3D character artists has the relevant experience to underpin the biggest game projects from top publishers.
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What is 3D character design?

3D character design is about creating characters that have three dimensions – height, width, and depth. This is the standard display of all 3D objects as we see them in the real world. The main difference from 2D is volume. 2D images are flat and visible from one side. 3D images are visible from all sides.

3D characters are created using modern software. 3D artists should be perfectly proficient in such tools. Creation of a 3D character includes several key stages, which are called pipelines and reflect the workflow from concept to render.

3D characters are a mandatory attribute of all modern games. Whether the game gives the player the opportunity to create their own character and customize them to their liking, or whether it provides a ready-made character with their own history and personality, the character is the player’s game avatar through which the player interacts with the game world.

What are the stages of 3D character design?

We discussed the 3D character design process and its stages in detail in our 3D character design article. Here is their brief description:

  1. Blocking. Creation of an approximate form of the future character using primitive geometric elements.
  2. Sculpting. Adding the necessary details that give the character personality: facial features, hair, clothing, folds, etc.
  3. Retopology. Reducing the number of polygons to ensure the optimization of the model for its integration into the engine.
  4. UV mapping. The so-called unfolding of the model on the plane, necessary for further texturing without overlaps.
  5. Baking. Moving details from high-poly model to low-poly model making it look highly detailed but keeping it lightweight.
  6. Texturing. Applying a texture to a model; the texture is a raster image that gives the character a final realistic look.

How to hire 3D character designers?

Hiring good 3D character designers is hard work because they are in high demand. When searching, follow these guidelines:

  • Experience. Make sure the artist has worked on the characters in the style you want.
  • Portfolio. An artist’s work displays skill levels, genres covered, and style, etc.
  • Tools. A 3D character artist must be proficient in Maya, ZBrush, 3ds Max, Substance Painter, and other tools.

Why outsource 3D character design services?

Character design outsourcing is a very popular service among game publishers around the world. It allows you to save a lot of time and money, while getting high-quality characters from experienced teams who are well versed in the gaming industry.

An outsourcing company creates a 3D character from scratch depending on your needs. It takes full responsibility for quality and deadlines and gets to work immediately, without delay or downtime. At the same time, all aspects of cooperation are absolutely understandable and transparent, and you will receive a detailed estimate of every dollar spent.

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