Our team will participate in the Develop Conference 2023 that will take place in Brighton, UK. The conference will last 3 days, from July 11 to 13. As usual, there will be many professionals and members of the gaming community who share the industry’s values. Our team will be there offline.You are welcome to contact us to make an appointment for a business meeting.

About Develop Conference

Develop:Brighton is the conference for Game developers held in the United Kingdom. This event harmonizes the entire Game Dev community, enticing them with three extraordinary days of profound knowledge, inspiration, and invaluable networking opportunities.

This gathering attracts an impressive spectrum of attendees, encompassing industry giants renowned on a global scale, as well as tenacious micro indies.

The event gathers industry veterans and game design masters, each with vast experience and a unique perspective to share. These speakers have significantly contributed to the industry and have in-depth knowledge of game development, storytelling, game mechanics, and player retention. Attending their talks will give you valuable insight into their creative process, problem-solving techniques, and the art of creating memorable game experiences.

Amidst the illustrious ambiance of Develop:Brighton, on the evening of Wednesday, July 12, the grand stage shall be set for the prestigious Develop: Star Awards 2023

Kevuru Games Attend The Conference

Kevuru Games is an outsourcing company that creates games for PCs and mobile devices. We have worked on the market for over 11 years. Our game designers, artists, programmers, and animators work with popular publishers like Epic Games, Bandai Namco, LucasFilm, Eternal Horizons, FireHoseGames, etc. Contact us if you have any ideas for cooperation.

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