The XDS Summit in Vancouver, Canada, expects game industry professionals and enthusiasts this year. The Kevuru Games team plans to attend the summit to welcome all professionals willing to collaborate, exchange ideas, and find ways to cooperate. XDS is an important event in the game industry that you can attend from September 6 to 8, 2023. This year Kevuru Games take part as a Silver Summit’s sponsor. You are welcome to our booth, please, contact us to make an appointment.

About the External Development Summit in Vancouver

The External Development Summit (XDS) is a major and, in some ways, a unique annual event in the games industry. XDS aims to cultivate and promote external development, focusing on essential aspects such as art, animation, audio, software engineering, quality assurance (QA), and localization. Besides, the XDS provides an ideal environment for networking, learning, and making valuable contacts.

B2B networking is vital to XDS and facilitates contact between like-minded professionals. Furthermore, with its international presence, XDS provides an opportunity to forge strategic partnerships and discover new perspectives. 

The mission of XDS is to inspire collaboration and emphasize the power of teamwork and synergy within the games industry. Through panel discussions, roundtables, and collaboration workshops, attendees engage in constructive dialogue, share ideas, and cultivate partnerships that foster innovation and advance the industry.

Kevuru Games Team Participates in the Event

We always participate in events where real fans and game industry professionals come together. Our outsourcing team, which develops games for PCs and mobile devices, also plans to attend the event. Our team consists of more than 300 people, including game designers, artists, programmers, animators, and managers. We have been in the industry for over 11 years. And have worked with famous publishers such as Epic Games, Fomo Games, Bandai Namco, LucasFilm, Eternal Horizons, FireHoseGames, etc. Contact us if you have any ideas for cooperation.

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