What are the Pros of Buildbox?

Building games is easy with Buildbox. No programming or scripting is required. Buildbox is the fastest development tool ever created. In addition, it introduces the following features.

  • Elementary Interface

    The intuitive drag-and-drop interface will be understandable even to those who have never dealt with game development. Simply drag and drop the right elements to the right places without a single line of code.

  • Smart Assets

    To add built-in assets, you just need to go to the library and select what you need: easy-to-use assets with pre-installed animations greatly speed up and simplify game development. Change their shape, size, and position in one click.

  • Easy Monetization

    Plug-and-play ad monetization lets you generate revenue by easily integrating the best SDKs into your app. Just add any type of ad (banner, interstitial, rewarded video, etc.) to your game and let Buildbox handle the rest.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Buildbox Game Development

With our Buildbox development services, you will get many benefits that will help you stand out from the competition with your product.

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on providing Android game development services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for long. Our Android game developers have extensive experience enabling us to help global gaming companies with their popular titles.

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Our Models of Cooperation

  • # Fixed Price

    We provide our outsourcing services at a fixed price, previously agreed and approved with the client and based on a detailed description of the project.

  • # Time and Material

    Under the T&M model, work is carried out in short stages with payment for a specific time. It is suitable for long-term projects with changing requirements.

  • # Dedicated Team

    A dedicated offshore team is offered as an extension of your own infrastructure with full support and access to all necessary resources and facilities.

Other Services

As a game development company, we offer various services to create high-quality, engaging, and successful games. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver games that exceed expectations.
With a deep understanding of mobile technology and design prowess, we develop engaging games. Our experts create a game architecture that allows content to scale. Our team will also provide accurate quality assurance and post-release support.
Whether it's character designs, environment sketches, or item blueprints, we ensure every piece captures the essence of the project's theme and direction. Our team designs 2D game assets, from items to terrain tiles, ensuring they are optimized for performance without compromising on quality.
Our skilled testers conduct functional testing to ensure the game's features and mechanics work as intended. We test various aspects of the game, such as user interface, controls, gameplay mechanics, and interactions.
Our skilled designers create intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces (UI) and user experiences (UX) for your game. We design menus, HUDs, icons, and buttons that enhance the player experience, ensuring the game is accessible and user-friendly.
Our creative team collaborates with clients to transform their ideas into compelling game-level concepts. We design visually appealing, strategically challenging levels and responsive to the player's actions.
Our skilled artists create detailed concept art as the foundation for your game's visual design. We develop compelling character, environment, and object concepts that align with your game's vision and narrative.
Our skilled illustrators can create detailed concept art, and character designs that serve as the foundation for your projects. Whether for games, animation, or storytelling, our team can bring your ideas to life with compelling and memorable characters.


What are Buildbox game development services?

BuildBox game development is the creation of games using a simple constructor that does not require knowledge of programming languages. In BuildBox, one can create a full-fledged 2D or 3D game without a single line of code. Buildbox is a cross-platform game builder that can be used to create games for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, OUYA, and Amazon with the ability to monetize. The BuildBox constructor has a built-in physics engine, which allows you to make games with physics. The official website has video tutorials on working with the constructor.

Is Buildbox good for making games?

Of course, this tool deserves attention. With its help, absolutely anyone who does not have serious technical skills can really make amazing games without programming and publish them on selected platforms: Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon TV, OUYA, etc. Developing games in Buildbox is only comparable to creating presentations in PowerPoint. The program has an excellent interface that is intuitive and responsible for all the functions of the game and does not require the use of scripting and other complex skills.

How much time does it take to develop a Buildbox game?

It all depends on the scale of the game you are thinking of. It can take up to 10 weeks to create an average game on your own. If you choose Buildbox game development services from a company that is more familiar with this tool, then the work will speed up significantly and can be completed in a few weeks.

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