Virtual Reality (VR) has transformed the gaming industry, offering more immersive experiences that let players experience exciting emotions and a sense of transferring into new dimensions. With the evolution of VR hardware, the gaming world has seen a surge in high-quality, engaging titles. What are the trends in the VR niche on the game market, and which best PC VR games are popular among players worldwide? Let’s explore the fantastic VR world and VR game development cost together.

VR Hardware for Gaming

VR hardware has advanced significantly from the early days of basic headsets to today’s sophisticated ones. Modern VR headsets provide comfortable and engaging experiences with high-resolution displays, accurate tracking, and ergonomic designs.

  1. The Elite Experience: The Oculus Rift S and Valve Index stand out for those seeking the best in VR gaming. These devices offer unparalleled visual fidelity, refresh rates, and tracking capabilities.
  2. Mid-Range Experience: The HTC Vive and Oculus Quest 2 provide a balanced experience, offering great visuals and performance.
  3. Budget-Friendly Experience: Devices like the Windows Mixed Reality headsets offer a more affordable entry into the VR world without compromising too much on quality.
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The Most Popular Genres in VR Game Experience

As virtual reality (VR) technology has advanced, certain genres have risen to the forefront, captivating players and setting the standard for VR excellence. Let’s dive into the most popular genres that define the gaming landscape in best vr games for pc.

1. Action/Adventure

The action/adventure genre has long been a mainstay in the gaming industry, and its conversion to virtual reality has been nothing short of amazing. Imagine physically ducking behind the cover, grabbing a weapon, or climbing a computer-generated wall. VR titles like The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Half-Life: Alyx have raised the standard by providing heart-pounding sequences that seem extraordinarily real.

2. Rhythm Games

Moving to the beat is pleasurable, and virtual reality significantly raises the bar for rhythm games. This kind of game is represented by Beat Saber, which tests players’ ability to use lightsabers to cut beats in rhythm with the music. 

3. Simulation

Simulation games have found a natural home in VR. Whether you’re piloting a plane, driving a race car, or managing a farm, VR offers a level of immersion that’s hard to beat. Titles like Microsoft Flight Simulator and Project Cars have shown how realistic and captivating these simulations can be when experienced in VR.

4. Horror Games

VR amplifies the genre’s ability to create tension and fear tenfold. Games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and The Exorcist: Legion VR place players directly in the heart of the terror, making every jump scare and eerie sound all the more intense.

5. Puzzle Solving

The puzzle genre has seen a renaissance in VR. Being able to physically interact with puzzle elements, move around, and inspect objects from all angles offers a fresh and engaging take on brain teasers. Games like Moss and The Room VR: A Dark Matter have been praised for their innovative use of VR mechanics to challenge the player’s intellect.

6. Exploration

Titles that focus on open-world exploration, like No Man’s Sky VR, allow players to traverse vast landscapes, fly through space, and discover new worlds, all while feeling like they’re truly “inside” the game.

7. Social and Multiplayer

VR isn’t just a solo experience. Social and multiplayer games like VRChat and Rec Room offer virtual spaces where players can meet, chat, and engage in activities together. These platforms have fostered tight-knit communities and shown VR’s potential as a tool for social interaction.

Enhancing the Most Immersive VR Experience: Tips and Tricks

  • Optimal Room Setup: Ensure you have a spacious and obstacle-free area. It not only ensures safety but also enhances tracking accuracy.
  • Adjusting Settings: Fine-tune the VR settings to match your system’s capabilities. It ensures smooth gameplay and reduces motion sickness.
  • Regular Breaks: Immersion is key in VR, but it’s essential to take regular breaks to rest your eyes and prevent fatigue.
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Best VR Games You Can Choose To Play

Best for Casual, Controller-Based Platforming

“Astro Bot Rescue Mission”

Year 2018

Dive into a vibrant world, guiding Astro on a mission to rescue his crew. This game brilliantly combines classic platforming with the immersive nature of VR. Astro can strike, charge his fist into a spinning attack, and jump. The player’s head motions rather than the right analog stick are used to control the camera in this virtual reality (VR) game. The VR user can interact with the environment by blowing into the headset’s microphone to scatter flower petals, breaking walls with headbutts, dodging enemy attacks, or existing in this universe as Astro’s big robot companion.

Best for Guitar Hero Fans

“Beat Saber” 

Year 2018

Slash through beats and rhythms with lightsabers. It’s a musical experience that’s both exhilarating and addictive. Players in this rhythm game swing luminous swords around to the beat of the music. Players must maintain rhythm while navigating obstacles and cutting through colored blocks.

