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SayGames is a mobile games publisher that specializes in hyper casual and ultracasual entertainment applications. Founded in 2017 in Minsk, the company quickly found its unique style and gained popularity: now it has 47 games for Android and iOS and more than 2 billion downloads worldwide.


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Comics Bob
Comics Bob is an arcade puzzle about the adventures of Bob the caveman and his girlfriend Jess. They all the time find themselves in various difficult situations requiring ingenuity, which is not their forte. Therefore, the player will have to make choices for them and watch the consequences. Dangerous traps, unexpected obstacles, ferocious hungry animals and unexpected plot twists will not let the player of any age get bored, and the positive atmosphere and humorous approach to representing any decisions will leave a good aftertaste even in case of failure. The game offers 62 vibrant levels in a variety of locations with different secondary characters and solutions that require thinking outside the box.
Production Workflow
Our animators had an excellent opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge of the specifics of arcade games to create the most vivid and engaging animated representation of any of the player's choices.
Comics Bob
Creating 2D animation for new levels of an already released game requires a careful analysis of the approach and style of the work already done. Each episode of the game has 2 or 3 control points where you need to make a choice. At the beginning of the collaboration, we prepared animation for one checkpoint and sent it to the client to get feedback. After the adaptation work was completed, we prepared the animation for the whole episode for the next sensation of communication with the client.

In addition to animating the main character Bob, we worked on the movements of:
  • his girlfriend Jess
  • saber-toothed tiger, constantly plotting various intrigues
  • multi-professional monkey playing the role of a sushi master, policeman and doctor
  • adorable space dog, picked up by Bob during his unplanned interplanetary trip
  • mysterious Mouseman, who came to help Jess in saving Bob
  • as well as other minor characters: pterodactyl, snakes, fish, bees, mammoth, deer and others.
To improve the visual appeal of the animation, we offered some spectacular solutions that were included in the final version of the game.
Team Structure
Animation for a hyper casual game should be as eye-catching and bright as possible: this is the only way to grab the attention of the players and make them interested to know what will happen next. Therefore, our team focused not only on ready-made levels, but also on modern animation trends in a hyper casual direction.
Lead 2D animator
Manages the 2D animation team, ensuring high quality, adherence to the desired style and timely bug fixes.
2D animators
Work on creating 2D animations in the form of movement design and the consequences of the choice of the main characters.
Project manager
Provides a high level of planning, organization and delivery of the project to ensure that all requirements are met.
Values Delivered

Working on the popular hyper casual game allowed us to showcase our 2D animation skills, help SayGames deliver the project on time and delight players with excellent visuals.

In a little less than 4 months of collaboration with SayGames on the Comics Bob project for mobile devices, we created 2D animation for 12 full episodes. We worked on main and minor character

movements, environment animations and assets to achieve an immersive and fun player experience. Despite the tight deadlines, we were able to quickly adapt to the desired style and implement many original solutions that made the game even more visually attractive and interesting for the players.

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