Our 2D Art Outsourcing

Kevuru Games’ team offers various 2D art services to provide the client with the necessary team to fully support the project. Our 2D game artists will bring you exceptional art assets.

Our Technological Expertise
in 2D Art

Our studio in Argentina boasts a deep understanding of the latest tools and technologies in the field. From traditional hand-drawn art to digital techniques, they leverage a wide range of tools to deliver outstanding results.

The Team for Creating Your Ideal 2D Art in Argentina

Behind every successful 2D game art studio is a talented team of artists and professionals.

  • # Art Director

    The art director serves as the visionary leader, overseeing the entire artistic process and ensuring that the visual direction aligns with the game's goals and narrative.

  • # Lead 2D Artist

    The lead 2D artist is the driving force behind the art creation process. They guide the team and set the artistic standards for the project.

  • # Project Manager

    Effective project management is crucial in delivering projects on time and within budget. The project manager ensures that all aspects of the project run smoothly and efficiently.

  • # 2D Concept Artists

    Concept artists are responsible for ideating and sketching the initial concepts, providing the foundation for the entire art creation process.

  • # 2D Character Designers

    Character designers specialize in creating memorable and relatable characters, breathing life into the game's cast.

  • # 2D Environment Designers

    Environment designers craft the immersive worlds in which players will embark on their adventures, paying close attention to detail and ambiance.

  • #Technical Artist

    The technical artist bridges the gap between art and technology, ensuring that the art assets integrate seamlessly into the game engine.

Our 2D Game Art Portfolio

Our portfolio speaks volumes about the quality and diversity of our 2D game art. It showcases our ability to create captivating characters, enchanting environments, and engaging UI/UX designs.

Ancient watergate
Cursed Revenge
Sci-fi character design
Kitty's Travelling

Our Fundamental Benefits in
2D Game Art

Our commitment to delivering top-notch 2D game art, combined with technical expertise, makes us a preferred choice for developers worldwide. Whether you're crafting a mobile game, a console, or an AAA game art, Kevuru Games has the skills and passion to transform your vision into a visually stunning reality.

Quick Facts About Us

When it comes to creating commercially successful game projects, Kevuru Games stands out as a trusted partner with a proven track record. With over a decade of experience in the industry, a diverse portfolio spanning various genres and platforms, a strong focus on client satisfaction, and a passion for pushing the boundaries of creativity in 2D game art, Kevuru Games offers unmatched expertise and dedication to making your game project a success.

Game Artists and
Years Of Experience
Years Average

Other Services

Our expertise extends beyond 2D art to encompass a wide range of game art services. Whether you need 3D art, animation, or UI/UX design, our studio is equipped to meet all your artistic needs.
Looking for a one-stop solution for both art and development? We offer game development outsourcing services that cover every aspect of game creation, from concept to launch.
For projects that demand AAA quality, our studio rises to the occasion. We specialize in delivering high-end game art that meets the standards of the most discerning gamers and developers.
Our 3D artists bring depth and realism to your game worlds, elevating the player experience to new heights.

What is 2D art?

2D art refers to the creation of two-dimensional visual elements for various media, including video games. It encompasses character design, environment design, illustrations, icons, and more. 2D art is a fundamental component of game development, contributing to the game’s aesthetics, storytelling, and overall appeal.

What are the stages of 2D art in Argentina?

The stages of 2D art in Argentina, as in any professional studio, typically include concept development, sketching, color rendering, detailing, and finalization. Each stage involves collaboration between artists, art directors, and clients to ensure the art aligns with the game’s vision.

How to hire 2D game artists in Argentina?

Hiring 2D game artists in Argentina is a straightforward process when you partner with our studio. Simply reach out to us, discuss your project requirements, and let us handle the rest. We have a proven recruitment process to ensure that our team members match your project’s needs and goals.

Why outsource 2D art services in Argentina?

Outsourcing 2D art services to Argentina offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, access to a vast talent pool, and a track record of delivering exceptional results. Our studio in Argentina combines artistic prowess with technical excellence, making it a prime choice for game developers seeking top-tier 2D game art.

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