Pocket Gamer Connects, the leading mobile gaming industry conference, will occur in London in January 2024. More than 2,500 participants from the gaming industry are expected to network and share expert tips from 200 top experts in the gaming world. 

PG Connects conference celebrates a decade in 2024 since the first event. It gathers 950+ companies, leading publishers, developers, and startups together to make the beginning of the year an excellent event for creative people in the game industry. It’s also an opportunity for those seeking one-on-one meetings with investors looking for the right project to invest in or pitch your idea, concept, or ready-made game product to experts for feedback.

More than 200 speakers with some of the most exciting expertise on the trends and technologies in the industry will share their knowledge and predictions. These speakers have extensive game creation, storytelling, game mechanics, and player retention expertise. You can gain critical insight into their creative process, methods for addressing problems, and craft of making great gaming experiences by attending their presentations.

Kevuru Games Attends The Conference

Kevuru Games’ representatives are planning to visit the event to meet partners, participate in discussions on new technologies and future trends in the industry. We encourage you to book an appointment in the dedicated meeting system of the conference or, please, make your booking via email directly. You are more than welcome to contact us.

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