Board Game App Development

We utilize cutting-edge technology and innovative design to bring the joy of tabletop gaming to mobile devices. Our services encompass the entire development process, from conceptualization and design to coding, testing, and deployment.

We Develop Board Games for These Key Platforms

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous, offering unparalleled access to players worldwide. Our board game software development services are guided to recognize the potential of mobile platforms and designs captivating games optimized for smartphones and tablets. We leverage touch controls, intuitive interfaces, and responsive designs to ensure an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience on the go.

  • PC

    We develop board games for those players seeking a more immersive and expansive experience on PC. These games leverage the power of desktop computers to deliver high-quality graphics, intricate gameplay mechanics, and a wide range of customization options.

  • Console

    Whether utilizing motion controls, integrating voice commands, or incorporating innovative features like haptic feedback, we optimize our board games to maximize the console platform's capabilities.

  • Mobile

    Android and iOS devices have become a popular platform for gaming on the go. Our development team optimizes games for various screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring that players enjoy seamless gameplay experiences across a wide range of devices, from smartphones to tablets.

Our Fundamental Benefits
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Kevuru Games has a team of skilled developers, designers, and creative minds. We strive to deliver exceptional board games that engage, entertain, and unite people.

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on providing Android game development services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for long. Our Android game developers have extensive experience enabling us to help global gaming companies with their popular titles.

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The Team for Developing Your Board Game

  • # Producer

    Work closely with our customers to define project goals, establish timelines, and create a clear roadmap for development. Manage the project, coordinating resources, setting priorities, and ensuring all tasks are executed on time and within budget.

  • # Project Manager

    Our experienced Project Managers take charge of overseeing and coordinating all aspects of your board game development, ensuring that it progresses smoothly and meets your expectations.

  • # Game Designers

    Our team of experienced game designers are responsible for conceptualizing the game, designing innovative mechanics, and creating balanced and enjoyable gameplay experiences.

  • # Artists and Graphic Designers

    Our talented artists and graphic designers specialize in creating stunning artwork, illustrations, and graphic elements that enhance the game's overall aesthetics. Their expertise in visual storytelling ensures that every aspect of the game, from the game board to the components, is visually appealing and immersive.

  • # Board Game App Developers

    They are responsible for coding the game mechanics, implementing the user interface, and ensuring smooth and seamless gameplay across different platforms.

  • #SFX and VFX Artists

    Your board game development game can benefit from enhanced audio and visual elements. Our skilled artists will work closely with your team to ensure that the SFX and VFX align with the board game's theme, mechanics, and player engagement goals.

  • # Quality Assurance Testers

    Our dedicated quality assurance testers ensure that the game meets the highest quality and functionality standards. They rigorously test the game, identify bugs and issues, and provide feedback to the development team.



How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Board Game App?

  1. Game Design and Development: The design and development phase involves conceptualizing the game mechanics, creating the user interface, programming, and coding. The complexity and intricacy of the game design will influence the cost.
  2. Graphics and Artwork: Creating visually appealing graphics and artwork is essential for a captivating board game app. The cost will depend on the level of detail, the number of illustrations, and the complexity of the art style.
  3. Game Features and Functionality: Including specific features and functionalities, such as multiplayer options, AI opponents, tutorials, and in-app purchases, will impact the overall cost.
  4. Platform Compatibility: The cost may vary depending on whether the board game app is developed for a single platform, such as iOS or Android, or multiple platforms, including web-based versions.
  5. Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and quality assurance are crucial to ensure a seamless and bug-free gaming experience. This phase helps identify and address any issues before the game is launched. The complexity and duration of the testing phase can influence the cost.
  6. Ongoing Maintenance and Updates: Consideration should be given to the cost of ongoing maintenance, updates, and support for the board game app after its release. It ensures the app remains compatible with new devices and operating system updates and provides ongoing customer support.

Please remember that investing in quality board game software development company is crucial to creating a successful and engaging board game app that will captivate players and provide a satisfying gaming experience.

How Long Does it Take to Develop a Board Game?

The duration of the development process depends on factors such as the complexity of the game, the desired features, the level of customization, the size of the development team, and the availability of resources:

  1. Game Design and Conceptualization: This phase involves brainstorming, conceptualizing the game mechanics, and outlining the interactive elements. The complexity and depth of the gameplay impact the duration of this stage.
  2. Programming and Development: The virtual board game comes to life at this stage. It includes coding the game mechanics, creating the user interface, integrating interactive features, and ensuring smooth gameplay. 
  3. Graphics and Artwork: Developing visually appealing graphics and artwork is crucial for a captivating video board game. It involves creating 2D or 3D graphics, animations, and visual effects that bring the virtual board and game components to life. This stage’s duration depends on the artwork’s complexity, the number of assets required, and the level of detail desired.
  4. Sound Design and Music: Sound design and music play a significant role in enhancing the immersive experience of a video board game. Creating original sound effects, background music, and audio cues complementing the gameplay requires time and expertise. The duration will depend on the audio elements’ complexity and the desired customization level.
  5. Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and quality assurance are crucial to ensure a seamless and bug-free gaming experience. The duration of this phase depends on the complexity of the game and the level of testing required.


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