On October 27-30, our game development outsourcing company Kevuru Games will take part in one of the most anticipated international conferences in the video game development industry – External Development Summit (XDS). The conference usually meets its participants in Vancouver, Canada. However, this year, due to the current pandemic situation, the event will take place in an online format.

Our representative this year – Ross Chekmarev, Head of Business Development – is ready to communicate with other conference attendees and talk about our cases in the XDS Connect event application, where it is possible to schedule a meeting in advance.

About External Development Summit (XDS)

First held in 2013, today XDS is one of the most respected conferences covering all areas of video game creation. It consists of 4 days of pithy speeches, meaty presentations, panel discussions and active communication and networking opportunities. Experts from all over the world share their expertise and knowledge in the fields of 2D and 3D graphics and animation, game engines, software engineering, game audio creation, QA and localization.

Developers, publishers, vendors, and sponsors from 45 countries attend the event annually. Each year, XDS contributes to the advancement of the gaming industry through collaboration with leading game development companies and the exchange of international experience. You can find out more about the conference on the official website.

World-renowned companies that have featured on the XDS include Microsoft Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Activision and Riot Games. And XDS20 Adapt will be able to boast the participation of speakers from such large companies as EA and Ubisoft.

About Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games is a leading European art production and game development outsourcing studio that is passionately committed to making the gaming world more striking and colorful. The company’s offices are located in the USA and Ukraine. We pride ourselves on working with global publishers to contribute to world-famous titles through vibrant art, impressive animation and skillful use of game engines. More than 8 years on the market have allowed us to form our unique style and to determine the main motto – to create beyond the limits.

You can chat with us by dropping a few lines at contact@kevurugames.com.

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