We are glad to announce the cooperation of our game outsourcing studio Kevuru Games with the EthernalHorizons company on the MechaChain project. As a technology partner, our company is responsible for the full-cycle development, including art for the game.

About MechaChain

MechaChain is a play-to-earn video game about space conquest and robot battles being developed by EternalHorizons. The robots are called Mechas: each Mecha is a set of parts that are NFT collectibles and can be purchased online by blue card with a game cryptocurrency called Mechanium or in Ethereum. After fully assembled, the robot gets the opportunity to take part in PvP battles alone or in teams. Players can earn Mechanium by winning battles and trades, and improve their robot by purchasing new parts. They can also rent out their robots to other players and thus earn Mechanium.

About 150,000 players are already on the game’s waitlist: they follow the latest news regarding its development on Twitter, Telegram and the Discord channel. The developers are actively communicating with future players, specifying the exact dates for the start of trades, offering places in the whitelist of the game, and much more.

About EthernalHorizons

EthernalHorizons is a French gaming company specializing in the creation of mobile games on the Ethereum blockchain. Their key mission is turning NFT into reality through the metaverse and games. The company’s largest project, MechaChain, is currently under active development. The goal of MechaChain is to push the boundaries of fighting games using different facets of blockchain potential.

The ability to assemble a combat robot using NFT parts and its integration into the in-game tokenomics with the possibility of trading and earning is a new unique mechanic, hitherto unavailable in other entertainment products. The use of mobile devices as the main platform for the game is due to their growing popularity around the world and the desire to showcase blockchain-based games to an even wider audience. Subsequently, the game will be adapted for virtual reality headsets to fully immerse players in the MechaChain metaverse.

The presentation of the game to future players will take place in several stages.

  1. The first quarter of 2022 will be marked by the public auction, where players will be able to purchase Mechanium and spend it on parts for future robots.
  2. In the second quarter of 2022, the first assembled robots in 3D format are planned to appear.
  3. The third quarter of 2022 will bring the emergence of NTF colonies, which can be set up by players to receive the income generated by other players during battles.
  4. In 2023, players will be able to see their robots on their smartphones.
  5. Alpha testing and final release of the game are scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

About Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games is a Ukrainian outsourcing studio specializing in game art and development. For 10 years of functioning in the gaming market, the studio has managed to work with the world’s leading publishers – Epic Games, Lucasfilm, EA – and earn a reputation as a reliable and qualified partner. In addition to game art and development, the studio’s services include animation, gamification, testing, porting, and motion design. The NFT trend has contributed to the emergence of a new department dealing with blockchain games: the Kevuru Games portfolio already includes several high-profile projects for which our team has created NFT collectibles.

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