Because it seems so much fun to play, this game was one of the first VR titles to gain widespread attention. It is still one of the greatest VR games today, thanks to an outstanding library of songs that increase the game’s song selection. You must connect external headphones to fully appreciate songs from Billie Eilish, Skrillex, and Beat Saber’s genre mixtapes.

Beat Saber Game


Best for Fantasy-Based, FPS Action

Marvel’s Iron Man VR

Year 2020

Iron Man attempts to stop his opponent, Ghost, and the many battle drones she uses to damage Tony Stark and his business in Marvel’s Iron Man VR. This aerial shooter is played from a first-person perspective. It is a first-person virtual reality game that uses one PlayStation Move or Oculus Touch controller in each player’s hands to enable control of Iron Man’s flight stabilizers and palm-mounted repulsor guns. The player can freely fly around the game’s various environments to attack combat drones while also interacting with objects on the game map to do things like deactivate explosives, fix broken objects, or put out fires based on hand and head positioning with the PlayStation VR headset and Move controllers.

Iron Man VR Game Shooting enemies


Best for Flight Sim Fans

“DCS World” or Digital Combat Simulator

Year 2008

Experience the thrill of flight with this hyper-realistic combat flight simulator. From takeoff to dogfights, it’s a pilot’s dream come true. There are two free aircraft and two free maps in the free-to-play game DCS World. DCS World has been utilized as a training tool by some air forces. For organizational use, Mission Combat Simulator (MCS), a professional version, is accessible.

Superhot VR Simulator


Best for Relaxing Sports Competition

“Sports Scramble”

Year 2019

Enjoy a mix of sports activities with a fun and wacky twist only VR can offer. Utilize a basketball to bowl a strike. With a hockey stick, hit a home run! Tennis, Bowling, and Baseball are the three main sports, and each has its own Single-Player Training, QuickPlay, and Challenge Modes. Competing in online multiplayer games against other players is a great way to showcase your abilities.

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Best for Puzzle Fans With a Soft Spot


Year 2018

Guide Quill, a young mouse, through intricate puzzles in a beautifully crafted world that tugs at your heartstrings. First-person VR support (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, PSVR) is used to experience the adventure game Moss. Quill recognizes the player, unlike the majority of games. The player controls Quill as they explore the world and engage in combat. The player can change the surroundings to overcome barriers and solve riddles. For puzzle suggestions and emotional responses, Quill uses American Sign Language (ASL) to interact with the player.

Very best VR games


Best for Sci-Fi Action

“Star Wars: Squadrons”

Year 2020

Step into the cockpits of iconic Star Wars ships and engage in space dogfights in a galaxy far, far away. It is a space combat game set in the Star Wars universe developed by Motive Studio and published by Electronic Arts. The players control Starfighters from the Galactic Empire or the New Republic Navy. They can overcome their adversaries in combat by utilizing the transfer of power between the ship’s weaponry, shields, and engines in these ships. Because Imperial starfighters lack shielding, further improvements to their class were made to balance the two teams. Players can obtain new weaponry, shields, upgrades, and various decorative things for the pilot and their spacecraft as they gain experience.

Star Wars virtual reality games


Best for Escape Room Thrills

“I Expect You To Die”

Year 2016

Channel your inner spy, solving intricate puzzles and escaping deadly situations in this thrilling VR escape room experience. The spy in the game is employed by “The Agency,” a covert agency that guards the world. The spy recently started their job and was given a telekinetic implant that allows them to make items float. In the first assignment of the spy, their support agent assistant reveals that Dr. Zor is planning to fly a high-tech automobile to Zanzibar in a cargo jet. The spy drives off the plane after turning on a protection mechanism in the vehicle.

I expect you to die game


Best for High-Stakes Party Play

“Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”

Year 2015

Collaboration is vital as one player tries to defuse a bomb in VR while friends provide instructions from the real world. It is a puzzle video game developed and published by Canadian studio Steel Crate Games. The game can be played with a minimum of two players, with one player acting as the “Defuser” and using a device (supporting keyboard and mouse, touchscreen, and gamepad controls, as well as support for vr headsets) to play the game, and the other players acting as the “Experts” and consulting the provided bomb defusing manual. By design, neither the Experts nor the Defuser can see the bomb, so they must rely on the Defuser to describe it. Similarly, neither can the Defuser consult the handbook independently; instead, they must rely on the Experts to instruct them. The Defuser and the Experts can speak face-to-face across a table or online using a different speech service.

