Our 2D Environment Art Portfolio

We have collected a large number of 2D environment art examples created by our artists – check out this 2D environment artist portfolio to see our experience!

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# Our values

What Makes Us
Stand Out

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    Customized Full-Cycle
    Game Development

    Our game art studio offers not only art production services but also fully-cycle game development production what enables us to cover the full scope of services of almost any project.

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    Transparency and Reliable Partnership

    Thanks to an open dialogue, transparent communication and strict adherence to the wishes of the client, our team ensures complete satisfaction with the implemented projects and secures repeat business in 90% of cases.

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    Adherence to the Best Security Practices

    Keep calm and don’t worry about data, system and infrastructure protection: our video game design company adheres to strict protection policy rules and constantly updates security systems in accordance with the latest innovations.

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    Rich Experience in a Variety of Styles and Genres

    A team of great professional 140+ artists & developers with a wide experience in a variety of styles and genres in portfolios can cover the scope of almost any project.

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Best Industry Practices We Follow

The artworks in our 2D environment artist portfolio best reflect our commitment to high standards and our desire to create exciting designs.

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    The environment we create is on par with the settings of the leading game developers in Europe.

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    Ideas of our clients and following their vision is a key priority of our team of artists in creating environment art.

  • # Advanced Technology Expertise 03

    Our portfolio of environment art presents samples of work created using the best modern tools of the latest versions.

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    Each of our work is checked automatically by a special internal system and manually by the efforts of leading experts.


Achievements of Our Team at
Kevuru Games

Our approach is to select passionate and dedicated people in 2D environment art to achieve our goals and overcome all challenges together. See the results for yourself!



What is a portfolio in 2D environment art?

2D environment artist portfolio is a collection of artworks related to such a direction as a two-dimensional environment. Two-dimensionality means having two dimensions, width and height. The environment itself can be made both in a realistic style and in a stylized one.

What should be included in a 2D environment art portfolio?

The 2D environment of the portfolio should include works related to the 2D environment. It can be any setting in any style. The most important thing is that it is finished and the idea is clear.

What is a 2D environment artist?

A 2D environment artist is a specialist who is engaged in creating a two-dimensional environment. This is usually done using programs such as Photoshop and the like. A two-dimensional environment can be realistic, that is, as close to reality as possible, or stylized, for example, cartoon, black and white, cel-shaded, and so on.

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