Our Technology Expertise
in VFX

The Effects We Use to Produce Our Videos

We use a variety of techniques and approaches to achieve the most impressive visual effect for a specific game presentation.

  • Animation

    To bring the scene to life, we use cutting-edge animation techniques and add appropriate effects to create an engaging effect.

  • Digital Effects

    We apply the most advanced digital technology to create vibrant eye-catching effects for a realistic or stylized setting.

  • Modeling

    Our experienced modelers create highly detailed models of characters and props for organic integration into videos.

  • Special Effects

    Add dynamics to your live action trailers and gameplay promos with advanced special effects implemented by VFX experts.

  • Matte Painting

    Our creative artists will complement the video with the necessary scenes and elements to create the most impressive result.

  • Compositing

    We use different visual components and expertly combine them to create the effect of a coherent and appealing scene.

The Team For Creating
Your Ideal VFX

  • # Art Director

    The main task of the art director for visual effects is to correctly conceptualize the set task and think over the structure of the video sequence. Applies their aesthetic vision and extensive experience to select suitable visual effects and achieve the desired goal optimally.

  • # Project Manager

    This specialist is responsible for the timely fulfillment of all obligations regarding the schedule and budget, ensures competent planning of the work of specialists from different departments to provide comprehensive reporting, and also regularly contacts the client to confirm and adjust work processes.

  • # Concept Artists

    Concept artists create artwork to inspire the desired kind of visual effects in a game trailer or promo. They translate the concepts expressed by words into images of characters, props, and environments for subsequent implementation in the form of visuals with the desired effects.

  • # 3D Modelers

    Our advanced 3D modelers create highly detailed models of characters, environments, and props to animate and add to the video sequence. Their work is fundamental to creating 3D trailers, as they add effects after the required models are prepared.

  • # 2D/3D Animators

    Animators breathe personality into the models by making them move so that they fully reveal their emotions and purpose. Their work is about creating special rigs, with the help of which any elements acquire the movements they need, which are integrated into the video.

  • # Motion Designers

    For a game trailer or promo to work to its fullest, motion designers apply their composition and color combinations knowledge to create impressive animation of game objects and game interface and add the necessary effects, pop-ups, and titles for key actions and specific moments.

Our VFX Outsourcing

Our Fundamental Benefits in VFX

At Kevuru Games, we successfully combine deep knowledge of visual effects and the latest trends to create exceptional trailers and promos to make a name for your game. We will tell the world about your product in the most appealing and eye-catching visual forms.

Our Technology Expertise
in VFX

We craft visual experiences that evoke emotions. With a deep understanding of aesthetics,
technology, and our commitment to excellence, we deliver visual effects that transcend pixels and resonate with players encouraging them to delve into the game.

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on the provision of 2D animation services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for a long time. Our 2D animation outsourcing artists have a wealth of experience enabling us to help global game companies with their popular projects.
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What is VFX? 

In the context of video games, Visual Effects (VFX) encompass a range of dynamic, captivating, and immersive visual elements that heighten the gaming experience. These effects include everything from explosions, magical spells, weather changes, and realistic physics simulations to the visual feedback when characters interact with their environment. VFX in video games contribute to players’ overall atmosphere, storytelling, and engagement.

What does a visual effects company do? 

A VFX production company specializing in the game industry crafts and integrates diverse visual elements into video games. These VFX outsourcing companies collaborate closely with game developers to enhance the visual aspects of gameplay, ensuring that effects align with the game’s art style, narrative, and mechanics. Visual FX studios design effects that respond dynamically to in-game events, contributing to player immersion and interaction.

How much do VFX studios charge? 

The cost of VFX services for video games can fluctuate based on various factors. These include the complexity and quantity of effects needed, the level of detail required, and the intricacy of the game’s mechanics. Additionally, the reputation and expertise of the VFX agency, as well as the platform and scope of the game (indie vs. AAA), influence pricing.

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