Types of Console Platforms We Work With

At Kevuru Games, we are dedicated to creating immersive games that people want to play and come back to again and again. We work on games for the most popular types of consoles and we know the specifics of creating an entertainment product for each of them.

  • PlayStation

    We provide PlayStation game development services to create games with modern graphics and immersive gameplay for the latest generations of the PlayStation console, taking into account its specifics and technological capabilities.

  • Xbox

    Our Xbox game development team brings you cutting-edge exciting features and eye-catching graphics that will surprise even the most seasoned gamers: take advantage of our console video game development services.

  • Nintendo

    A special approach to Nintendo game development, taking into account the specifics of this console and its technological features, allows us to create unique and addictive multiplayer products for a joint exciting pastime.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Console Game Development

Our console video game development agency approaches each project with technical meticulousness and artistic vision, which allows us to clearly follow the wishes of the client.

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on the provision of console game development services to create projects that stand out and remain in memory for a long time. Our console game development company has vast experience that allows us to help global gaming companies with their popular game titles.

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We Develop Console Games of Various Genres

  • # Action-Adventure

    Such games focus on story and combat through story-involving and hardcore gameplay mechanics. Most users draw the line between action and adventure in how the game balances the story and features like combat simulation.

  • # Real-Time Strategy

    It’s fascinating and addictive games that require a thorough strategy of behavior: people and AI players control different factions and at the same time compete with each other for land, resources, spheres of influence, etc.

  • # Shooter

    One of the earliest genres that split into two main subgenres: First Person Shooter (FPS) and Third Person Shooter (TPS). A shooter can also be part of a sandbox game that offers many different gameplay options.

  • # Role-Playing

    The basic premise is simple: a player creates a character, who can then be leveled up with experience points. RPGs are the cornerstone of gaming and have many sub-genres: RPG, ARPG, CRPG, MMORPG, TRPG, and so on.

  • # Simulation and Sports

    The simulation genre includes many sandbox, world building, and virtual reality games. Typically, the focus is on creating an immersive and realistic game world with epic scenarios or smaller events focused on a specific area.

  • # Puzzler and Party Game

    Puzzle and party games are mainly focused on game mechanics with clear pre-established rules. They often include multiplayer elements. Puzzles can be made simpler and more exciting, with fully developed environments and hybrid gameplay.



How much does it cost to create a console game?

Console games are most often the preserve of large development studios, because usually console games are AAA products with huge teams of 100+ developers.

The main cost criterion is the complexity of the game. The massive open-world game will cost over $1 million to develop. Smaller games may be cheaper, but they will still cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why outsource console game development services?

As you know, video game outsourcing means delegating various game development tasks to external contractors. Their teams include all the necessary experts: artists, developers, testers, sound designers, etc.

Outsourcing console development is absolutely essential. If you can create a mobile game or even a PC game on your own, gathering freelancers or inviting individual in-house specialists, then creating a console game is another matter. Unless you’re a professional console game developer, you don’t need to venture into this field without experience. The fact is that development for consoles is fraught with particular difficulties. You need to know exactly the requirements of the console you need for the future game. Failure to meet these requirements will result in your game being denied certification for the console.

An outsourcing studio with game console development experience knows all these nuances and guarantees you the safe and successful creation of a game that will definitely be certified.

Why do PC games have better graphics than console games?

The PC always offers better graphics than the console. This is primarily due to better performance. The presence of higher quality components and higher frame rates provide players with a smoother gaming experience.

Game consoles are underpowered compared to today’s gaming PCs to reduce heat and reduce costs for the manufacturer. Most games on consoles cap at 60 frames per second, and sometimes fall short of that goal. Gaming PCs can reach not only 60 fps, but also more than 140 fps.

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