Game Developers Conference is an event that speaks for itself – game developers gather here, industry-important issues are resolved and ideas are exchanged. The future of games is inspired by the conversations of all those involved in game creation, from artists to testers, who lecture and participate in discussions. This year’s virtual format includes many performances in various formats such as Devnotes, Awards, Music Concerts and Special Sessions.

GDC offers 5 days of training from July 19th to 23rd, led by experts on key game development topics. Participants will have the opportunity to look into the future of games, learn about new methods and discover new approaches to creating games in the areas of design, programming, marketing, team management and much more.

We are one of the sponsors of the event and we encourage you to quickly register on the Swapcard Platform, which is the virtual base of the event. There you can watch lectures, take part in discussions and make appointments with companies of interest to you. So see you there!

About Game Developers Conference

Game Developers Conference is a weeklong celebration of the gaming arts, craftsmanship, and game development business that provides developers with a unique opportunity to learn about advances in this area. This event is notably shaking up the industry, bringing together a lot of developers who have something to discuss and show, as well as ask for advice or try to sort out pressing problems together.

The history of the conference dates back to 35 years ago, when 25 developers gathered for an informal meeting in the living room of game designer Chris Crawford. Originally focused on PC games, GDC has grown and diversified along with the gaming industry to include multiple platforms: consoles, mobile and handheld devices, tablets, online games, as well as the use of VR and AR technologies for games. In 2016, GDC celebrated the 30th edition of the conference. Year after year, GDC continues to define market innovation and look into the future of gaming.

Some of the key features of GDC include:

  1. Extensive selection of lectures, panels and round tables.
  2. Showcasing the latest game development tools and services from leading technology companies such as Amazon, Epic Games, Google, Intel, Nvidia, Oculus, and Sony.
  3. Dedicated communities where GDC members can take a break from all the learning to relax and meet new people in themed areas for playable indie games, retro games, alternative controllers, and more.
  4. Two awards ceremonies: The Game Developers Choice Awards dedicated to the best games and developers in the industry, and the Independent Games Festival to celebrate the most innovative and exciting projects in indie game development.

A separate noteworthy aspect of the GDC is its responsive approach to sustainability. Their initiatives in this area include working with leading environmental organizations to reduce the conference’s carbon footprint, printing as much signage as possible on recyclable materials, using LED lighting and Energy Star-rated technology, and more.

About Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games is a gaming outsourcing company that has been creating game art and developing games for PC and mobile devices for over 10 years. Our main creative driver is love for games and our work, so we are scrupulous and inspiring at every stage of game creation from conceptualization to post-production. Thanks to the boundless product impulse, high professionalism and an irresistible desire to do something unusual, our team has become a reliable partner for many of the world’s leading publishers: Epic Games, EA, Lucasfilm, Bandai Namco and others. We have taken the desire to create beyond the limits as our motto and are always happy when our work makes the game world brighter.

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