Our Technological Expertise
in 2D Art

Behind every successful 2D art project is a team of experts who harness cutting-edge technology. We stay at the forefront of industry tools and techniques to ensure your project's success.

The Team for Creating Your Ideal 2D Art in Brazil

Our dedicated team is the backbone of our studio, and they are passionate about delivering top-tier 2D art.

  • # Art Director

    The art director collaborates closely with other team members to ensure that every aspect of the art aligns with the project's goals.

  • # Lead 2D Artist

    The lead 2D artist oversees the process, manages other artists, and set the quality standards. Their expertise in various 2D art techniques, such as digital painting or pixel art, is vital in achieving the desired aesthetic.

  • # Project Manager

    Effective project management is essential for keeping the 2D art creation process on track. The Project Manager handles timelines, budgets, and resource allocation.

  • # 2D Concept Artists

    Concept Artists are responsible for visualizing ideas and concepts. They create preliminary sketches, character designs, and environment concepts that serve as the foundation for the final artwork.

  • # 2D Character Designers

    2D character designers focus on creating characters that fit seamlessly into the project's narrative, considering aspects like personality, backstory, and visual uniqueness.

  • # 2D Environment Designers

    Their attention to detail and understanding of spatial composition are vital in building captivating environments that enhance the overall storytelling.

  • #Technical Artist

    They ensure that the 2D art integrates seamlessly into the project's technology, optimizing performance and resolving any technical issues that may arise.

Our 2D Game Art Portfolio

To truly appreciate the quality of our work, explore our impressive 2D game art portfolio. We've collaborated with a diverse range of clients, and we take pride in the artistry we've contributed to various games.

Ancient watergate
Cursed Revenge
Sci-fi character design
Kitty's Travelling

Our Benefits in
2D Game Art

Choosing the right partner for your 2D game art needs is a critical decision. At our studio, we offer a multitude of benefits that set us apart.

Quick Facts About Us

We have experience with various game genres, such as role-playing, MMOG, adventure, strategy, riddles, board games, and educational games. Our goal is to offer game publishers 2D Art services and make the game engaging and unique.

Game Artists and
Years Of Experience
Years Average

From indie games to major titles, our 2D game art has enhanced the visual appeal and storytelling of various games across genres.

Other Services in Brazil

Our team of talented artists can work seamlessly with your in-house team or take full responsibility for specific art assets, ensuring that your project is completed efficiently and to the highest quality standards.
Our studio in Brazil is well-equipped to handle various aspects of game development, including programming, level design, and QA testing.
For projects that demand top-tier visuals and production quality, our AAA game art studio in Brazil is the ideal choice. We have a proven track record of contributing to AAA titles, providing art assets that meet the industry's most demanding standards.
Our 3D artists are skilled in creating detailed and immersive 3D environments, characters, and objects that can enhance the overall gaming experience.

What is 2D art?

It is created on a flat surface, such as a canvas or digital screen, using various techniques like drawing, painting, or digital illustration. In the context of gaming, 2D art plays a pivotal role in creating characters, environments, objects, and user interfaces, contributing to the overall visual experience.

What are the stages of 2D art in Brazil?

The stages of 2D art creation in Brazil, or anywhere else, typically include concept development, sketching, coloring, detailing, and finalization. Each stage involves the collaboration of different team members, from concept artists to character designers, to bring the artistic vision to life.

How to hire 2D game artists in Brazil?

Outsourcing 2D art services in Brazil offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, access to a large pool of talent, and the benefit of working with professionals who understand the gaming industry’s unique demands. Brazil has emerged as a top outsourcing destination for game art due to its talented workforce and competitive pricing.

Why outsource 2D art services in Brazil?

Outsourcing 2D art services to Argentina offers several advantages, including cost-effectiveness, access to a vast talent pool, and a track record of delivering exceptional results. Our studio in Argentina combines artistic prowess with technical excellence, making it a prime choice for game developers seeking top-tier 2D game art.

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