Game Connection is back, and this time it will be 2 whole weeks of summer networking in any place convenient for you – just like last year, the event will be held online in 2021. Game Connection is one of the largest B2B events in the global games industry, annually gathering publishers and developers of games for various platforms, as well as providers of additional services to exchange experience and develop business contacts.

Our business development team is already in full operational readiness: all you need to do is make an appointment with us in the special matchmaking system Let’s Meet and agree on the best ways to implement your art creation and game development of ideas.

About Game Connection

The history of Game Connection began in 2001 in the French city of Lyon. Then the former director of Lyon Game and now the CEO of Connection Events Pierre Carde decided that it was time to create something like a convention for the key players in the gaming industry to facilitate their communication and search for cooperation opportunities.

The first December Game Connection brought together 27 French developers and 20 representatives from other countries. The number of those wishing to participate has increased every year, reaching now more than 75 countries and 1800 developers and publishers. After confirming the success of the idea, Game Connection entered into a partnership with the Game Developers Conference in 2004, which opened the conference to the huge American gaming market and made first California and then San Francisco its second main location.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, Game Connection has completely changed its format and began to take place online. This did not affect its effectiveness in any way. Moreover, even more people who had not previously had the opportunity to come to the event personally were able to participate in the conference remotely. In 2020, the conference-curated matchmaking system Let’s Meet recorded more than 5,500+ scheduled and conducted business meetings with an average ROI per attendee of $ 120,000.

This year, Game Connection will bring together such publishers as Sega, Bandai Namco, EA, Rovio and others.

About Kevuru Games

Game outsourcing company Kevuru Games has been creating game art and developing games for PC and mobile devices for more than 8 years. We are passionate about everything when it comes to making games, from conceptualization to quality assessment. Filling each project with an amazing creative impulse, high professionalism and an irresistible desire to do something unusual, our team has become a trusted partner of many of the world’s leading publishers: Epic Games, Lucasfilm, EA, Bandai Namco and others. We create beyond the limits and are proud of each of our projects that could make the gaming world brighter.

Be sure to contact us at we will provide comprehensive advice on any gaming issue that interests you and help you implement your ideas.

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