Incorporated in 2011 and based in Kyiv, Kevuru Games is a game development and art creation business with an excellent eye for detail, a solid rep for producing high-quality outcomes on time, outside-the-box reflection, and professional administration. 

The team takes on game ideas of any complexity in order to bring them to life using cutting-edge technologies. Whether it’s mobile/web/PC games, art creation, or providing support for clients’ projects, the expert team offers attractive, effective, and productive solutions for each business in the required time frame.

Kevuru Games invariably seeks top-tier expertise: artists, animators, and game developers to meet customer expectations. The company is always happy to offer successful aspirants great work with outstanding projects, cooperation with global market players, and highly competitive salaries in an energetic and friendly environment. 

Kevuru Games is a business looking for new ways to expand and display the most electrifying gaming worlds. The team always goes the extra mile to produce unique game projects and eccentric illustrations recognized and highlighted by top-tier video game manufacturers, and to make their customers happy by creating unique and memorable gaming content that motivates millions of people around the world.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Oleg Goncharenko, owner and CEO of Kevuru Games, to learn more about the company and its services. 

At the beginning of the interview, Oleg mentions that Kevuru Games is a leading European game art and development studio producing entertainment projects for game publishers. With years of experience, Kevuru has delivered more than 100 projects and has been dedicated to the production of such world-famous projects as Fortnite (Epic Games), Star Wars (Lucasfilm), BigFarm, Empire: Age of Knights (Goodgame Studios), and others.

Talking about the idea behind the business commencement, Oleg notes that Kevuru Games began its journey with the independent development of game projects. These were easygoing games for mobile devices. 

Later, the atelier began to obtain the first clients who needed help creating 2D and 3D game art for their projects and co-development and full-cycle development services. After five years, the team completely immersed themselves in the client business and expanded their expertise to meet different art styles, game genres, and more requests.

With regard to services, Kevuru Games develops individual cooperation schemes with each client, relying on the desired pipeline and time frames. The team’s specialization allows them to cover all gaming platforms and develop a great product that matches the imaginations of the customers and the preferences of the players.

As a leading game development agency at GoodFirms, Kevuru is equally focused on developing full-cycle games from scratch, creating a unique art product, and porting games quickly and efficiently.

The professional creators will guide your project through all stages, from game design to post-release maintenance, using their extensive knowledge and creativity. They are sure to make your gaming dream come true with customized full-cycle development services.

Moreover, the experts strive to empower your development opportunities and extend your team with top level designers, senior programmers, and seasoned 2D and 3D creators. The team is well versed in game specifics in order to find the best implementation for any project.

Thus, reaching an even wider audience and adding more functionality to the gameplay with our professional porting services to meet customer expectations in terms of quality and budget enables the firm to be uniquely positioned in the market.

The review and the scorecard obtained at GoodFirms prove the potential of developers at Kevuru.



Besides game development, Oleg also gives a brief about animation services. He delightfully mentions that Kevuru is ideal for outsourcing animation services to help breathe life into characters, environments and props. Experienced animators have a deep knowledge of 2D and 3D animation, enabling Kevuru to create a high-quality product in line with industry standards and the latest trends for all types of games.

The team works equally well with all types of animation. All of their animated assets are fully customizable according to the requirements of the customer’s project. Oleg is proud to mention the portfolio of animated design production services. What’s more, he adds that their animation team uses robust tools to accurately capture the nature of an animated film, cartoon, game, and advertisement.

Thus, by providing outsourcing animation services at reasonable prices, Kevuru grabs a leading position at GoodFirms among top animation companies in Kyiv at GoodFirms.

The review below testifies to the animators’ experience at Kevuru.

In conclusion, Oleg reminds that Kevuru Games have been working in the gaming market for ten years. During this time, the team has proven to be a creative, professional and diligent partner trusted by many leading game publishers: EA, Epic Games, Socialpoint, Lucasfilm, Goodgame Studios and others.

He also adds that all of their processes in any department, from PM to artists and developers, are completely transparent. Clients always know and understand precisely what team they are operating with, clearly see what is happening at each stage of work and how long it will take to work on a project.

Oleg is glad to note that 90% of the company’s clients are satisfied with the cooperation, and 60% of them recommend Kevuru to their partners and acquaintances. In the coming years, Oleg predicts that the company will continue to expand the pool of game development services and will pay special attention to PC/console game development, co-development, porting as a strategic consulting area, functional quality assurance, localization, marketing services, etc.

Thus, looking at the above-mentioned summary from Oleg’s interview, one can also read the detailed one he gave to the interviewer.

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