Our Technological Expertise
in 2D Art

Behind every stunning 2D game art piece is a toolbox filled with cutting-edge technology. We stay at the forefront of software and techniques, ensuring that our creations are not just visually stunning but also technologically impressive.

The Team for Creating Your Ideal 2D Art in the Philippines

Our dedicated team is a core of our successful game development process, and their dedication to perfection is what sets us apart.

  • # Art Director

    The art director oversees the entire artistic process, ensuring that every pixel aligns with the game's vision.

  • # Lead 2D Artist

    The lead 2D artist leads the artistic team, ensuring that each piece meets the highest standards of quality and creativity.

  • # Project Manager

    The Project Manager keeps everything running smoothly. They coordinate schedules, manage resources, and ensure that deadlines are met, so your project stays on track.

  • # 2D Concept Artists

    Concept artists are masters who turn ideas into visual concepts. They set the initial artistic direction and inspire the entire team.

  • # 2D Character Designers

    These artists breathe life into your game's characters, creating distinct personalities and designs that resonate with players.

  • # 2D Environment Designers

    The environment designers craft the worlds that players explore, making sure every corner is a visual delight and a testament to artistic craftsmanship.

  • #Technical Artist

    Technical artists are skilled to combine art and technology, ensuring that all visuals integrate seamlessly into the game engine, delivering a flawless gaming experience.

Our 2D Game Art Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of 2D art styles, from pixel art to digital painting, ensuring that we have the right artistic approach for your project.

Ancient watergate
Cursed Revenge
Sci-fi character design
Kitty's Travelling

Our Benefits in
2D Game Art

At Kevuru Games, we take pride in the advantages we offer to our clients. With a proven track record, a talented team of experts, and professional resources, we're your ideal partner for all your 2D game art needs.

Quick Facts About Us

We have experience with various game genres, such as RPG, MMOG, adventure, strategy, puzzle, quiz, and educational games. Our goal is to offer game publishers full-cycle game development services and to advise our clients on in-game investments with a focus on the player.

Game Artists and
Years Of Experience
Years Average

Other Services

Our studio is equipped to handle all aspects of game art, from 2D to 3D, ensuring a cohesive visual experience for your game.
If you need more than just art, we also provide game development services, bringing your entire game concept to life.
For projects requiring AAA-level quality and attention to detail, our studio has the expertise to deliver top-tier art assets.
In addition to 2D art, we excel in 3D game art outsourcing, offering a comprehensive range of visual solutions.

What is 2D art?

It encompasses various styles and techniques, including illustrations, digital paintings, and sprite design. In the context of gaming, 2D art involves creating the visual elements of a game that players interact with.

What are the stages of 2D art in the Philippines?

The stages of 2D art creation in the Philippines, as in most game development processes, typically include concept development, sketching, coloring, rendering, and finalization. Each stage involves a careful and creative approach to ensure the art aligns with the game’s vision and objectives.

How to hire 2D game artists in the Philippines?

You can reach out to Kevuru Games, provide details about your project, and discuss your requirements. We handle the rest, from assembling a skilled team to delivering high-quality art.

Why outsource 2D art services in the Philippines?

Outsourcing 2D art services to the Philippines offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, access to a large pool of talented artists, and a track record of successful projects. The Philippines has emerged as a global hub for game art outsourcing, making it a wise choice for developers seeking exceptional 2D art.

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