New York is the center of culture and information in America. It is here that the headquarters of the country’s leading television companies – CBS and NBC – are located. More than a hundred radio stations operate in this city, the most popular newspapers and magazines in the world are published here. But the most important thing for us is that there is a huge number of top game developers in New York.

Rockstar Games, creator of the legendary GTA series, its parent company Take-Two Interactive, popular online game developer Zynga and many others have chosen New York as a great location for their headquarters. This is not surprising: New York is a city of opportunity, inspiration and color. It shakes you up and refills you with life, and it doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve seen before. It will stun you anyway, lift you to the sky like a tornado, and the landing will be either pleasant and soft, or hard and fatal – as luck would have it.

Although it’s not the capital, it is clearly the main city of the United States. It never sleeps, and it has something to surprise you with. Today we are focusing on video game companies in NYC that may be of assistance to you in your gaming endeavors.

Advantages of Choosing Video Game Companies in New York

The word dynamics goes well with New York – the dead season simply doesn’t happen here. An incredible number of people from around the world have gathered to fulfill their dreams and achieve more. With about 800 foreign languages, New York is the most linguistically diverse city in the world. You can imagine how much cultural diversity is concentrated here, and how well it can be projected onto the game craft.

People working for gaming companies in NYC very rarely face such problems as local limitations, because the city has absorbed many cultures and characteristics of peoples of different countries. It creates gaming products that are popular all over the world, products that resonate with players of any nationality, and this is the main feature of gaming companies in New York.

And now we turn to the promised list.

7 Notable Gaming Companies in New York

Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games is a large outsourcing studio that provides a full cycle of gaming services, as well as performing individual game tasks: creating graphics and animation, programming, testing, sound design, etc. Unlike other video game companies in NYC that provide their services locally or are limited to their projects, Kevuru Games has a large customer pool across America and works with a wide variety of customer orders. Among the studio’s large American customers are EA, with which the team has been collaborating for 10 years on HOPA projects, and Lucasfilm: its virtual reality game Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge has been replenished with 3D characters created by the studio’s 3D team.

In addition to gaming services, the studio is engaged in gamification – adding a gaming element to the non-gaming context to increase the engagement of the target audience. The company undertakes both small casual projects and orders of AAA scale. A versatile portfolio, a large staff of high-level specialists, leaders with more than 10 years of experience in the gaming industry make this studio a universal partner for any gaming task.


Quytech is one of the most versatile video game companies in NYC. It is engaged in the creation of mobile applications, blockchain applications, artificial intelligence development, web development, as well as game development with an emphasis on AR and VR.

The company works with clients in healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, retail, real estate, education, travel and other business verticals. Quytech works with game engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine, applying them to create game projects for mobile devices and PCs.

Zco Corporation

Zco Corporation is a true old hand of game studios in New York with over 30 years of experience in software and game development. They provide their clients with a full range of mobile app development solutions, including customized mobile apps, games, enterprise software, 3D animation and art, as well as augmented and virtual reality apps.

Speaking of games, the studio uses Unity and HTML5 technologies to create mobile games. If necessary, the game will be created on the basis of AR and VR. Extensive experience and a large skillful team of the company often become a reason for many clients to turn to them.

Workinman Interactive

Workinman Interactive is a game studio specializing in the creation of web and mobile devices. It has the necessary resources to develop cross-platform games and create related products. The team develops in Unity and HTML5 and publishes to mobile devices, Windows, AppleTV, FireTV, Android TV, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, Oculus, Vive, etc.

Other services include game art and animation, localization, gamification, augmented and virtual reality development, and quality testing. The studio was approached by such famous clients as Atari, Disney, Nintendo and others.


Appeastern is a software and mobile application and game development company. With their expertise in the game development market, they are competent in creating Android games, 3D modeling for iOS games, custom game development, e-learning games for mobile devices, game art design services, and cross-platform mobile game manufacturing.

The studio’s approach to mobile game development combines virtual and real-world technologies with immersive AR, VR and MR technologies to take human-computer interaction to the next level. Appeastern has an AR and VR development team that provide game application development services, seamlessly integrating AR and VR into games.

Darkwind Media

Unlike other gaming companies in NYC, Darkwind Media is a small but highly experienced game development and consulting studio. It offers services for creating unique IP, as well as porting engines and porting games. To date, they have ported over 65 titles to 5 different mobile and embedded platforms. Their game customization team can not only tweak titles to optimize for different architectures, displays, and aspect ratios for new platforms, but can also add entirely new input paradigms like TV gyro controllers, hand gestures, and more.

The game projects the team has worked on include action games Iron Man VR and Knockout City, an arcade game Wulverblade, an action-adventure game Repulique, etc. Darkwind Media engineers are also well versed in working with alpha and beta testing equipment.

Velan Studios

Velan Studios is a young development studio made up of a diverse team of industry veterans. An interesting fact: its employees, with their combined experience, created hundreds of games and sold millions of copies over the past 25 years.

The studio’s most famous projects are a racing mixed reality game Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit, released in 2020 for the Nintendo Switch, and a multi-platform action video game Knockout City, released in 2021 in partnership with Electronic Arts. In the first week of release, the game attracted 2 million players.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Partner?

Choosing the right partner among game studios in NYC can seem like a daunting task, as the local diversity and relentless pace can really be confusing. But we hope that our list will narrow your search for suitable candidates somewhat.

Be guided by your goal first. If it’s a mobile game, look for a studio that has worked with a large number of mobile games and has a good understanding of them. If this is an AR/VR project, check if the studio has experience with such games or applications. If you are targeting the AAA segment, then your future partner must have a large staff and capacity in order to take on such a project – a studio of 50 people will not be able to help you with all the desire.


No matter what kind of game project you have in mind, Kevuru Games is a great choice. The advantage of this studio is that it is versatile – over 10 years of work in the gaming market, it has formed and equipped departments to provide all types of game development services. There are game art and animation specialists, Unity and Unreal developers, game designers, sound designers, interface designers, testers and all associated managing specialists to ensure a flawless workflow. You can order the creation of a game from scratch or entrust the studio’s specialists with individual game tasks.

The studio monitors the latest trends in the gaming market, uses the most modern versions of software and immediately implements the best practices. For example, a new service of gamification has already been introduced here – adding a game element to the non-gaming environment, which has become very popular during the pandemic to increase customer engagement.

To see firsthand the studio’s expertise, take a look at the portfolio – there you will see all the categories that Kevuru Games experts work with, and you will be able to form a clear opinion about the level of their skill.

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