Our Technology Expertise
in AAA Game Art

We have expertise with the modern game platforms and trends to deliver levels, environments, characters that create a lasting impression and make players engage with your game.

The Team for Creating Your Ideal AAA Game Art

Our studio boasts expertise in cutting-edge tools and techniques, ensuring that your game visuals meet and exceed industry standards. From advanced rendering to real-time graphics, we harness technology to elevate your gaming experience.

  • # Art Director

    Our visionary art directors lead the creative charge, ensuring that every visual element aligns seamlessly with your game's narrative and aesthetic goals.

  • # Project Manager

    Our project managers navigate the complexities of development, ensuring timelines are met without compromising quality..

  • # Lead 3D Artist

    Our lead 3D artists are the architects of virtual reality, transforming 2D concepts into immersive 3D wonders that define the visual landscape of your game.

  • # Concept Artist

    Concept artists are the visionaries, translating abstract ideas into captivating visuals that set the tone for your game's visual identity.

  • # Lead 3D Animator

    Breathing life into characters and environments is an art form. Our lead 3D animators masterfully infuse dynamic and realistic animations, enhancing player engagement.

  • # 3D Artists

    From intricate prop designs to character modeling, our 3D artists’ craftsmanship ensures visual excellence in every aspect.

Our AAA Art Portfolio

Embark on a visual journey through our diverse portfolio, featuring stunning landscapes, captivating characters, and intricate details that showcase the level of our art expertise.

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SIG Sauer P226
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Our Benefits in AAA Game Art

Our portfolio is a testament to the proficiency level and innovation that define our work. Explore the highlights of our portfolio, where creativity meets precision, setting the standard for visual excellence in the gaming industry.

Quick Facts About Us

Kevuru Games as leading game art studio offers full-cycle game creation from scratch, including modeling, game design, UX/UI design, testing, porting, and gamification, as well as developing 2D and 3D art and animation. We have been on the gaming market for more than 10 years and worked on AAA games with publishers like EA, Epic Games, and Lucasfilm.

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Other Services

Our game art outsourcing studio provides a wide array of services such as concept art, character design, environment design, and prop design. We serve as creative hub, collaborating with game developers to bring visions to life.
From coding and programming to game mechanics and level design, outsourcing game development to our studio in Argentina ensures access to skilled professionals with a profound understanding of the gaming landscape.
For projects seeking a distinct 2D visual aesthetic, our studio in Argentina offers specialized 2D game art outsourcing services. These encompass the creation of sprites, backgrounds, animations, and other visual elements.
We develop 3D environments, characters, and assets that elevate the visual appeal of games.Our 3D artists have skills and talent to elevate your game to a new level.


What is AAA art and development?

AAA art and development refer to the creation of high-quality, top-tier games with exceptional graphics, realistic visuals, and immersive experiences. It involves a meticulous process of artistic creation, game design, and technical implementation.

What are the stages of AAA art?

The stages of AAA art include pre-production, where concepts are ideated; production, involving the actual creation of assets; and post-production, focused on polishing and refining. Iterative processes ensure that the art aligns with the overall vision of the game.

How to hire AAA artists in Argentina?

Hiring AAA artists in Argentina can be done through online platforms and portfolios, collaboration with local studios, and participation in industry networking events. Exploring the rich talent pool and diverse skill sets is crucial in finding the right artists for a project..

Why outsource AAA art services in Argentina?

Outsourcing AAA art services to Argentina offers cost-effectiveness and access to a highly skilled talent pool. The efficiency and quality of work make it an attractive option for game developers looking for top-notch art for their projects.

What is an AAA game development process?

The AAA game development process involves conceptualization and ideation, design and planning, art creation and implementation, programming and coding, and testing and quality assurance. Each stage requires collaboration between artists, designers, and developers to bring the game to life.

How long does it take to develop a AAA game in Argentina?

The timeline for developing a AAA game in Argentina varies based on factors such as project complexity and team size. Generally, creating a high-quality AAA game requires a substantial amount of time, often spanning several years to ensure a polished and engaging final product.

How much does it cost to develop an AAA game in Argentina?

The cost of developing an AAA game in Argentina, as in any other country, can vary significantly depending on various factors. These factors include the size and scope of the game, the complexity of the graphics and gameplay, the team’s experience, the duration of development, and other project-specific requirements.

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