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  • # Art Director

    We enlist the services of an art director in most projects. They coordinate all the activities across different departments essential for the overall look of environments. All artists work at different stages of design in accordance with the plan of the art director.

  • # Lead Artist

    This expert with excellent communication and organizational skills leads a team of artists working on a creative project. In essence, this is a team leader, who inspires and guides all design team members in the right direction to complete the work as needed.

  • # Project Manager

    Our PMs are involved in organizing and coordinating new projects. This is a dedicated leader who guides team members to the finish line with an effective course of action. They hold everything and everyone in an organized manner to achieve the best end results.

  • # Concept Artist

    These are specialists who create concepts for future 2D or 3D art assets, if necessary. Our main goal when creating art assets in 2D/3D is to adhere to the story, world, and ideas behind each of them. Our concept artists can help you come up with a vibrant personality for any idea.

  • # Environment Artists

    Our environment artists work with various customer specifications. Using their imagination and creativity, as well as knowledge and experience, they can satisfy any of their ideas. If you need a sci-fi or rural atmosphere, you can get it from our artists. They help bring projects, sometimes unrealistic, to the gaming world.

  • # Technical Artist

    Our experienced character artists possess exceptional talent for sculpting along with a deep understanding of form, shape language and color. Ability to model characters in a range of styles and incredible passion for games allows them to create lifelike characters.

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Our team of talented environment designers will accompany you throughout the entire cooperation, advance your business idea to a higher level and simply increase the value of the final product.

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We focus on the provision of environment art services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for a long time. Our environment artists have a wealth of experience enabling us to help global game companies with their popular projects.
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Our talented 2D artists create captivating 2D art for your casual game, including characters, environments, and objects. We create illustrations that enhance the visual appeal of your game. Our team also creates fluid 2D animations that bring your game assets to life.
We are committed to excellence, innovation, and efficiency, ensuring that our 3D artist hiring services drive success in the competitive digital art and design world. We provide a full spectrum of custom 3D art services, from 3D concept development to complex 3D art projects.
As a game development company, we offer various solutions to create high-quality, engaging, and successful games. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver games that exceed expectations.
Our creative team collaborates with clients to transform their ideas into compelling game-level concepts. We design visually appealing, strategically challenging levels and responsive to the player's actions.
Collaborating closely with clients, our designers craft detailed concept art, capturing the character's essence, backstory, and personality. Crafting a character requires a blend of artistry, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of narrative nuances.
Our skilled artists create detailed concept art as the foundation for your game's visual design. We develop compelling character, environment, and object concepts that align with your game's vision and narrative.
Before a game world comes to life, it starts as a concept. Our illustrators work closely with game developers to visualize characters, environments, and assets, ensuring a solid foundation for the development phase.
Every great environment starts with a vision. Collaborating closely with clients and developers, we brainstorm and sketch preliminary concepts, ensuring the foundation is robust and aligned with the game's overarching theme.


What Is Game Environment Design?

Environment design is a crucial component as it sets the atmosphere of the game and other entertainment projects. This is a process when the overall environment is designed for a game to realize a particular vision in the gameplay. Outdoor and indoor locations are designed for a gaming environment. Numerous genres are used, including science-fiction, fantasy, history, anime, and other imaginary universes where the talent of environment artists is required to reveal the whole idea. They use a number of digital tools such as Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush, Houdini, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, 3D-Coat, 3dsMax to create a precise picture of the game.

Environment artists are responsible for creating the bulk of the overall asset and visual elements that a player may encounter on the screen – buildings, streets, foliage, furniture, and all other elements. Profound design thinking is a key foundation of impressive environments in games. Before starting working on a new project, it is recommended to come up with a high concept of how areas should look.

The first element is the game concept, which defines the rules of the game and the mechanics of the player’s interaction with the virtual world. How fast does a character run and how high do they jump? What obstacles and characters will they meet on the way? How will they interact with other characters? A good designer answers all these questions taking into account the project idea, requirements, and business needs. Details play a vital role in how the environment is built and how it is perceived by the user.

What Are the Stages of Game Environment Design?

As game environment design vary in 2D and 3D, we offer both procedures with the detailed description of each:

  1. Concept development. It is vital to focus on the big picture at the initial stage. Concept art is one of the elements used to articulate the vision and environment of a game. Concepts may lack some fine details but will demonstrate the general idea behind each game.
  2. Sketching. After having several concepts at hand, professional artists come up with some compositional sketches. They help find something special in environmental storytelling.
  3. Color composition. As soon as the best sketch is chosen, several lighting sketches should be completed to convey the desired atmosphere. Particular colors set the mood that will affect players.
  4. Final rendering. This is the stage when all details are emphasized, all sketching residues are removed to have a realistic virtual environment. At this final stage, everything is thoroughly checked In terms of form, color, light, shadow, atmosphere.

How to Hire Game Environment Designers?

If you plan to develop a game, but you are not a graphic designer, you need to find the best environment artist for hire to complete this project successfully. You should go to the places where the artists are – ArtStation, Behance, LinkedIn or game art studios. Hundreds of talented and experienced artists are awaiting your job offer.

You can consider several ways to hire an environment designer – freelancing, in-house employment, or outsourcing. But before you decide on which engagement model to follow, take into consideration other points like expertise levels, education, and work experience. It is better to discuss all these points before hiring any specialist.

But what exactly to ask a game designer about? What skills they must have and what experience is considered sufficient to obtain excellent results? Game artists should have a full understanding of creating games from scratch, have experience in using specific tools like Adobe Photoshop, Maya or 3dsMax. It is also important to be familiar with game engines such as Unreal Engine, or Unity. Besides, every reliable artist is supposed to have a well-formed environmental design portfolio to demonstrate his/her practical experience.

Why Outsource Game Environment Design?

Creating a product – be it a game or any other project – is not the only thing that may take a good deal of time. You also have to manage and run a business. How to do the whole project without any assistance? Almost impossible! Today, it is common to outsource services that in-house teams can’t perform on their own. But there is one more tendency to hire skilled and affordable talent from abroad, mostly in developing countries like Ukraine, Belarus or India. This is a great option that supports the needs of your project – an artwork will be created by specialists with excellent painting skills at an affordable price.


You get professional services, access to the global talent pool and lower costs than in countries like the USA, Canada and European countries. Many outsourcing companies understand that it is crucial to offer particular benefits on the market – high speed, transparency, flexibility, total control and many others. So, if you find such a reliable partner, you are more likely to succeed in all your projects. Just hire highly experienced game designers to perform specific tasks in your company.

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