Why Cross-Platform Development Matters

Cross-platform game development is a universal solution that allows developers to focus on game mechanics and gameplay and not waste time learning the specifics of different platforms.

  • Reduced Development Time

    Instead of creating a separate version of the game, and accordingly, separate code for each separate required platform, you will receive a single code that saves you time and speeds up time to market.

  • Less Maintenance and Update Cost

    Since the cross-platform game is built on the basis of frameworks, its support is easy and effortless: with the help of synchronization on all platforms, any updates and changes are implemented quickly.

  • Much Larger Audience Reach

    The more platforms you cover, the wider your audience of players will be. This gives you the added benefit of accessing a wider market and more advanced monetization and earning opportunities.

Our Fundamental Benefits in Cross-Platform Game Development

Our cross-platform mobile game development studio always follows the wishes of the client, while adhering to the best industry standards and implementing advanced practices to achieve the best result.

Quick Facts About Us

We focus on providing Android game development services to create projects that stand out and stay in memory for long. Our Android game developers have extensive experience enabling us to help global gaming companies with their popular titles.

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Our Models of Cooperation

  • # Fixed Price

    We provide our outsourcing services at a fixed price, previously agreed and approved with the client and based on a detailed description of the project.

  • # Time and Material

    Under the T&M model, work is carried out in short stages with payment for a specific time. It is suitable for long-term projects with changing requirements.

  • # Dedicated Team

    A dedicated offshore team is offered as an extension of your own infrastructure with full support and access to all necessary resources and facilities.

Other Services

As a game development company, we offer various services to create high-quality, engaging, and successful games. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver games that exceed expectations.
With a deep understanding of mobile technology and design prowess, we develop engaging games. Our experts create a game architecture that allows content to scale. Our team will also provide accurate quality assurance and post-release support.
Our creative team collaborates with clients to transform their ideas into compelling game-level concepts. We design visually appealing, strategically challenging levels and responsive to the player's actions.
Our skilled developers can create immersive and visually stunning games using the powerful Unreal Engine. Whether it's a first-person shooter, a racing game, or an open-world adventure, we bring your game ideas to life with compelling gameplay, realistic graphics, and engaging mechanics.
Our skilled testers conduct functional testing to ensure the game's features and mechanics work as intended. We test various aspects of the game, such as user interface, controls, gameplay mechanics, and interactions.
A well-designed UX enhances the overall gameplay, making it more intuitive and enjoyable. At our company, we offer a comprehensive suite of UX game design services tailored to the unique needs of the gaming industry.
Our skilled Unity developers can create engaging games across various genres, from action and adventure to puzzle and simulation. We leverage Unity's robust features and tools to create high-quality games that captivate players and drive success in the gaming market.
We offer a game porting service that allows developers to expand their reach by adapting their games to different platforms and devices. Our skilled developers can port your game to such platforms as PC, consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), and mobile devices (iOS, Android).


What is cross-platform in game programming?

Cross-platform game app development involves the creation of gaming products available for several platforms at once: mobile devices, PCs, consoles, etc. If, for example, we are talking about cross-platform game mobile development, then the game will be available for different operating systems of smartphones, the main ones being Android and iOS. Cross-platform games allow developers to reach a much larger audience.

How much does it cost to make a game cross-platform?

Cross-platform video game development cost depends on many factors: chosen platforms, game engine, technology stack, game complexity, collaboration model, etc. To get an accurate estimate, it is better for you to contact the selected development company and ask them for information about the possible price, taking into account your requirements and needs.

How to hire cross-platform game developers?

If you’re interested in cross-platform game development, you’d better contact a company that already has a similar experience. Please note that experience in simple classic development does not mean that a company will be able to make a high-quality cross-platform game. With cross-platform development, games are created using frameworks that ensure their functioning on different platforms. The contractor you choose should be able to work with these frameworks, such as Xamarin, React Native, Flutter, Adobe PhoneGap, or Ionic. Therefore, make sure that there are relevant cases in the company’s portfolio.

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