MetaVolution – P2E on-chain RPG on the Ethereum network

About MetaVolution

MetaVolution is a play-to-earn RPG built by gamers for gamers. It contains many of the progression, competition and "risk vs reward" elements of the games players love without the constant grinding.

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MetaVolution is a P2E browser-based on-chain game on the Ethereum network. It combines a play-to-progress concept, high-quality art, and complex yet easy-to-understand tokenomics. The game is built and released in seasons. Season 1 consists of 4 acts with 3 different quests each. MetaVolution includes a collection of 8,778 game characters called Immortals. They are NFT avatars that represent the player in the metaverse. At the end of each season, NFT holders will be rewarded with valuable prizes. Players can earn game-specific currency, Metropy, to progress, acquire digital assets, and participate in post-genesis drops. From there, they will be able to mint 2 collections immediately on reveal as well: Obelisks and Lands. Players will have access to quests after this minting and eventually face Luciverse, the game's antagonist. Staking combined with play-to-progress game design makes it both financially rewarding and fun to play.

Production Workflow

Our task was to create a large number of character avatars. To do this, we selected a team of top concept artists with a colossal experience.


Our goal was to create 2D characters in the form of avatars for future NFT minting. It was supposed to be 2D images stylized as 3D, having a sci-fi/cyberpunk style mixed with anime.


Our challenge was to get into the style the client needed, provide a variety of visuals for avatars, and implement a large number of concepts in a short time.

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Stage 1. Sketching

After evaluating the requirements for style, our concept artists began creating sketches for future avatars. They came up with style options for outfits that would correspond to the sci-fi/cyberpunk style mixed with anime. In addition to the characters themselves, the artists worked on additional attributes behind their backs. These were weapons in the form of swords, axes, bows, spears, scythes, maces, shotguns, energy cannons, and even cyborg wings.

Stage 2. Approving Sketches

At the next stage, the created sketches were reviewed and approved by the client. If necessary, some of them were corrected, and the client offered to add or remove certain elements. Due to the fact that the artists almost immediately got into the style the client needed, the approval process went as quickly as possible – some new ideas for characters arose right during the calls.

Stage 3. Detailing and Rendering

At the last stage, the artists finalized the approved sketches: added details, improved the color palette, fixed the necessary lighting options, etc. After the first 2 weeks of work, the concept artists provided the client with over 90 assets to show. Almost all of them were approved by the client. What’s more, the team over-delivered by offering about 20 more assets over the expected number, which pushed the client to increase the scope and get more high-quality avatars.

MetaVolution Testimonial

Terry Williamson
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

A huge “thanks” to the team at Kevuru Games! When we decided to launch MetaVolution, our premium on-chain, play-to-earn game, we knew we needed not just good, but world-class art. We tried several different artists, all of which were either difficult to work with or not capable of delivering the quality we needed.Then we were introduced to Kevuru and all of that changed instantly.We went through a very organized process to determine exactly what we needed and by when. Within 24 hours we had incredible, original hand-drawn sketches! Over the next few weeks we worked hand-in-hand with our assigned project manager to create dozens of new “traits” to build an incredible collection of custom, unique graphics.The result? We sold out a limited supply of 850 NFT’s to our Whitelist holders. They universally loved the art and we couldn’t be more happier. Thank you Kevuru Games!

Team Structure

This is not the first time we have been working on avatars for NFT games, so we have assigned an experienced team of concept artists for this project.

  • Creative director

    Responsible for selecting and shaping the right style for avatars and coordinating the work of the concept artist team.
  • Concept artists

    Work on creating concept art for avatars, taking into account the approved style and the necessary adjustments.
  • Project manager

    Provides a high level of planning, organization and execution of the project for timely delivery.

Values Delivered

Despite the tight deadlines, our team managed not only to fit into the style, but also to overfulfill the task.

After a bad experience with another vendor, the client lost quite a lot of time, so our team only had a month to create over 500 2D MetaVolution avatars. Thanks to a quick understanding of the style the client needed and a clear pipeline for creating concept art, we managed not only to complete the task, but also to overfulfill it by offering the client even more asset variations. The client was very satisfied with the high-quality result delivered in the shortest possible time. In this regard, the company offered us further cooperation on the creation of the MetaVolution metaverse itself, with the allocation of a team of developers and technical artists from our side.

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