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Fire Hose Games is a video game development studio founded in 2008.
The team co-developed game hits like 20XX, Catlateral Damage: Remeowstared, and Go Home Dinosaurs.
Unlike most companies that rely on conventional energy sources to power their games, Fire Hose Games' mission is to harness the sun's power to create immersive console video games. So the team promotes sustainable living and contributes to a greener planet.

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Techtonica is an exciting first-person factory automation game on an alien planet. It is full of mysteries and secrets to uncover. Players must explore the planet's depths, gather resources to build factories and research new technologies.
The terrain in Techtonica is fully destructible, which allows players to mold the planet to suit their needs. Players can design their factories from the ground up to increase efficiency and productivity, from simple conveyor belts to complex assembly lines.

Production Workflow


The team's goal was to create visually stunning and immersive game elements by creating 2D and 3D concepts, 3D models of lianas, machinery and astronauts, and 3D animations. Thanks to precise game design documents, the development team managed to bring the elements of the virtual world to life and captivate players from the moment they entered the game.


Our main goal was to make parts of the models interchangeable to add interactivity. So, for example, our team carefully designed different pieces of lianas for players to assemble. Techtonica also offers various machines, from advanced, futuristic contraptions to robust industrial plants. Our team has gone to great lengths to develop modular machine parts. Assembling the different parts of lianas stimulates players' creativity.
Animations also add another layer of realism to the game by making the astronauts' movements lifelike.


Stage 1. Concept Art - Sketch, Color, Rendering and Modelsheet Creating

At the heart of any game lies the concept phase. Our experts transformed the ideas of our clients into visual form. In Techtonica, this phase involved sketching, coloring, rendering, and creating model sheets.
Our artists and designers passionately transferred their creative visions into bioluminescent lianas, pieces of machinery, and astronauts' characters, environments, and objects within the game world. Through meticulous attention to detail, we crafted concept art that served as the foundation for the immersive experience.

Stage 2. 3D Modeling - High Poly, Low poly, UV/Baking, Texturing

Once the concept art was refined, it was time to enter the realm of 3D modeling. This stage encompassed the creation of high-poly and low-poly models and the processes of UV/Baking and texturing. Our skilled modelers transformed 2D concepts into three-dimensional pieces.
The high-poly models captured the tiny details and nuances, while the low-poly models optimized performance without compromising visual quality. UV/Baking and texturing added depth, realism, and visual richness to every element.

Stage 3. 3D Animation - Rigging/Skinning, Animation

To bring Techtonica to life, the stage of 3D animation was vital. Our animators expertly undertook the rigging and skinning process, ensuring that each character and object possessed a realistic and fluid range of movement.
From the realistic motion of characters to the mechanical functioning of machinery, animation added a layer of immersion into Techtonica's gameplay experience.

Team Engaged in the Project

  • Concept artists

    Our team of artists transformed ideas of the customer into captivating visuals. Their sketching, coloring, and rendering skills gave form to the astronauts, lianas, machinery modules. Their artwork contributed to the foundation for the Techtonica game's aesthetic appeal.
  • 3D Environment Artists

    When the client approved our concepts, 3D Environment artists created 3D models of different parts of lianas, machinery modules and astronaut characters to integrate them into virtual worlds within Techtonica. To sculpt landscapes, create textures, and set the mood with lighting and ambiance.
  • 3D Character Artists

    Bringing the astronauts of Techtonica to life, our artists excelled in creating lifelike characters. They sculpted the features and developed textures.
  • 3D Animation Artist

    The magic of movement depends on the expertise in rigging, skinning, and animation. From the vivid motions of astronauts characters to the intricate workings of machinery, our artists create animations with a layer of realism.
  • Project Manager

    We thank our project manager for leadership and organizational skills that kept the project on track. He handled managing timelines, resources, and ensuring effective communication between team members. With his guidance, the vision for Techtonica was translated into a cohesive and exceptional gaming experience.

The Art of Machinery

As one of the key features of Techtonica is its focus on automation, our team created machinery modules to be assembled by players. The game's intricate machinery is supposed to test the player's ability to strategize, ensuring an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience.

The Art of the Astronauts

The client approved the concepts of the astronauts so we could make 3D models. We’ve managed to animate them lifelike, so as
to leave a lasting impression among gamers.
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The Art of Machinery

As one of the key features of Techtonica is its focus on automation, our team created machinery modules to be assembled by players. The game's intricate machinery is supposed to test the player's ability to strategize, ensuring an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience.
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Values Delivered

Working on a large-scale strategy game allowed us to demonstrate our skills in the field of 3D character and environment art and make the game as visually appealing as possible.

During the 6 months of working with Bytro Labs on the Iron Order 1919 project for mobile devices and the browser, we created a large number of 3D models of soldiers and mechs. Thanks to the design document with a clear indication of the wishes regarding each mech and the appearance of the soldiers, we were able to quickly figure out the required style and create all the necessary models on time.

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