Our Video Game Art Services in India

Our studio offers a wide range of creative services including 2D and 3D/AAA art. We have the expertise and talent to bring your vision to life. Our goal is to create engaging, commercially successful game for you

Our Technology Expertise
in Game Art in India

Our expertise in game art is not just about pixels and colors; it's also about harnessing the latest technological advancements to create visually stunning and immersive gaming experiences.

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Our Benefits in Game Art

We can provide superior art assets to support your ideas according to all your demands. Our team has surpassed industry standards by delivering game art outsourcing services.

Our Video Game Art Services Portfolio

In our portfolio, you'll find more than just art; you'll find a testament to our commitment to creativity. We've collaborated with game publishers worldwide, helping them create games that not only stand out but also commercially succeed.

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3D Characters
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3D Environment
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Our work is not only about game design; but developing engaging experiences that immerse players worldwide. Kevuru Games is not just a Game Art outsourcing studio, we offer a full-cycle of game development. Our team provides various services and dedicates experience to create a video game that carries out your idea and succeeds commercially.

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Our Selected Projects

Other Services

Our game development outsourcing services are designed to bring your gaming ideas to life. From coding to scripting and level design, our experts cover every aspect, ensuring your game is a seamless and engaging experience.
Our AAA game art studio is where artistic mastery meets gaming excellence. We craft characters, environments, and assets that look stunning and enhance gameplay, setting your game apart as a true masterpiece.
Dive into the world of 2D with our outsourcing services. Our 2D artists breathe life into characters, objects, and backgrounds, creating visually captivating experiences that resonate with players.
Our 3D game art outsourcing services take gaming realism to new heights. We create lifelike 3D models, textures, and animations that immerse players in breathtaking worlds, adding depth and dimension to your games.


What are the benefits of game art outsourcing in India?

Game art outsourcing comes with a hub of benefits:


Outsourcing allows you to access top-notch talent at a fraction of the cost compared to maintaining an in-house team.


You can choose from a diverse pool of artists with various styles and expertise, ensuring a perfect fit for your project.

Time Savings

Outsourcing studios are equipped to handle projects efficiently, reducing turnaround times and allowing you to focus on game development.

Quality Assurance

Reputable outsourcing studios maintain high-quality standards, ensuring your game’s visuals are top-tier.

What can you outsource for a video game studio in India?

India offers a comprehensive outsourcing solution for video game studios. You can outsource various services, including:

Game Art

Character design, environment art, concept art, 2D/3D art, and animations.

Game Development

Full-stack game development, including coding, scripting, and level design.

QA Testing

Quality assurance and game testing services to ensure bug-free gameplay.

Game Design

Conceptualizing and designing gameplay mechanics, levels, and narratives.

UI/UX Design

Crafting intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces to enhance the overall gaming experience.

India’s game development outsourcing ecosystem is known for its versatility and cost-effectiveness, making it a preferred choice for studios looking to optimize resources while maintaining high quality.

Where Do Video Game Companies Outsource in India?

India, with its vast talent pool and expertise in IT and technology, has become a preferred destination for game art outsourcing. Here are some of the key outsourcing hubs in India:

Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Bengaluru, often referred to as the “Silicon Valley of India,” is a prime outsourcing location. It hosts numerous game development studios and art outsourcing firms.


Hyderabad is known for its skilled workforce and cost-effective solutions, making it an attractive choice for outsourcing game art.


Pune has a growing gaming industry, and its proximity to Mumbai, India’s entertainment capital, ensures access to creative talent.


Chennai boasts a thriving IT sector and is home to game development companies that offer a wide range of outsourcing services.

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