Our Technology Expertise
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Our Argentina-based 3D art outsourcing company takes pride in its technological prowess. We employ the latest software, tools, and techniques to ensure that our creations are visually stunning and technologically advanced.

The Team for Creating Your Ideal 3D Art in Argentina

Behind every successful 3D art project is a talented team, and our team comprises dedicated professionals passionate about their craft.

  • # Art Director

    Our art director is the leader who ensures that every project aligns with the client's vision and the company's artistic standards. Their experience and expertise guide the creative direction of our projects.

  • # Lead 3D Artist

    The lead 3D artist is the driving force behind the creative process. They oversee the artistic aspects, ensuring each detail is meticulously executed to perfection.

  • # Project Manager

    Our project managers supervise the whole project. They ensure that projects run smoothly, meet deadlines, and communicate seamlessly between our team and the client.

  • # 3D Concept Artists

    Our 3D concept artists bring ideas to life through their sketches and digital concepts, laying the foundation for the final masterpiece.

  • # 3D Character Designers

    Creating characters with unique features and personalities is the passion of our 3D character designers. Their artistic skills breathe life into digital beings.

  • # 3D Environment Designers

    Our 3D environment designers have the talent and skills to transport you to different worlds. Their attention to detail and creativity result in immersive environments that captivate audiences.

  • # Technical Artist

    They ensure that the 3D art integrates seamlessly into the intended platform, be it a game engine or a VR experience.

Our 3D Game Art Portfolio

Our 3D art outsourcing company in Argentina is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creativity and technology. We are more than just artists; we are narrative designers and developers. Our portfolio is present versatile game projects in different genres

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Our Benefits in 3D Art

We pride ourselves on a set of distinct benefits that set us apart in the world of game art. Our dedicated team will make your game project outstanding and commercially successful.

Quick Facts About Us

We are pleased to present Kevuru Games as a 3D art outsourcing company as an expert team with 12 years of experience in video game development. The team consisting of designers, programmers, project managers, and artists, is committed to covering gaming projects to produce popular games for multiple platforms.

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Kevuru Games provides 3D art services in Argentina and helps its customers to create a game that engages players and impresses them with game art. Check our expertise in related projects.

Other Services

Our Game Art Outsourcing Studio is dedicated to delivering high-quality art assets for video games. Our team of skilled artists is ready to create captivating character designs, immersive environments, and stunning visual effects that enhance the gaming experience.
Our talented developers, programmers, and designers work hand-in-hand to bring your game concept to life. From coding and gameplay mechanics to user interface design and testing, we offer comprehensive game development solutions.
We specialize in crafting assets that meet the requirements of AAA games, including character models, textures, animations, and cinematic sequences. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every pixel.
Our 2D game art outsourcing services offer a variety of artistic possibilities for games, animations, and illustrations. From sketches, concept art to 2D animations we infuse the unique features into your 2D projects, creating visuals that resonate with nostalgia and style.


What is 3D art?

3D art, short for three-dimensional art, is a form of artistic expression that utilizes three dimensions: length, width, and depth. Unlike traditional 2D art, which is confined to a flat surface, 3D art adds depth, volume, and the illusion of spatial relationships. It brings objects, characters, environments, and scenes to life in a way that engages viewers on a multidimensional level.
3D artists use specialized software and tools to create digital models and renderings that can be used in various applications, from video games and animation to architecture, product design, and more. The beauty of 3D art lies in its ability to evoke a sense of realism and immersion that resonates with audiences, making it a powerful medium for storytelling and visual communication.

What are the stages of 3D art in Argentina?

The creation of 3D art typically involves several stages, regardless of the geographical location. In Argentina, a thriving hub of creativity, the stages of 3D art follow a similar trajectory:
1. Conceptualization and Planning
Every 3D art project begins with an idea or concept. Artists work closely with clients to understand their vision and objectives. This stage involves brainstorming, sketching, and defining the project’s scope.
2. Modeling and Sculpting
Once the concept is finalized, artists move on to the modeling and sculpting phases. They use specialized software to create 3D models of characters, objects, or environments, paying meticulous attention to detail and accuracy.
3. Texturing and Materials
Texturing involves adding surface details, colors, and materials to the 3D models. Artists carefully choose textures and apply them to achieve the desired look and feel, whether it’s a realistic skin texture for a character or a weathered texture for an object.
4. Lighting and Rendering
The play of light and shadow is crucial in 3D art. Artists set up virtual lighting environments to enhance the visual appeal of the scene. Rendering is the process of generating the final image or animation from the 3D models, considering lighting, camera angles, and materials.
5. Animation (If Applicable)
The animation stage comes into play for projects involving movement, such as video games and animations. Artists create lifelike movements and behaviors for characters and objects, adding a dynamic dimension to the art.
6. Quality Assurance and Testing
Quality assurance is essential to ensure that the 3D art meets the highest standards. Artists and QA teams review the work for errors, glitches, or inconsistencies, making necessary adjustments for a flawless result.

How to hire 3D artists in Argentina?

Hiring 3D artists in Argentina or any other location involves several steps:
Define Your Project: Clearly outline your scope, objectives, and requirements. Determine whether you need a freelance artist, an outsourcing company, or an in-house team.
Search for Talent: Look for 3D artists through online platforms, professional networks, or specialized job boards. Consider local talent agencies or outsourcing companies with a presence in Argentina.
Review Portfolios: Examine the portfolios of potential candidates or studios. Assess their previous work to gauge their artistic style, expertise, and suitability for your project.
Interview and Assess: Conduct interviews or discussions with shortlisted candidates. Evaluate their skills, communication, and ability to understand and align with your project goals.
Negotiate Terms: Discuss compensation, timelines, and contractual agreements. Ensure clarity regarding intellectual property rights and project milestones.
Collaborate and Communicate: Once you’ve hired 3D artists, maintain open and effective communication throughout the project. Provide feedback and guidance as needed to achieve your vision.

Why outsource 3D art services?

Outsourcing 3D art services offers several advantages:
Cost Efficiency: Outsourcing can be cost-effective compared to maintaining an in-house team, as you only pay for the services you need when needed.
Access to Talent: Outsourcing allows you to tap into a global pool of skilled 3D artists, including regions like Argentina known for their creative expertise.
Scalability: You can easily scale your 3D art resources up or down based on project requirements without the challenges of hiring or layoffs.
Faster Turnaround: Outsourcing companies often have dedicated teams and streamlined processes, resulting in faster project delivery.
Focus on Core Activities: Outsourcing non-core tasks like 3D art lets you concentrate on your core business activities and strategic initiatives.
Diverse Expertise: Outsourcing providers often have specialists in various styles and areas of 3D art, giving you access to a broader range of creative solutions.

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