“The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners”

Year 2020

Navigate a post-apocalyptic New Orleans, making moral choices and facing the consequences in this deep narrative-driven game. It is a virtual reality version of the first-person shooter survival horror game. Players are piercing zombies’ skulls and brains. To ambush foes, the player can scale buildings. They can then use throwing weapons, bows, and long-range weaponry to attack from a distance. Melee weapons are controlled via physics-based combat. The tower in the video game The Bells has a timer that rings the bells to “Stir the Herd” after a predetermined time. A horde appears as the bells are rung and pursues the player.

The Walking dead is one of popular vr games


Best for a Fairy-Tale Adventure

“Witching Tower”

Year 2018

Battle dark forces and unravel the mysteries of the Witching Tower in this fairy-tale-inspired adventure. A dark fantasy setting is the setting of the VR action-adventure game. Unravel the mysteries of each level as you fight and solve puzzles on your way through an ominous fortress tower, a spectacular encounter with stunning surroundings and images.

Unique Vr game


Best for Interstellar Exploration and Colonization

“No Man’s Sky VR”

Year 2016

Explore and colonize procedurally generated planets in a vast universe, experiencing the wonder of space exploration. Hello Games was the company that created and released this action-adventure survival game. No Man’s Sky lets players take part in five main pursuits: exploration, survival, combat, trading, and base construction. In an unexplored cosmos, the player assumes control of a specimen of extraterrestrial humanoid planetary explorer known in-game as the Traveller. They have a survival suit with a jetpack, a “multitool” that may be used to scan, mine, and gather materials, as well as to attack or defend themselves from critters and hostile forces when they first arrive on a randomly selected planet near a wrecked spacecraft at the galaxy’s edge. 

Steam VR game


Best for Music-Based Combat


Year 2020

Shoot and smash to the rhythm in this immersive music combat game, where precision and timing are everything. The creators of Rock Band and Dance Central, Harmonix, have released a VR rhythm shooter called AUDICA. You fire and destroy targets while listening to a soundtrack that includes songs by some of the most prominent singers in the world while armed with a pair of rhythm blasters. Your score will increase as your timing and accuracy improve. The higher your score the higher your rank is on AUDICA’s Leaderboards.

Audica as one of party games


Best for Racing Sim Fans

“Project CARS 2 VR”

Year 2017

Feel the adrenaline rush as you race on hyper-realistic tracks, experiencing the thrill of speed in VR. There are 189 cars available in Project CARS 2 and 140 track configurations in 60 locations. Off-road driving, including rallycross tracks and vehicles, is now included in the game. New players in the market include Nissan, Honda, Acura, Honda, Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini. Video game developer Slightly Mad Studios and publisher and distributor Bandai Namco Entertainment team up to create Project CARS 2. 

Best for Gory Survival Horror

“The Forest VR”

Year 2018

Survive in a mysterious forest filled with cannibalistic mutants, building shelters and crafting weapons to stay alive. Endnight Games created and released the video game The Forest, a survival horror title. Eric LeBlanc, the player’s avatar in the game, must fend off cannibalistic monsters while looking for his son Timmy following an aircraft accident on a lonely, heavily forested peninsula. In The Forest, players take control of Eric LeBlanc, who found himself on a wooded peninsula after a tragic plane crash to find his son Timmy. By constructing a shelter, weapons, and other survival items, players must survive. A clan of cannibalistic mutants who live in villages on the peninsula’s surface and deep caves underneath it live with diverse wild species. Although they may not always be hostile toward the player, their typical demeanor is aggressive, especially at night.

Find on Steam VR and Meta Quest The Forrest


Best for Surreal Visuals


Year 2017

Enter a dreamlike experience where puzzles are constructed from memories and dreams. We advise you to play FORM from Charm Games, a fantastical journey that takes place entirely inside the boundaries of the human mind.

Brilliant scientist Dr. Devin Eli works for the multinational technology corporation Mindful Laboratories. While working alone in an atmospheric research station in remote Alaska, Dr. Eli is close to understanding the significance of a puzzling signal emanating from a classified relic called The Obelisk. As the talented Dr. Eli, you have superhuman geometric visualization abilities due to an unexpected childhood trauma. Utilize your abilities to follow the signal via The Obelisk and delve into dreamlike memories to solve mental riddles.

