Dear Friends, Colleagues, Partners!

On February 24 at 4 am, Russia launched a war against Ukraine, contrary to all norms of international law and the principles of humanity. Rocket strikes took sleeping people by surprise – we woke up from the explosions and could not believe that such a thing was possible in the 21st century in the very heart of Europe.

Kevuru Games would like to thank all our partners and clients for their unprecedented support and belief in us as a country and a company. Our goal as a company at the moment – safety of our employees. We coordinate our people with relocation options and supporting each other as a team.

Within these 2 outrageously difficult days for our country, we received enormous number of messages from all around the world with words of support and proposals to help our team. Despite the difficult situation and the fact that some of our employees are in shelters, we still continue to work in an adapted hybrid mode and implement the projects. Moreover, we continue growing our team as well as onboarding new projects.

We believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and do our best to support our army with finances, blood donation and the maximum dissemination of information about unmotivated aggression. Ukraine is a peaceful country that wants only one thing – a quiet life within the legal boundaries of its territory.

The whole world should know the truth – only spreading official news will help break through the shield of Russian propaganda. We know we will win. Our army and people will not surrender.

Glory to Ukraine!

Let’s Support Ukraine.