Voice technology is not yet a very common technology in the gaming industry, but some advanced developers have long noticed this great opportunity to breathe more life into games and achieve amazing engagement. One of the pioneers of voice direction is the Portuguese company Doppio, which harnessed the power of voice to create vivid and addictive gameplay.

Voice Quest, created exclusively for Google Assistant, is a story of a unique format that allows players to immerse themselves in the medieval atmosphere of the Knights of the Round Table and become a key character influencing the outcome of events. The main task is to save King Arthur from the tenacious grip of the insidious Morgana, who decided to seize power. Such a story undoubtedly requires an appropriate visual representation, carrying players to the right era and dynamically changing as they progress. The creation of authentic characters, environments and other game art elements became the main mission of the Kevuru Games team.

Stimulating the interest of players with a bright splash screen that reveals some of the gameplay detailsCreate 2D art for characters, backgrounds and splash screenLead 2D artist  
Thinking over the background in accordance with the medieval settingWork out 2D animation of the main character and his enemies Lead 2D animator
Working out the images of key participants in the story with the addition of unique features following the plot   2D artists  
Creating images of enemies with different abilities and strengths from low-level to high-level   2D animators
Animating key movements of the main character and his enemies   Project manager

Initial Data

The tight deadlines and a decent amount of work led to the formation of a rather large team for this project. Doppio provided the concept of the necessary characters to be finalized and animated, as well as the wishes for the background image, which was supposed to have a side-scrolling effect.

Our team of artists was given considerable freedom of imagination: the client was open to suggestions for the interpretation of the characters and the presentation of their movements. In his dangerous and difficult adventure, the main character faces different types of enemies who are trying to prevent him from reaching King Arthur. To defeat them, the player must manage to shout the correct spells, which are created by combining elements of nature – air, earth, water or fire – with an action word. Players have more than 2500 witchcraft options at their disposal. Of course, players also need to keep an eye on their mana level to keep it for the right spells for the rest of the current round.

A separate task was to develop icons for Arthur, Merlin, Morgana and the main character. The first three were created on the basis of the main characteristics of the characters given by the story: the beautiful and insidious Morgana, the brave but slightly self-centered Arthur, the experienced and wise Merlin.

The main character, like each of his enemies, had to have his own unique set of animations for movement, idle state, battle, and more. The animation team designed all these movements from scratch, offering the client different options that best suited various types of characters.


To optimize the character creation process, we synchronized the work of 2D artists and animators, dividing them into pairs and entrusting them to work out specific characters. This made it possible to significantly speed up the work and present all the necessary characters for consideration almost simultaneously.

The implementation of the side-scrolling effect of the protagonist’s journey was achieved with the help of a seamless road: thanks to skillful looping, we created an infinity effect, supported by new enemies that appear at each new level.

When working on animation, it was necessary to take into account the specifics of the physique of each character, so the animators offered several options for their vision of their movements. Work was in progress on animating an idle state, walking, attacking with a spell and without it, defending, hitting and celebrating victory. Giving characteristic movements to enemies appearing on the screen allows the player to assess their possible strength and prepare in advance for battle. For example, skeletons who are not the most powerful opponents move slowly and rather awkwardly, while the Black Knight is a much more agile, fast and dangerous opponent.

Our artists also thought over a splash screen. This is the image that appears on the screen while loading the game. It partially reveals the gameplay, showing the main character from the back, the road along which he moves and the enemies blocking his path. The logo developed by us consists of the name of the game and an emblem that unites the four elements of nature. The font and style of the logo were chosen with an emphasis on Celtic symbolism.


Thanks to daily communication with the client and the regular provision of work results, the process of creating art and animation was very fast and smooth. All wishes and corrections from the client were implemented immediately after the discussion and presented the next day.

Value Delivered

In less than a month, our team managed to do a lot of work, including icons, splash screen, art and animation of the main character and his enemies, as well as a looped background. Thanks to our proposal to rid the appearance of some enemies of elements associated with violence like blood and gore, the game managed to bypass the age limit 18+ and reach a much larger audience of potential players.

The quick and well-coordinated work of artists and animators allowes us to finish the project even earlier than the expected date. Voice Quest is now available for selected smart displays like the Google Nest Hub or Android devices and tablets with built-in Google Assistant. The game has 30 levels available in the Woodlands location with more expected to be released in future updates.


Voice games are an impressive new word in the virtual entertainment industry. The use of voice commands in the gameplay allows players to better immerse themselves in the plot, feel their involvement in what is happening and influence the outcome of the story. Our team is very grateful to Doppio for the opportunity to set a hand to creating 2D art and animation for a game of this innovative format.

Do not be afraid to embody interesting ideas and follow the latest technological trends: Kevuru Games will be a reliable support for all your endeavors in any aspect of game development.