VR puzzle game


Best for Shooter Perfectionists

“Superhot VR”


The independent Polish team created the first-person shooter video game Superhot. In Superhot, the player is in a sparse setting with monsters approaching him. The player’s weapon only has a finite amount of ammo. After using it all up, the player must find another one or take it away from the enemy. The player has three fighting styles: hand-to-hand combat, melee weaponry, and object throwing. The player dies instantly, much like the adversaries, and the level must be redone. The game’s quirk is that time only advances on average when the player moves or shoots; otherwise, time virtually stops. The game mechanics are typical of most shooter games.

PC VR version shooter


Best for a Fresh Tetris Experience

“Tetris Effect”

Year 2018

With a VR update, the well-known puzzle game presents a sensory experience that is both familiar and novel. It is a block-dropping puzzle video game with an arcade aesthetic created by the Japanese studios Monstars and Resonair and released by Enhance Games. The player must insert tetrominos into a playfield to form complete lines, which are subsequently removed from the playfield, just like in the original Tetris game. The gameplay in Tetris Effect is synchronized to the beat of the music and includes themes and music across thirty distinct stages.

Best for an Expansive RPG

“Fallout 4 VR” 

Year 2017

Navigate the post-apocalyptic expansive RPG. Fallout 4 is a renowned post-apocalyptic adventure from Bethesda Game Studios and the recipient of more than 200 ‘Best Of’ accolades, including the DICE and BAFTA Game of the Year. You emerge from Vault 111 as the lone survivor into a nuclear-wracked planet. Every decision you make is up to you as you struggle to survive every second. The fate of the Wasteland depends entirely on you to reconstruct it.

Best VR game RPG


Best for Mini-Game Fun

Jurassic World: Aftermath

Year 2020

The player spends most of the game moving around a facility while evading the game’s main adversaries, velociraptors. The raptors can be drawn away with an alarm or radio. Thus, the player must employ stealth and distractions to avoid them. Tyrannosaurus and Dilophosaurus, two additional dinosaurs, also briefly appear as adversaries. The player must avoid the animals rather than engage them in combat. The game strongly emphasizes sound because it frequently requires players to listen to their surroundings to succeed. Running makes a noise that can draw raptors; slow motion is required. The gameplay includes minigames and puzzles, among other things.

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Kevuru Games: Pioneering VR Game Development

With a commitment to innovation, quality, and immersive gameplay, Kevuru Games is shaping the future of VR gaming. Our developers, designers, and artists have been at the forefront of creating engaging gaming experiences. Our expertise is not limited to traditional gaming but extends impressively into the VR domain.

One of the standout features of Kevuru Games experts is their relentless pursuit of innovation. We recognize that VR is not just about visual immersion but a holistic experience. This understanding drives us to push the boundaries, ensuring that players don’t just see a game but feel and live it.

We offer full-cycle development of VR games. Our services include every step of the game production process, from concept development to game design, artwork, development, testing, and release. To reach the correct audience and engage the players, our team develops engaging and unique VR games, educational VR games for iOS and Android in every genre and scenario.

Our skilled modelers can provide high-quality character and environment models and animations if you need top-notch graphic content for your virtual reality game. In addition to developing brand-new VR games, we update current material and implement the required technology to increase the game’s usefulness. Also, Our team is ready to provide its services for VR game support and maintenance, including correcting technical issues and introducing new content.



What VR games can I play on my PC?

There’s a vast array of VR games available for PC, spanning various genres and experiences. Some of the most popular VR games for PC include:

  • “Half-Life: Alyx”: A first-person shooter set in the Half-Life universe.
  • “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR”: The classic RPG reimagined for VR.
  • “Beat Saber”: A rhythm-based game where you slash beats with lightsabers.
  • “No Man’s Sky VR”: Explore a vast universe with procedurally generated planets.
  • “Superhot VR”: A unique shooter where time moves only when you do.
  • “Star Wars: Squadrons”: Engage in space dogfights in the Star Wars universe.
  • “Project CARS 2 VR”: A hyper-realistic racing simulator.

What is the most successful VR game?

In terms of sales, recognition, and impact on the VR industry, “Beat Saber” stands out as one of the most successful VR games. Developed by Beat Games, it’s a rhythm game that has seen widespread acclaim for its addictive gameplay, soundtrack, and the workout it inadvertently provides. The game has sold millions of copies across various platforms and has become synonymous with VR gaming for many.

Note: The VR gaming industry is rapidly evolving, with new titles and updates frequently released. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on gaming news and forums for the latest trends and announcements.

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