The 2022 NYX Game Awards has unveiled its’ marvelous index of winners for Season 2 for public viewing under the banners of the International Awards Associate (IAA)! The awards program strives to recognize creative and technical excellence in the advancement of the overall gaming industry, forging a wide-ranging phenomenon of acceptance amongst diverse audiences.

In the 2022 NYX Game Awards Season 2 cycle, Birdly Insects/Kevuru Games prevails with the GOLD award! The winner, Birdly Insects VR simulator, was created by brilliant Kevuru Games for the Swiss company SOMNIACS.

This project was special, it inspired our artists a lot. We are very pleased that the expertise and experience of our team was recognized by the NYX Game Awards. Thanks to our client, the SOMNIACS company, which was a pleasure to work with and participate in such an environmentally important project

Oleg Goncharenko, Kevuru Games CEO

In the current season, the 2022 NYX Game Awards managed to rack up game entry submissions from more than 30 nations across the globe, comprising United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, France, Finland, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Georgia, Brazil and many others. Amongst these amazing submissions, only the foremost games befit the greatest titles.

Although some may view video games as something solely for entertainment, we seek a unique perspective that plays an even crucial part in the creative ethos of each and every community. With that in mind, the complete panel of juries have pledged themselves towards a similar objective, to acknowledge and honor outstanding game developing, game advertising, game marketing, and just being an overall game enthusiast that elevates gaming to a whole new magnitude.

Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson for IAA

Grand Jury Panel

With an abundant quantity of game submissions in the second season of the 2022 NYX Game Awards, IAA has elected the adjudicators in congruence with the golden standards of the industry itself. Inheriting the principal concepts of impartiality, each entry, regardless of being AAA or Indie titles, are judged with unbiased elements to fully ensure the integrity of these submissions. Through their unwavering fervor and highly adaptable experiences, the future of gaming lies in their hands with their dedication to determine games that possess immersive gameplay worthy of next-gen titles. As such, the acclaimed individuals consist of:

  • Ed Mills (Hitcents)
  • Ahmand Al-Natsheh (Khosouf Studio Middle East FZ LLC)
  • Aland Failde (Second Dinner Studios)
  • Gage Allen (Player One Trailers)
  • Justin Patrascu (BestGamesJustin)
  • Xianzhe Li (Whisper Games)
  • Cody “Codiak” (Legacy Gaming)
  • John Bulahan (Riot Games), and further on.

In the world of gaming, the implementations of Virtual Reality and AI technologies are constantly impacting the industry, where developers continue to adopt such impactful conducts. From my perspective, I foresee a great surge of expansions through the current trends like the Metaverse and the 5G network, ultimately accelerating the future progress of the NYX Game Awards, and the gaming industry as a whole!

Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson for IAA

For the complete list of Season 2 winners, do visit the NYX Game Awards’ official website. You can also read detailed information about how Kevuru Games worked on Birdly Insects on the project page.

About NYX Game Awards

NYX Game Awards recognize, celebrate, and honor creative excellence in the international video game industry, valuing those who contribute to ameliorate the community, providing a platform for the voices of the medium’s future. With the mission to reinvent certain current circumstances, NYX Game Awards aims to diversify the award winners, through adopting an equilibrium for games, ranging from indie to AAA titles alike.

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