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  • # Art Director

    This is a person who forms the artistic mood of the future game illustration based on the customer's requirements. Fully controls the process of creating an illustration, from the idea to the transfer of finished materials to the client. Extensive experience allows the art director to immediately grasp the wishes of the client and guarantee the best timely result in accordance with the latest industry trends.

  • # Project Manager

    A complete understanding of all aspects of illustration creation at any stage of its development allows PMs to set clear goals, control deadlines, and improve the illustration workflow in art teams. Effectively assigns responsibilities and monitors their implementation. Interprets all the wishes of the client in a form that is understandable to the team in order to obtain the desired result in the required time frame.

  • # Lead Concept Artist

    This expert sets the tone for conceptual illustration design, guides concept artists in the right direction to stimulate the visual development of the project and make it match the artistic essence and style of the game. Creates special color studies and lightning keys to inform and inspire other artists and contribute to the unique visual direction of the illustration.

  • # Lead 2D/3D Artist

    Depending on the chosen illustration services, we appoint a 2D/3D artist who will lead a team of artists to create the illustration. Their task is to control and support the team so that the final product exactly matches the customer's requirements. Together with the art director, they create clear specifications and help to translate any idea into a real work of art.

  • # Concept Artists

    Concept artists are masters of visualization: they can quickly grasp the essence of an idea expressed in words and translate it into artistic forms. Shaping the initial sketches gradually makes the illustration clearer and more effective in terms of achieving the desired goals, bringing it to the stage of development that the client needs.

  • # 2D/3D Artists

    Our 2D and 3D artists are ready to tackle the task of any complexity with regards to the creation of highly detailed and vivid game illustrations and icons. They will not only complete the assigned task, but also bring their unique style into the finished material, allowing it to stand out from its peers and significantly increase the interested audience.

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Our game illustration company will help you bring your idea to life in the form of eye-catching visual material created in accordance with the latest art trends.

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Our game illustration company specializes in providing art services to create projects that stand out and stay in mind for a long time. The illustrators at Kevuru Games have extensive experience that allows us to help global game companies with their popular games.
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Our 2D art services blend passion, precision, and creativity. We believe in crafting visuals that tell stories, evoke emotions, and captivate audiences. We offer various 2D art services that cater to diverse needs, from indie developers to blockbuster studios.
We are committed to excellence, innovation, and efficiency, ensuring that our 3D artist hiring services drive success in the competitive digital art and design world. We provide a full spectrum of custom 3D art services, from 3D concept development to complex 3D art projects.
Concept artists bring the game's vision to life, creating detailed illustrations and designs that serve as a blueprint for the game's art and design teams. We ensure that the concept art aligns with the game's theme, aesthetics, and target audience.
Our skilled illustrators create detailed character sketches that serve as the foundation for the final design. We explore various poses and expressions to capture the essence of the character. Our team then refines the sketches into polished illustrations that bring the character to life.
We delve deep into the game's lore, crafting worlds that resonate with its themes. Our designs set the tone for epic adventures, from sprawling fantasy landscapes to gritty urban jungles. A meticulously crafted game environment can elevate the gaming experience, making stories more compelling and engaging in gameplay.
Our skilled designers create intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for your game. We design menus, HUDs, icons, and buttons that enhance the player experience, ensuring the game is accessible and user-friendly.
Every great animation begins with a vision. Our talented team collaborates with clients to craft compelling storyboards, laying the groundwork for the animation. We visualize each scene, ensuring a cohesive flow and a strong narrative foundation.
As a game development company, we offer various solutions to create high-quality, engaging, and successful games. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver games that exceed expectations.


What is digital illustration?

Digital illustration is the process of creating a special complete image that fulfills the function of storytelling and conveys the desired mood. Its goal is to draw attention to the product and sell it. Digital illustration services include the analysis of an idea and its design using special digital tools and software.

What makes a good illustration design?

Good illustration design services are all about creating an illustration that serves a specific purpose and tells a clear story that can be easily read by looking at the image. At the same time, the illustration should correctly reflect the atmosphere and the specifics of the game and stand out from its counterparts using non-standard creative approaches.

How to hire Illustrators which fit perfectly to your needs?

To hire the illustrators that best suit your needs, you need to be clear about the purpose of your future illustration. You will need to immediately explain to the illustrators what you want to tell with your visuals. The best way to find the best specialists is to outsource illustration services to special companies that are well versed in game art. They have experienced teams with extensive experience who will quickly figure out your task and offer options for its implementation in accordance with the latest art trends.

How much do illustrations cost?

On average, an illustrator’s job at a game illustration company is estimated to be between $ 25 and $ 100, depending on the country and skill level. If the illustration is not too complicated, then on average its cost can vary around $ 500. Projects of high complexity requiring the involvement of more specialists will cost more than $ 1000.

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