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  • # Art Director

    A person shaping the artistic mood of future digital art based on customer requirements. Fully controls the process of creating art, from the concept to the transfer of materials to the client, so as not to miss a single detail.Extensive experience allows the art director to immediately capture the wishes of the client and guarantee the best timely result in accordance with the latest industry trends.

  • # Project Manager

    A full understanding of all product aspects at any stage of its development allows the PM to set clear objectives, control the timing and quality of execution, as well as improve the processes of working on arts in teams. Effectively manages departments and distributes responsibilities. Interprets all the wishes of the client in a form understandable to the team to obtain the desired result in the required time frame.

  • # Lead Concept Artist

    This expert sets the tone for the conceptual design of the game world, guides concept artists in the right direction to stimulate the visual development of the project, as well as document and communicate specifications and visual benchmarks to support the game artistic essence. Creates unique color studies and lightning keys to inform and inspire other concept artists and designers and contribute to the unique visual direction of the new game.

  • # Concept Artists

    The art creation process is based on the work of professional concept artists, visualization masters. Thanks to them, ideas and suggestions that are non-obvious at the initial stages are visualized in vibrant concept art, paving the path for further work on the visual component of the game. Experts create high-quality sketches in accordance with client’s briefs for all essential game elements, setting the basis for further production.

  • # Technical Artist

    The link between the artists and the programmers working on a game, this specialist, having both artistic and technical knowledge, helps integrate art assets into a game without taking away either the artistic vision or going beyond the technical limits of the platform. Provides effective communication between developers and artists and overall balance of the project in accordance with the needs of the client.

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Our team of talented designers will accompany you throughout the entire cooperation, advance your business idea to a higher level and simply increase the value of the final product.

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Our concept art outsourcing studio focuses on the provision of art services to create projects that stand out and remain in memory for a long time. 2D/3D video game concept artists at Kevuru Games have vast experience that allows us to help global gaming companies with their popular game titles.
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Our experienced developers use advanced game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine to create immersive and visually stunning 3D games. We develop games for various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, ensuring players have an enjoyable gaming experience.
Our experienced developers use advanced game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine to create immersive and visually stunning 3D games. We develop games for various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, ensuring players have an enjoyable gaming experience.
Before a game world comes to life, it starts as a concept. Our illustrators work closely with game developers to visualize characters, environments, and assets, ensuring a solid foundation for the development phase.
Collaborating closely with clients, our designers craft detailed concept art, capturing the character's essence, backstory, and personality. Crafting a 3D character requires a blend of artistry, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of narrative nuances.
We delve deep into the game's lore, crafting worlds that resonate with its themes. Our designs set the tone for epic adventures, from sprawling fantasy landscapes to gritty urban jungles. A meticulously crafted game environment can elevate the gaming experience, making stories more compelling and engaging in gameplay.
Our experienced developers use advanced game engines like Unity, Unreal Engine, etc. to create visually stunning games. We develop games for various platforms, including PC, consoles, and mobile devices, ensuring players have a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.
Our skilled designers create intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for your game. We design menus, HUDs, icons, and buttons that enhance the player experience, ensuring the game is accessible and user-friendly.
Whether it's character designs, environment sketches, or item blueprints, we ensure every piece captures the essence of the project's theme and direction. Our team designs 2D game assets, from items to terrain tiles, ensuring they are optimized for performance without compromising on quality.


How Do You Create a Concept Art?

The process of creating concept art falls into the following stages:

1.Planning when all the details of the final product are presented and approved with an art director. A concept artist can start by creating a simple to-do-list to overcome creative blocks. Besides, particular reference materials are gathered to come up with the desired result.

2.Concept sketching is the stage during which artists generate a large number of sketches. This process often starts with creating thumbnails. This is a sure way to give rein to imagination and generate as many ideas as possible before finally settling on what works well.

3.Detailing when artists add more essential details to created game characters, environments or other assets. It is possible to improve some elements at this stage.

4.Lighting and texturing. It is crucial to develop a specific mood for a concept with the help of well-chosen light, textures. It will add the value of good concept design demonstrating its readability and realism.

5.Concept post-production when all final touches are made to refine and produce a great artwork that could contribute to a game concept art portfolio.


What Is a Game Concept?

Game concept is a vision of your game, set out on paper or on screen in an easy-to-understand form, so that all participants are on the same page, know exactly what the game is, and what is needed to create it. This means that the client, a team of artists, developers and marketers will know what is required of them. The game concept should correspond to the stages of creating the game, from the story to art.


How to Hire Concept Artists?

To hire the best concept artist for your project, you should follow some practical steps. Firstly, define job specifications and requirements for this specialist. Just writing “concept development” in a job description isn’t enough for a potential candidate. Provide as many details as possible – what a project is, what technical specification is for design, etc. Secondly, conduct an interview during which all skills (hard and soft) must be checked. Work experience is of no small importance.

So, find out everything to be satisfied with the final results. Don’t ignore to study a concept art portfolio – every highly respected artist should have samples of artworks made in different styles and techniques. If you have no time to evaluate every applicant, you have other options to find a concept artist for hire – through recruiting or outsourcing services. In some cases, it is really useful to use additional services. Even on freelancing platforms, you’ll get assistance in hiring an employee through a personal assistant or custom filters.


Why Outsource Concept Art Services?

Among all available options to hire concept artists – full/part-time employment, freelancing, outsourcing go on playing a crucial role in cooperation between different companies today. This engagement model offers many benefits – a global talent pool, relatively low labor costs, and quick results delivered by real experts. Outsourcing allows you to contact professionals that you may lack locally because of different reasons. You get significant cost savings when outsourcing to a country with lower labor costs. For example, in Ukraine, the cost of living for employees is lower than in the USA. That’s why more and more American enterprises choose this type of cooperation.

If you work with a limited number of employees, you can do it much faster by transferring labor-intensive tasks to an external concept design agency. This and many other advantages of outsourcing have been proved in practice. Moreover, when you outsource services to a reliable concept art studio, you can focus on other business affairs. You get peace of mind, but in a sense, the success of this method depends on many factors. Rely on that company that proves its expertise with successfully completed projects.


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