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  • # Art Director

    In our large 3D character design studio, you will find a highly-skilled art director. He/she develops an effective artistic approach to visually convey the key idea to the audience in full. Due to their vast expertise in 3D character design services, they’ll meet specific purposes for you. They present to customers all possible 3D character design options for approval before formulating it to 3D artists.

  • # Lead 3D Artist

    We appoint a leading 3D artist who works closely with an art director to offer top 3D character design services. With the ultimate artistic goals in mind, they lead other team members throughout the entire creative process to reach them all. They create 3D characters together controlling the quality of artworks and consistency of the style along with meeting all deadlines.

  • # Project Manager

    Our 3D character design agency is 100% sure that it is almost impossible to implement a successful project without a project manager with excellent people management, communication and other skills. This is a specialist with proven experience in project management, able to have a positive impact on the situation from planning to completion.

  • #3D Concept Artists

    These are those specialists who are responsible for creating concepts for future 3D characters, if necessary. Our main goal when creating characters in 3D is to adhere to the story, world, and ideas behind each of them. Our concept artists can help you come up with a vibrant personality for any character for further implementation of flawless 3D character model design.

  • # 3D Character Artists

    We are passionate about 3D character concept and design, so our team creates absolutely unique 3D characters. They are based on the specifications of our clients. It becomes possible due to talented 3D character artists in the team. Our 3D character designers combine a variety of artistic styles to satisfy every idea of ​​the project.

  • # Technical Artist

    This specialist is the key to the ultimate successful product, easily integrated into game engines. At Kevuru Games, a technical artist acts as a link between 3D game artists and programmers working on the project. This means that artistic content and features are easily integrated into the game in accordance with all existing technical restrictions.

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Our team of talented designers will accompany you throughout the entire cooperation, advance your business idea to a higher level and simply increase the value of the final product.

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We focus on the provision of 3D character design services to create projects that stand out and remain in memory for a long time. Our 3D character artists have vast experience that allows us to help global gaming companies with their popular game titles.

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What is 3D character design?

We are all familiar with 2D or two-dimensional pictures: a conventional way of depicting characters or objects on the canvas. They can be only views from one angle and it is harder to imagine them in space. With a breakthrough in technology, particularly graphical one, it has become possible to render such objects in a 3D or three-dimensional way, that is we can now see them in real space, from all the angles, as if they existed in reality. However, in the 3D case, objects exist in digital reality. Video game character design in 3D is the prerogative of all modern games.

3D designers model the character with the help of 3D editor software tools. Therefore, in order to design a 3D character, you need to be able to work with such tools. The whole process undergoes several pipelines which usually demand different software programs. Modern modeling techniques allow us to create hyper-realistic characters in various settings. Nowadays, there are no limits to creating a real piece of art.

Who actually needs 3D characters? Any brand strives for recognition and standing out from its competitors, keeping up with the demands and changes of the modern world. Creating one’s own 3D character helps to create a memorable and positive image associated with a brand, turn different generations to it, and improve interaction with customers. Such a 3D character can be used in various ways, both digital and offline ones.

What are the stages of 3D character design?

Any 3D character design process demands both an artistic view and a scrupulous professional approach. Read on the stages every 3D artwork needs to undergo before being released into the digital world.


To make a full-functioning model is integral to any 3D modeling process. At this stage, we take a real-life object model as a fundamental for our future 3D model, distinguish the parts that can be present in it and shape these elements geometrically, which is blocking them out. Such an approach allows us to spend less time and effort on preparing a solid plan and basis for future artwork and, therefore, concentrate more on details and tailoring the concept.

Sculpting\Modeling (HighPoly)

A 3D character will never turn into a proper animation without being sculpted and modeled To achieve a well-functioning topology, we start with modeling an object, that is giving it a mathematical three-dimensional representation, including its points in 3D space and geometric elements. The next step is digital sculpting which reminds the conventional approach but only with digital tools. We deliver sculpting in high-poly organic modeling. It suits best for complex objects with many irregular curves and surfaces, just like 3D characters are.

Low-poly modeling

Low-poly modeling stands for a low number of polygons in a polygon mesh. It is a great solution to optimize a high-poly model for game real-time applications, for instance, games. On the contrary to high-poly ones, they perform better in games scenarios. As for the appearances, optimization has surely its influence here and such 3D models will often look simpler and more blocky. However, at the same time they will also be easily animated, more flexible and function better.

UV unwrapping and Texturing

When a 3D character model is ready, our next step will be to unwrap the model by their UV coordinates, that is unfolding the mesh into geometrical forms and laying them out on a flat page. We use every flat 2D page to paint textures which are then rendered together with maps. Finally, we polish the appearances of 3D characters by using proper textures, work with surface and colors. When we finally apply the texture, we see if there are no overlaps and reduce the number of seems. The result is a 3D character that moves in a digital space and is ready to be put into a setting.

How to hire 3D character designers?

Today 3D character designers are in high demand, so there should be a structured and efficient way to hire professionals for this particular type of 3D modeling.

Firstly, consider the professional background. 3D modelers are working on a different basis: some at the studios, some are freelancers. With the first type, you are provided with more guarantees that the work will be delivered on a high level. When working with freelancers, make sure they are highly ranked and have close to 100% positive feedback.

Secondly, ask about the experience. 3D character artist’s experience must be relevant to the project you are going to recruit them for. The more solid experience, the better, however, do not rely on this indicator the most. Throwing a glance at the portfolio will shed more light.

Thirdly, look through a portfolio. Every respected 3D artist will be ready to demonstrate their polished portfolio. The artworks have to display the level of skills, genres of artworks, placement of characters, etc.

A hint:  find a character related to your request and see how the work was rendered. Remember that a good 3D character designer must ace such tools as Photoshop, Substance Painter, 3D/Maya, and desirably ZBrush. Let them be supplied with 3D art examples. Put creativity to the highlight.

When recruiting a 3D artist, don’t hesitate to ask about their opinion on characters they have created or challenge them into the task of creating a new one. Do you like their ideas? Are they creative and coincide with yours? Do not forget about the 3D character design price and look for a specialist whose services you can afford. Take these points into consideration and you’ll surely get a great expert for your project.

Why outsource 3D character design services?

Hiring outsourcing staff is an excellent solution for the companies that want to save more on extending their teams, however, not at the expense of quality. They can offer separate 3D design professionals or dedicated teams at a lower, more reasonable 3D character design price. Such teams have already proved their devotion to the 3D modelling art and care about their reputation just like any other highly-respected studio out there.

Outsource teams run the whole 3D character modeling process from scratch. The 3D character design cost already includes management expenses that you don’t even burden yourself with. They take full responsibility for the delivered product, whatever unexpected situations might pop up.

One of the most convenient benefits is recruiting, which is usually the hardest part of setting up the project. An outsource 3D team is in charge of selecting the most appropriate professionals for the project. And if there is an incident with losing one of them in full spring of the work, this is the job of the outsource team to find a replacement. And the best point about it – it never reflects on the project price you agreed on.

So, outsourcing is not just done to reduce the expenses, it covers plenty of other reasons to hire an offshore 3D team and get benefits from the cooperation. At the same time, all aspects of 3D character design cost will be transparent and understandable to you up to every hour of work of each specialist.

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